I have always found it amazing!

  By Walter J. Burien, Jr. - 11/04/06



I have always found it amazing how the Minnows can be schooled back and forth so easily whereby the Sharks feast.


From top to bottom, commentary's on the Internet talk about the Federal Reserve, the Banks, the economy and forget it if the writers of those commentary's even have the foggiest clue as to how much money, investments, and transactions are going down with and through the Fed, let alone IN THEIR OWN BACK YARD.


They probably do not know  HOW MUCH MONEY, INVESTMENTS, AND TRANSACTION TOTALS are taking place within their own City, School District, County, State, or even their own City Recycling Enterprise operation!


The minnows do not know being that the "Big Boys" know the minnows can be distracted so easily and sent off on raves of this, that, and the other thing as they, the "Big Boys" feast on the over bloated nipples of the cow. (Laughing all the way to the bank)


The "Big Boys" do look, and must track the money, investments, and transaction history they are moving and controlling each year. That is why since 1946, they have shifted into the Annual Financial Report accounting, or as they entitled it CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report).


The upper level Government gang also knew that "Mums the word" and "Silence is Golden". They must make sure the minnows (which out-number by 10,000 to 1) must not look. "We will give them annual budget reports that are designed to give the appearance of deficit spending (Budget Shortfalls) and we ourselves will keep tabs on the real picture of our control and ownership as seen in the CAFR."


Let's see how many of the readers have the fortitude; comprehension for ethics; and due diligence as a citizen to review some of their own CAFRs produced in their OWN BACK YARD and then comment to us all.


The following two links will bring you to a few of the larger CAFRs. There are over 84,000 produced within local government each year.






AND FOR ALL OF YOU MINNOWS out there who have been Parrot trained to yell "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" take some time and look at your local CAFRs.


I have looked, and looked, and looked again. Composite "liquid" investments "Internationally" and Domestic are a conservative 60 trillion dollars between local and federal government in totals.


So PLEASE GET A CLUE! Don't be led by a ring through your nose, orchestrated by your local politicians and syndicated media talking heads that laugh behind closed doors every day as to how easy it was to misdirect the millions of minnows off track.


The CAFR is the "TRACK". It shows the cumulative wealth amassed. Do a Google search on CAFR and you will get over 750,000 hits. Find the ones close to you by key word searches.


LEARN THE GAME! It is all about money and control of the ability to take that money easily as they maintain the value of the money that they take. Note: Government's investment income reaps significant annual returns from International investments priced in "Foreign" currency. [a lowering dollar enhances those investments]


Do your friend, family, future descendents, and self a favor today! Look and Learn. Find out how many Wolves are feeding on your carcass as we speak. Our Government HAS taken over the Stock Market, the Insurance Industry, Mortgage, and Credit arenas through Investment.


And gee, most of you never looked. Well don't feel bad, they did not want you to look. They spent billions each year on their cronies in Education, the Syndicated News Media, the Political Parties, and your elected officials whereby the Holy Grail of accounting the CAFR would not be mentioned to the public (the minnows) over the last 65 years.


Hey, minnows, keep on talking about Zion, or how God will strike down the evil ones with bolts of lightning from his ass. That keeps "the Boys" laughing. Just don't look into their true accounting records. The records of the sharks playing field, their comprehensive accounting records, the CAFR.


Yours truly,



Walter J. Burien, Jr.

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