911-2012 - The Smoking Gun of Consequence
by  Walter Burien - CAFR1.com


What you do with this communication will determine who and what you are.

The crime of the century needs true accountability and consequence.

Please forward this communication to every Sheriff; Police official; FBI agent; US Attorney that you can track down an email address for.

It has now been 11-years since the event of 911 in NY City

The following video released and Aired on PBS recently "is" the conclusive smoking gun per the World Trade Center complex destruction being a planned event which utilized passenger planes as the staged and false cause for the destruction of the WTC complex. A few minutes into this PBS broadcast the 911 expose will start. If you have a video capture software I recommend you record the program to share with others. 

The implications of the facts that have been intentionally suppressed with great effort at the highest levels to date, now clearly shown by undisputed evidence and scientific facts as shown in this video endorsed by over 1000 professionals in the essential fields related to the event forensics establishes as fact that the event was staged at the highest levels within our own government. There is no speculation here but only overbearing and verifiable facts that draws the conclusive findings.
Architects and Engineer's Report on the 911 event (.pdf download)

This is a deciding turning point for all that comprehends the significance of the findings as clearly shown. To allow the true orchestrator's  of this event to go unscathed bears true end responsibility on each and every one of us. Being masterfully entertained or pulling the covers over our heads to play the ignorance is bliss route-en is not acceptable under any terms as far as this situation is concerned.

The intent of the crime has facilitated:

1. The death of over 3000 Americans.

2. The death of over 3,000,000 from the middle east.

3. The fraudulent transfer of wealth in excess of 8-trillion dollars.

4. The deaths of over 7,000 US Military personnel.

5. The plunder of the wealth of several countries in the middle east.

6. The significant loss of liberties and freedom for the general population of the US.

The last most prominent similar event was orchestrated by Adolf Hitler with the Reichstag fire.

As the people of the United States, if we do not force accountability and consequences to the orchestrators of this event we have lost our souls and are doomed to an evil that makes hell a desired vacation spot.

Please make sure that every law enforcement official that you are aware of or that you can locate watches this video.

Sent FYI and for you to redeem your intellect conscience after having been played for an easy mark over the last 11-years,

Walter Burien - CAFR1.com

Prior Tenant WTC1 - 1978 to 1980   - who in 2001 after watching the first 15-minutes of the event on the news in 2001 knew for many reasons the event was being staged and allowed to happen.

I note that in 1980 the Port Authority of NY and NJ who owned the WTC complex knew the towers needed to come down due to the tons of asbestos foam fire insulation used throughout the towers and due to the flat surface design of the towers if in the event a level 5 hurricane hit with over 185 MPH winds hit the towers, the towers structure would fail. A demolition cost study was conducted back in 1981. The issue was resolved on September 11th 2001 and the deaths resulting reached into the millions as trillions in wealth changed hands over the months and years to follow. Again, being masterfully entertained or pulling the covers over our heads to play the ignorance is bliss route-en is not acceptable under any terms as far as this situation is concerned.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a friend of a couple lets one of them know their supposedly saintly partner is cheating on them all over town the first reaction is a visceral one towards the reporter. The first reaction is to loose the friend reporting the cheating.

The time invested in the belief state in the marriage is where the reliance rests. The more evidence shown, the stronger the visceral and denial reaction is. We all put value on our beliefs real or fantasy and to have them rattled is a position of extreme insecurity. So in effect we all don't want to go there.

The difference between reality and fantasy is verifying the overbearing facts to determine reality or promoted fantasy designed to make you an easy mark in-line with the bad intent of another.

The good point about the human race is we all have cognitive thinking brains. So look at the facts to determine reality over establishing a comfort belief system that was promoted to you which
in reality generated trillions of dollars and cost the lives of millions of individuals.

As a living being registering the facts in your mind is essential no matter how unpleasant those facts may be. To do otherwise is perpetuating your own severe disadvantage in life.

Being that over a decade has past since 911, here are some pictures of the new construction project in motion to replace the old no longer there:

10/05/17 Note: All pictures needed to be retreived from Archive.org being the website displaying them was taken down:

1. One WTC reclaiming the Manhattan skyline on a beautiful spring day. View this image

2. View this image
3. View from the stairs which are attached to the side. View this image

View this image

Looking out the 65th floor of 1WTC's Sky Lobby. View this image

Looking north from the 79th floor. View this image

Aeriel shot on February 21, 2012 View this image

The WTC PATH transit hub. View this image

Working hard on rebuilding One World Trade Center. View this image

An inside look of construction on the 91st Floor. View this image

One WTC reaches 100 floors. View this image

Picture taken from a tower crane. View this image

Looking east. View this image

An iron worker putting the finishing touches on a steel beam. View this image

Looking south. View this image