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The psychology behind the Shell Game!
by Walter Burien

CAFR1 - TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) Report + Economy overview:

The site was launched on Nov 2nd three months ago. It appears that a county in Florida may be the first venue to have the template TRF initiative custom drafted for their venue.

A group is forming in this county to get a team together to sponsor the initiative. When they get the funding together on location to complete the up front requirements for initiative customization in compliance with local statutes and laws, and a team ready for circulation to achieve the required signatures, "game time" begins. Groups from NY, MI, CA, and VT are expressing interest in moving forward also

The TRFA will assist to the best of its abilities to get the job done for circulation and passage of the TRF initiative in these states.

Directorship assignments for the TRFA are now in process. Any director accepted into the TRFA will be required to sign a (KISS) and Mission statement to enforce and focus on the four points of the template initiatives without deviation. The credo of the TRFA will be accomplishment of the four points on the initiative. I have made an offer to David Walker the ex Comptroller General of the USA if he would like to be a director of the TRFA. I hope he accepts, he would be a great attribute towards accomplishing the mission.

I note that CAFR1 now hosts the Freedom First - TaxRetirement email list. In the last several years CAFR1 has had a mailing list that was limited to under 1000 subscribers with just the send feature only. Typically, the CAFR1 email list was 250 press and 700 individuals. Since the launch of the TRFA in November new requests to be on the TRF-Freedom First email list exceeded 1200 and is growing quickly..

The first thing to understand is that shell games are very profitable. Government expanded their "gross" income as they continued to raise their "tax" income. In doing so, the public's focus was on battling increases in tax income looking at "Budget Reports" and were kept oblivious to governments ever-growing "non-tax income" (CAFR or AFR Reports a 136,000 reports and growing)

The public maintained the illusion that government "survived" off of tax income, (with the help of the bought and paid for Media and Political talking heads monopoly) and as of 2000 only 1/3rd of the gross income when looking at the big picture was tax income.

Now here is the key for comprehension: Government's attitude was; Anything we collect in tax income we are responsible to the public for oversight and disclosure given to the public. Anything we accomplish pertaining to our gross income that is non-tax income, we are only accountable to ourselves and we can invest, spend, and transfer that income as we choose without public oversight and disclosure given. Well, that amount has now blossomed into 2/3rds of the gross income. Publicly promoted budget reports given for public consumption are almost exclusively showing tax income.

The psychology behind maintaining this shell game can be explained with a basic analogy: If you have two neighbors, Steve on the left and Dick on the right.

If Dick every other week knocked on your door to borrow money for this that and the other thing, you would avoid him like the plague, and cringe if you know he is going to or was knocking on your door. You try not to think of him at all.

Now on the other hand if Steve knocked on your door every other week to invite you to fly to Zurich, Munich, Belize,  etc., in his personal jet, you are watching him like a hawk, every single move he makes, with patient anticipation of Steve knocking on your door again. You think about him often.

Governments exclusively and intentionally plays very good Dicks, even though their gross income would make up a billion Steves. If the public knew the reality of the true wealth and ownership amassed by government, they would be prying open every door, and thus not a word of comprehension given, with the game masterfully orchestrated by the inside players. (They have access to and walk off with the Kitty every-single-day)

The biggest problem in breaking the veil of illusion with the middle and some of the upper class is ego: "They could not have pulled this off right under my nose, I am an intelligent person and savvy on world social and business affairs."

When these people take the time to independently look for the first time, do the math and then comprehend, then the next phase is depression: "They did it, it is to late now, it is to big, we will never be able to change it.". At that point I tell them to stop their whining, and that they "did it" over the last seventy-five years and that is a snap of the finger time wise. With unified force and comprehensive applied application, it can be corrected in ten to fifteen years, AND as a result all taxation can be phased out and an economy established that will be so prosperous, it will be the definition and start of what is called in biblical terms, the Millennium!

Now I was a CTA for 14 years and traded the derivatives market for 31 years. Additionally, I was national sales manager for the US Trading Championship, US Investing  Championship, and Money Money Managers verified Ratings for a period of ten years (1982 -- 1992). Per the Money Managers Verified Ratings, I was dealing with a few managers that had 150 to 750 billion dollars under management. When I learned of Governments true scope and size of their participation and ownership in the International Investment arena, in 1994 I called a few of the big boys I had dealt with and gave them a brief of "the forest".

They were unaware until told and their minds alerted to the comprehension to look (they were to busy dealing with a few trees in the forest). Additionally they were only given information that the forest controllers wanted them to see. Any comprehensional direction towards discussion, qualification, consolidated total reports, or validation of or what the forest had become was intentionally omitted in and from the learning curve. Most managers were only dealing with a few leaves or branches and knew there were a few big trees around them, but that was as far as it went - DUE TO THE MONEY CONTROL AND OWNERSHIP INVOLVED.

