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NOTE: From 1992 through 2000 many Government pensions funds generated the equivalent of almost 1/2 of the revenue needed to satisfy (all) operating budgets for those local governments.

If TRF investment fund(s) had been established  taxation could then be eliminated, and government's motive from that point forward would be to make sure the population was prosperous as possible so that returns on the TRFs would be as big as possible. Win - Win! 

I hope that a big light just went off in your mind?

100% of all "Budgets" can be satisfied using a TRF. Ready to make it happen?

The choice is yours; choose wisely and with applied force to make your choice happen.

NOTE: Government administration has already shown the TRF will work based on their own 65-year exemplary record of Government pension fund management! Government has not missed a beat in over 65 years when Government retirement fund interests were at stake!

The same results can now be done with the creation of the TRF to phase out ALL taxation, and done in the blink of the eye as far as time goes! When property tax is eliminated you will no longer be in effect a renter, you will now be a true owner of your land!


ARIZONA 2003 CAFR review data Courtesy Gerald R. Klatt:

POST NOTE: Gerald Klatt died on his birthday in July of 2004 - He can no longer do reviews, it is now up to you!    

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2003 Arizona State - $11.45 Billion Potential Surpluses of the Taxpayers Money.
(Just on the State level, all other local governments in the state were not included)

List of Investments by fund 

(In thousands - Add Three Zeros "000" at the end of each figure)


Surpluses Notes
  Governmental Funds:    
43    General 670,824  
43    Transportation & Aviation Planning Highway & Safety Fund 464,314  
43    Land Endowments Fund 1,179,700  
     Special Revenue Funds:    
150       The School Facilities Revenue Bond Proceeds 48,861  
150       Public Safety & Correctional Program 84,270  
150       Environmental Protection 77,838  
150       Healthcare and Social Services 44,100  
150       The Tobacco Tax and Healthcare 12,553  
150       The Children's Health Insurance Program 1,010  
151       Judicial & Legal Services 24,672  
151       Regulation and Licensing 76,518  
151       Game and Fish 28,378  
151       State Parks Development 54,069  
151       Business Development 54,938  
151       Educational Programs 79,197  
151       Groundwater Protection & Conservation 59,437  
151       Clean Elections System 11,748  
     Debt Service Funds:    
156       The Department of Transportation 2,366  
156       The Maricopa Regional Area Road 15,445  
156       The Certificates of Participation 18,407  
156       The School Facilities Debt Instrument 18,308  
156       The Grant Application Notes    
     Capital Projects Funds:    
162       Department of Transportation Financed 173,613  
162       Maricopa RARF Financed    
162       Grant Anticipation Notes Financed 10  
162       Certificate of Participation Financed 33,827  
  Proprietary Funds:    
48    Universities 680,722  
48    Unemployment Compensation 860,901  
48    Industrial Commission 230,460  
48    Lottery 41,962  
48    Other 19,734  
     Nonmajor Enterprise Funds:    
166       The Arizona Industries for the Blind 742  
166       The Arizona Correctional Industries 4,524  
166       The Arizona Highways Magazine 2,243  
166       The Coliseum & Exposition Center 5,955  
166       Highway Expansion & Extension Loan Program 96,034  
167       Healthcare Group of Arizona 10,633  
167       The Other Enterprise Funds 1,992  
     Internal Services:    
174       The Risk Management Fund 19,899  
174       The Transportation Equipment Fund 2,905  
174       The Employee Benefits Fund (HITF) 31,278  
174       The Technologies and Telecommunications Fund 6,972  
174       The Sick Leave Liability Fund (RASL) 2,274  
175       Motor Pool 7,683  
  Fiduciary Funds:    
     Pension Trusts (1/2 the actuarial determined surplus)    
142       Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) 9,063  
        Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPR) Unknown  
        Elected Officials' Retirement Plan (EORP) Unknown  
142       Corrections Officer Retirement Plan (CORP) 39,948  
     Investment Trusts:    
186       Central Arizona Water Conservation District 157,414  
186       Local Government Investment Pool    
186       Local Government Investment Pool - Government    
     Agency Funds:    
191       The Treasurer Custodial Securities Fund 2,928,537 1
191       The Other Treasurer Funds 18,639  
191       The Other Funds 210,894  
  Component Units:    
77    State Compensation Fund 2,549,206 2
61    University Medial Center 59,715  
61    Arizona Power Authority 69,291  
61    Water Infrastructure Finance Authority 145,411  
  Related Organizations:    
     Arizona Health Facilities Authority   3
     Arizona International Development Authority   3
     Arizona Tourism and Sports Authority   3
     Arizona Housing Finance Authority   3
  Total Surpluses -
  Per Capita -
  Family of 4 -

The explanation of The Treasurer Custodial Securities Fund is: consists of securities held by the State Treasurer for various State agencies as required by statute." This is huge amount of money used for the stated purpose. However, some of this fund does account for deposits of insurance companies, banks, etc. But without a break down of this fund we believe that some of the money would be surpluses. We have included the entire amount in this analysis.


Although the State usually states that the State Compensation Fund is a separate entity, the CAFR states: "The State is required by statute to review and approve the operating and capital outlay budget of the Fund."


In most other State CAFRs these funds are considered Components Units and financial data is provided.


Note: For those familiar with governmental accounting, for surpluses Gerald Klatt basically used GFOA Balance Sheet Account Classification Codes 101, 102, 103, 151, 153, and 170.

For 2003 Arizona County and City CAFR reviews and State CAFR reviews:

The following link will bring you to the archives of Gerald Klatt's site updated by him two days before his death:

Mr. Klatt died on his birthday, July 11th 2004. I found out about his death when Gerald's son from a previous marrage in 2006 could not find his father. I then searched the SS death records and discovered he died on 07/11/04 and then informned his son of his fathers death. The circumstances of Gerald Klatt's death are UNKNOWN. The son he was living with Skip Klatt who was an attorney, what happened to him is also UNKNOWN. No other party from government, organized education, or any political party has openly made this information available to you out of self interest or fear of reprisal and DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED! Was Gerald Klatt murdered? UNKNOWN

Please Copy from the archives Mr. Klatt's CAFR reviews for your state and distribute to all responsible parties within your state. Use his format to conduct your own CAFR reviews for 2005, and 2006. Do a Google search for CAFR "and" your local City, County, School District, State University, State Retirement Fund, etc., download their CAFR reports and do reviews for yourself. Mr. Klatt can no longer do it for you and it appears no one else from within government will do it for you either. They are much to busy spending and taking your money. Also to include you in the "loop" it appears to be a violation of their exclusive club rules... 

STATE CAFR Reviews - If all local governments CAFR reviews from "within the state" were included in with the state reviews, potential surpluses would be much greater! Three to four times greater!