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Questions received and Answers Given

Walter Burien - 08/31/08

Expose and Bob:

Ah, a question! Good!

First of all there are three "reality" points to understand.

1. The "fern" plan was brilliant on the part of the boys that implemented it. For 4000 years or so, a single commodity was used such as gold, silver copper (or a combination of all) the "golden rule" was in effect. He who owned the gold made the rules. The US Government owns some gold but in comparison with other countries like Asia, Russia, Africa, ect., the US was towards the bottom of the list. The fiat currency gave the ability for unlimited expansion (take-over and hidden abuses) by the players.  As the Federal Reserve maintained the value of the currency by circulation techniques, 100% flowed right back to government as taxation AND investment / enterprise income as more and more was put into circulation to be re-captured for book entry ownership. Example: 100 units circulated, 100 units returned where 50 unites were lodged as investment ownership by government as 100 units were then circulated again. Multiply that procedure a thousand times over and it left government with 10,000 units converted into  book-entry investment ownership and thus absolute ownership and control. This gave composite government the ability to "roll-over" for continued profit with that "barter" currency the dollar whereby the take over was absolute and at the same time they expanded their taxation base in their attempt to keep a thumb on inflation. Keep in mind it worked just fine for them 1963 - 2000 and the take-over of the wealth WAS ACCOMPLISHED by investment ownership and increased controls over the people. Well, the PROBLEM was, the People were stripped of their wealth by conversion. The greed of the players was absolute and they justified in their minds what they were doing by telling themselves that they were building a "better house" for the people. (cage is more like it).

2. Where we sit right now is at the door step of an ever-growing potential for violent revolution by the people. The people are starting to get a clue as to the take-over and thus as new-bees to the comprehension of the take-over are pissed. Where as for the majority of the government capitalist boys it is just business as usual. The people are tired of being stripped in all respects at the greed choices of the players as well as getting sick from watching the fatal conquest games as they unfold. They smell a rat in the cupboard but have not quite put their finger on it yet. (My work for the public's comprehension is showing the aspect of the scope of ownership by investment / hidden gross income take-over by government in viewing their local government's true accounting the CAFR). The public 'has" lost control AND ownership as they were masterfully entertained over the last eighty years with brilliant (greed driven) covert intent played out. Where the real bubble exists and danger is: We, the US started the game and through the teaching of the game to the international players to solidify the one world standard of the New World Order, the greed factor is coming to play as to "who" is going to be the "king of the hill" as the "top player". The US had that role for the last 65 years without question. Now, the push / shove or ever-growing potential for it is coming to play between the big three and coalitions of grouped smaller players. Let me be real clear on one point here. The fiat dollar play is what gave the US the ability to be king of the hill for the domestic and international take-over. The new-bees to the game take great resentment to: "Just because you did it first does not mean you will maintain being king of the hill" One of the plays being pushed to strip the US by conversion is going back to the gold standard to back a currency. If done, and by conversion, the people of the US will be stripped of 90% of their wealth in the blink-of-an-eye. WE DO NOT OWN MOST OF THE GOLD, Asia, Africa, India, and Russia does. We would have to buy it from them and in the conversion, Poof! There goes 90% of the wealth of the US and the golden rule is put back into effect. (We really do not want those international players that control the gold to make the rules unless our intent is to be gang banged) A better choice would be to put the gun in our mouths and pull the trigger.. To resolve that fiat currency problem where there was true commodity value backing the dollar whereby the value was established by tangible commodities over productivity and circulation management, the dollar could be backed by a commodity index made up of "all" metals, grains, meats, oil, natural gas, coal, and land. Here is where the true value rests and we already most definitely have the value there to equal the 500 trillion dollars or so of "intrinsic" book-value of the dollar. Here the dollar would "leap" forward with value (rightfully so). The gold bugs would not be killed, they would just not make a killing of US. Gold will be part of the index so the gold bugs can still be content..