The "Silence is Golden" routine funneled down from the top maintaining a void of comprehension that was truly golden for them in the conquest / takeover game.

1. Per composite Government, they ALREADY took it all over by investment! In fact many local governments fund their own debt through the back door and promote for repayment by the public at the front door locking in an investment return and ever increasing power base of standing liquid assets.

2. Any "state retirement fund" as are all other local governments retirement funds, they are; "strictly participatory". The employees do not own 1c of those funds they buy a ticket to ride, and the local governments own those funds. These funds are those local government's power base of control, of which they fudge the actuarial projections constantly to inflate the base of those funds. These funds were the primary tool used for government to take it all over by investment.

Government in its own greed and through the use of select off-shore trading accounts has sucked (for a hand to the other hand transfer) a few trillion dollars in total out of many of these funds through derivative market manipulations, to justify a further drain on the people for refunding, and build their investment takeover capital further both seen (domestically managed funds) and unseen (offshore managed funds).

That is why I have said several times over the last five months; "An audit of government's off-shore management funds both directly or indirectly managed is urgently needed to determine the net results of the recent global market manipulations." TRF funds will stabilize government retirement benefits for all government employees with a direct cash deduction payout as needed to those employees and will be done so not even touching a small fraction of the TRF overall fund balances year to year and at the same time pay for the same local government's budgetary expenses. (No taxation needed!)

3. Being that "Government has already taken it all over by investment" the TRF comes in and reverts ownership back to direct benefit to the people through phasing out "all taxation", the biggest organized crime inflicted on the population of this earth, and makes visible the hidden influence peddling for profit accomplished to start war, genocide, or stripping of taxpayer revenue into shill investments held to guarantee a massive profit for the inside players at taxpayer expense and loss, with this being the second biggest crime on earth.

Being that the push is now on since November for remedy in the USA to apply the TRF application to phase out all taxation, CAFR1 on February 18th has upgraded its email service  to a very capable data base email list that can automatically handle 460,000 subscribers, gives the ability to send exclusively to individual groups of state, country, or targeted international subscribers. The TRFA will offer to implement the TRF initiative Internationally if requested to do so.

I MAKE SPECIAL NOTE that if you were on the CAFR1 NATIONAL or FREEDOM FIRST email list prior to 02/18/09, please click the "Preferences" link in this email below to update or create the preferences associated with your subscription. This will enhance interactive features of the data bank per your subscription and geographic specific information provided to you from CAFR1 or the TRFA..

Please circulate the "subscribe" link to your friends and associates as actively as you can. As the ball starts rolling down hill the dynamic application of the TRF through the TRFA will exponentially become very exciting and essential for all of the people in the USA to be informed about. The time has come for a real war to regain ownership of this country for and by its people. All must be informed so that the battles can be won.

It is VERY important that financial contributors back now and until it takes root the TRFA / CAFR1 giving it the ability to do what needs to be done. Wars are not fought with wishes and best intentions but trough hard resources applied.

Please have your friends and local businesses back financially the momentum of the TRFA at this time. The war will be won or lost based on public backing to push this forward. No forced taxation or government sponsorship expected so please click on the link so that the ammunition is there to get the job done and done quickly without delay. (I don't think any of us can afford delays or battles lost at this point in time)

I have copied below a communication from today per Hershey outsourcing a plant to Mexico. The disclosures made I think will give you a pretty good idea of why the economy in the USA is where it is today.

Per the economy, the bottom should be at the end of this month (FEB) with flat months of March and April, and look for the upturn in May and June of 2009.  Please share with others and also please interact with the links at the very end of this email.



REPLY FROM: Walter Burien to John DiPrimo who sent a Letter to the Editor of several news agencies

Re: Letter to Editor [Hershey] Reply from: WJB

Mr. John DiPrimo:

The key issue regarding if Hershey's intent to move a plant to Mexico would be "who" bears the real liability for motivating that move was not mentioned by you.

Government managed investment funds, which have thousands of separate accounts of which in down-line are controlled or advised by a select few advisers at the top of the chain, have over the last 25 years used their influence as the primary stock holder and by proxy vote will push a company to outsource for higher profits. The government investment funds then will get a much better profit, and it appears there is no loyalty when it comes down to government stuffing its pockets with more cash generated internationally.

