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Gov Schwarzenegger should have a long talk with the Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs

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Texas State Government even though faced with the same economy as everyone else, appears to be in a very good cash position. Their investment fund balances increase each year; and they increased their budget overall.

If Forbes Magazine instead of doing the top 100 wealthiest individuals or companies did "The Top 100 Wealthiest Local Governments", Texas would be right up there at the top. Hey, they can do the same for the top 100 wealthiest Cities; Counties; and School Districts also.

Ever wonder why Forbes nor other syndicated national publications have never mentioned a word per qualifying these top lists? Oh, I forgot, they only want to talk about government debt at the front door to justify further tax increases and then whisper at the back door to secure their share of the massive wealth involved. "Silence is truly golden" for them!

I wonder if a true and "public" audit was conducted of "all" Local CA government funds where for CA, its Cities, and Counties would appear on that list of the most wealthiest local governments based on total "funds held"  1st, 2nd, 3rd???

The following two reports are for just State Government Inc., and not the many other local governments in TX, but as you will see TX State Government Inc. is rather cash rich and growing in spite of a weakened US economy.

Again, Gov Schwarzenegger you should have a long talk with the Texas state Comptroller  Susan Combs for her suggestions on improving California's situation without tax increases.


My hat is off to the TX State Comptroller for giving an easy reference link to view all "State Funds" in the state of Texas. Other states are not so forthcoming and open to their people. 2008 - http://CAFR1.com/STATES/TEXAS/TexasStateCashReport2008.pdf

[added 11/12/17] Here is the 2017 State of Texas Cash Report (2016 data):



** I suggest that you pull up on your .pdf reader say the 2002 and 2017 Cash Report. Then you can compare side by side the changes in any fund by the fund's assigned number towards: what was brought in; expended; transferred; beginning; ending balances. EXAMPLE: Fund 5025 (TX lottery fund) in the 2002 and 2017 find both and then side by side you can compare the changes as of 2002 and then 2017. You can easily do the same and review the differences of what was brought in; expended; transferred; beginning; ending balances for the specific years of 2002 and 2017, then and now, (15-years) for any fund by assigned fund number.



CAFR1 Note 03/02/14 TX pulled the links to where the "Detailed" data the Cash Report is compiled from shortly after this CAFR1 Article. People were looking.

Thanks to: Archive.org  the 2001 to 2005 TX State .pdf version of the Cash Report, a snap shot was taken and the report can be viewed and "SAVED" from the following links ( the ** one) :

TX CASH Report Archives:

** CAFR1 loves this one - archive of the 2001 "DETAILED data LISTING: https://web.archive.org/web/20051029005544/http://www.window.state.tx.us/fm/pubs/cashrpt/01/    Gives the individual listing of over 7600 fund accounts. When on that page click on the group of numbers link to see each individual fund account in that grouping.
If access to the links above are busy, try back again latter. Now known, many will be looking and that will strain Archive.org's bandwidth.


State of Texas: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) - 2010 through 2016: 



People from Texas should copy and share this report with all of their neighbors! Then look up via a Google search your City, School District, University, County, Government Pension System Fund, or any "other" local government operation CAFR report to see what they are sitting on also. People from CA should do the same and show their neighbors how things are done in TX.

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