3. Now, for the real nitty-gritty. Government is NOT GOVERNMENT at this time. It is, by unrestrained growth an overbearing corporate virus of organized greed, graft, arrogance, ego, and lethal in-justice established to this point out of well planned covert opportunity. (Gives the definition to the "bait and switch routine"). Left unchecked in its growth and arrogance will lead to no other option then a full blown lethal confrontation between the people and the government. millions will die and in the confusion, the international players will own it all, and in most likely hood take it all by force when the time is right during the confrontation. Not a pleasant, though very probable reality if the course at present persists. The government boys greed and lust for power will not yield, and the public's inept ease of being entertained and misdirected by sound-bites will not be changed. So, we are heading towards a brick wall at 200MPH. Two factors will change this. One action accomplishes both. THE PEOPLE NEED TO REGAIN TRUE OWNERSHIP AND DIRECT BENEFIT OF THE TAKE-OVER ALREADY PULLED OFF. I gather "the people" have not grasped the importance of the transition plan I have put forward per the TRF (Tax Retirement Funds). This one thing accomplishes converting by direct outline of prospectus written, ownership back to the people for direct benefit; the phasing out of all taxation; downsizing of government; and builds greater investment wealth whereby the financial inside players survive and in fact will prosper under the restructure and then reinstatement now with greater investment wealth under management then was ever "justifiably" possible before. Win win for all concerned. Combine that with the pegging of the dollar to a firm commodity index, and it is "off to the races" cash in hand...

To make it happen??? Circulating this email planting the seed of comprehension would be "a good start."

It will not happen unless some big players come on board "to make it happen." The rats currently scurrying within the halls of politics and judicial are many and well entrenched feeding vigorously on their scraps grabbed from the kitty. (some very big scraps I may add). Those rats are fat and have very sharp teeth with no hesitation to use them if they think their feeding grounds are going to be disrupted. Rats will muster around the feet of sheep and cattle feeding to their hearts content, but rats will run in terror and not return at the site of a pack of lions moving in.  TRF funds when comprehended as to application and effect will attract the lions. The wealth of this country assured by a commodity index valuation over a fiat paper manipulation will also attract lions.. (Lions with the USA's interests at heart)

Time period it will take for it to sink-in for the lions attention and comprehension is the question at hand...

As Confucius says "The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

Well, that step has been taken with this and prior disclosures. I am sure there are many kittens that want to jump in on the trip, but only lions will fit the role and "make it happen"

Lions like big kills and establishing territory. Well, there is no bigger correction to a feeding grounds for establishing real and not "fictional" plenty whereby there is true prosperity and ownership for all. (and a much smaller government body also)

Please do not send this communication to the rats as a heads up, lions ONLY please!

Truly yours,


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: 928-445-3532


Pension funds pay a salary and benefits at retirement. Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs! This now makes the people the true owners with government being the true service provider. Government has already shown that a TRF works by example through the management of their own combined multi-trillion dollar pension funds! CAFR1 says: Make it law and make it so!
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Dear Walter and Bob,
One is not disagreeing and trust you are right.
How do you/we force the 'investment managers' (who, as it happens, are
virtually income tax free - to keep THEM 'sweet') into liquidating the assets
into dollars, gold, stocks or what-have-you? Who decides?
They believe the 'investments' are already on behalf of the people or whomever -
to 'keep the economy' going' - do they not? Wasn't the entire purpose of establishing the CAFR?  
Can there actually be a stable / implementable 'macro plan' that holds up in the face of economic calamity?
At present - it is looking more and more like official anarchy, with a bunch of greed-riddled
thugs engaging in a free-for-all: right, left and center; in a mindless, sociopathic 'state'
addicted to plundering and grand spectacle - in self-destruct mode.
Whatever democracy is (or dreamed), it is well past it's' sell-by' date.
What must be done, and how it is to be done, in these bizarre has left most folks stumped.
Argentina, for instance, almost completely devolved from the current NWO economic model
and if the 'income' of the masses evaporates, there will be no money for taxes to collected
Then, of necessity, the people will develop new means.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force!
Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."   
--George Washington

There are three kinds of people in the world:
* Those who do what they're told without question,
* Those who control them, and-
* Those who refuse to play that game - ENVIED AND HATED BY THE OTHER TWO.
Copula eame se non posit acceptara jocularem.