If government here wanted companies to maintain their operations here, they as the primary shareholders by proxy vote could have stopped "any" outsourcing move. In reality quite the opposite took place. Most of these companies are virtually helpless when it comes down to these issues. Any or all of the directors can be replaced by government stock holder proxy vote if they are resistant to government's intent and plans for higher profits and consolidated control. Any attempt by any director to expose this type of influence extortion by government investment management teams would be blacked out by the bought and paid for News Media and that director would then be marginalized, discredited, hit with an IRS audit, set up on a government sponsored criminal sting,  or worse.

The intent and plans are easily seen by what actually happens. This applies to the run-up or collapse in the stock market, crude oil, and movements in the dollar.

Ten to fifteen-trillion-dollars recently in 2008 was stripped out of the economy by government's own market manipulations. To complicate the matter, government did so primarily through their massive off-shore derivative trading activity and accounts which were started back in the 80's and 90's. A complete audit of US local and federal Government's (direct and indirect) off-shore management funds is URGENTLY needed to make visible who stripped this massive amount of money out of the US Economy using a ballooned derivatives market under their use and control.

With derivatives for every $1 lost by one, a $1 profit is gained into the account of another. Here we are talking trillions transferred and it is urgently needed to see who sucked this equity out of the pockets of the US population and economy. The long term agenda here in doing so it will in most probabilities boil down to the final establishment of the NWO (New World Order) and balancing out of the wealth throughout the globe within the grasp of the cooperative domestic and international players.

But back to the single issue of Hershey.


Company Profile -
Board of Directors-
Stock Symbol - (NYSE: HSY)
Hershey News Room -

A key way to start seeing the clear conflict of interest here per government control by ownership is to view holdings from large government investment funds of which there are many. Pick a few big ones like the PA State Retirement fund CAFRs to look at.

Here is a look at the NYSR CAFR holdings for 2006 -   you will see here from this one (1) report that the NYSR does not for some reason own Hershey Stock directly but on page 75 in the book or 76 in the pdf reader under "corporate bonds" owned, the NYSR has $35,000,000 in Hershey (small amount). The ownership through the other management funds participated with I did not calculate here.

I note per the recent news of the mortgage giants of FNMA and GNMA being bailed out with a trillion dollars of taxpayer revenue, as is evidenced in the NYSR per local GOVERNMENTS, local governments in combination with federal are the almost exclusive owners by investment of the mortgages held by FNMA, GNMA, and also the mortgages held by most large banks. . (eight to ten trillion dollars of mortgage investments here)

They are using taxpayer funds to shore-up their own investments of which out of their own greed for profits through the use of expanded derivative vehicles, those arenas were destabilized in the first place. Now that's the definition or arrogance and blatantly a lack of open non-disclosure to the public. The new Amerika with a fascist twist, and the bought and paid for political and news media talking heads keep the masterfully orchestrated misdirection rolling along for business as usual to continue, due to the money, profit, and control involved. (stripped from the American people over the decades I may add)

Here you can see just one CAFR, the NYSR. Now just think of the totals from the many "other" large  CAFR reports. When totals are added up, it establishes clearly and definitively that local and federal government have "taken it all over" by investment including most of the large Shopping Malls, Condominium and Apartment projects, education, and news media. Private rental agencies or public corporations may front but the conglomerate government(s) OWNS and controls it all by investment..

The public has been kept clueless here over the decades "due to the money and control involved!". The people have been turned into by the corporate government machine for profit (primarily run by elected or appointed attorneys now) into merely productivity units to be drained and their wealth, legacy, and inheritance stolen from them out of simple opportunity and law creation / manipulation of the gang at the top of the heap. There are many willing players who grease the skids and there pockets as the plan unfolds. Liability and consequences for these players to date? None that I have seen.
I note that the TRF run by the TRFA just launched in November 2008 ( ) is designed to put ownership back into the hands of the people by direct benefit of: "owning it all by investment" but now by the people, not government.


John DiPrimo's original communication:

From:  "Citizens for Common Sense" <ccs1@[SNIP].net>
Subject:  Letter to Editor
Date:  Sat, February 21, 2009 1:25 pm


> Corporate Treason

> I just learned of Hershey's plan to close a facility in Reading, eliminating 300 jobs, part of the 1500 jobs they are cutting company wide. Hershey's plan to move this plant to Mexico speaks volumes as to how this country got where it is today. Corporate greed, plain and simple.
> Hershey for years benefited from governmental tax breaks and the customer loyalty that enriched both the CEO's and shareholders. For this company to abandon this country and it's workers during this troubling time is nothing less than financial treason. Hershey's board of directors should be ashamed of themselves. I guess if you can't get the illegal's to come here just take the factory to them.
> To the chagrin of my children and as a chocolate/candy lover I will never buy a Hershey product again, nor will I visit their theme park. I will encourage others to do the same.

> John DiPrimio
> Chairman
> Citizens for Common Sense - PA

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Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
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