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 15:47:50 -0700
Subject: RE: WJB ** WJB - Re: How to Bring Economic Democracy to the U.S.A
To: Expose and Bob

Expose and Bob:

Are you so well conditioned that in reply you do not even mention the only substance point of my comment?

Or in reply are you trying to condition everyone else to be oblivious to what the focus of my comment was?

Government out of opportunity has already taken over it all. What I was saying was: Take that "all" and make the public the "direct beneficiary" by elimination of "all" taxation, and at the same time eliminate (downsize) most of governments take-over structure that all excluding the bulging cash-in-their-pockets government boys wish to continue. How that is done can be the easy way or the hard way, but necessary to be done and done none the less.

One word or five-million words to the contrary is nothing but obfuscation in practice and affect.

My only question: is that obfuscation being done by ignorance, stubborn abstinence, blind conditioning, or by deliberate intent?


> Bob and Walter,
> Democracy is a theory of 'people rule' leading to dumocracy and abuse by a MINORITY
> (calling itself a majority of 'voters' in a corrupted electoral system) EVERY TIME!
> So a MAJORITY in the polls says what they are told to say:
> "Global warming!",
> "Red or Yellow Menace",
> "Peak Oil (NO SUCH THING)!",
> so on.
> The mixed metaphor (if you will) 'Economic Democracy' is a fools game.
> Sovereign people exercise their sovereign control over all things, and there are always
> those who will swindle said sovereigns out of their rights and just due - of late
> not by agreed CONTRACT, but by implied CONtract!
> The entire right/left or socialist/fascist, repub/dem, religious/atheist crap is a MASSIVE LIE -
> designed to DIVIDE AND RULE.
> The bottom line is, you are either:
> A. A slave to the right/left or socialist/fascist OR repub/dem or religious/atheist etc crap, OR
> Can you handle the latter - against all odds, or be sheep?
> Exposé

> Subject: Re: WJB - Re: How to Bring Economic Democracy to the U.S.A Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:15:04 -0600
> You are right in the short term but in the long term do we really want a communist/fascist system? Personally I'd prefer all
> enforced irresponsibility (socialism) removed from the system, including the concept in corporate law allowing "limited liability"
> which is why huge corporations get bigger and bigger and keep swallowing up more and more smaller corporations. Ultimately
> one could envision a single corporation with thousands of divisions and sub-divisions. We could get back to something similar
> to the ancient Priest/King joint office, only this one would be the President (gov)/Chairman (corp). It's all heading further and
> further away from People Rule which once existed under Exodus 18:21 ("judges of Tens, judges of Fifties, judges of Hundreds,
> judges of Thousands").
> Best regards,.Bob Taft The Taft Ranch, Upton, Wyoming (307) 465-2206
> "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." Aesop
> --- On Fri, 8/29/08, Walter Burien wrote:
> From: Walter Burien Subject: WJB - Re: How to Bring Economic Democracy to the U.S.A To: "Bob Taft"
> Date: Friday, August 29, 2008, 7:11 PM
> Bob:
> You say: "Burien makes the point that governments have so much income from investments that they need no taxing power.
> I am going further by saying all their investments should be liquidated and used in stead of taxes until they get back to the
> need
for taxation."
> The point your missing Bob is the investment funds are generating in return each year more than all taxes collected each year.
> So, what I am recommending is the restructuring of government were "ALL" taxation is phased out and the "annual return"
> from the investment funds meet all budgetary needs each year forward. No more taxation "ever" and the public now becomes
> true shareholders whereby they designate that investment return to operate government from that point forward. Get it?
> Walter