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President, Mr. Donald Trump:

Please issue a Presidential Executive: "National Security Order" effective on all individual local governments of the USA, that said Order becomes mandated as of date of issue.

* [Reference Federal compliance authority where appropriate]

In summary for this Executive Order, it would state: To implement additional security to our southern border with Mexico, due to well known and pervasive illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking,  all of which have severe negative impact and consequences to every state and local government operation in this country to varying degrees, and is an issue of National Security; a 1/20th of 1% assessment will be made on and from every local government in this country as determined from their standing liquid worth of cash on hand and liquid investment assets held.  

The 1/20th of 1% assessment is for payment into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" per this Executive Order being imperative to deal with the immediate security risk our country is exposed to, and  will be exclusively determined for each local government by audit of the Federal Comptroller General's Office, on a case by case basis, in cooperation with the US Treasury.

It is clearly brought forward here that the audit to determine each local government's assessment for transfer into the fund will not be determined by that local government's annual budget, but in the alternative, will be determined by the gross standing balances of that local government's wealth held. Specifically noted, not net balances but gross balances, as determined to be held by that local government, its sub-division operations, and affiliated component unit divisions, in determining that local government's complete assessment for immediate transfer into the  "National Security Southern Border Fund" upon the assessment being submitted by the Comptroller General's Office to that local government.

The revenue assessed for transfer to the "National Security Southern Border Fund" will be utilized for the following good cause purposes:

1. To build or complete a secure and more effective wall across the southern border of the United States to enhance security of the United States against  illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking;

2. additional revenue allocated to Southern border security operations;

3. additional revenue allocated to Southern border immigration agencies to assist in legal immigration issues, and to deal with in a fair and effective manner any conflicts that may exist in determining legal immigration compliance therewith.

ENFORCEMENT for collection of every local government's assessment as specified for payment into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" if it becomes necessary to do so will be facilitated as follows:

1. Any local government that is delinquent for more that 60-days after assessment of the 1/20th of 1% from cash on hand and liquid investment assets held for transfer into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" will be subject to the freezing of any Federal Funds in transit to or to be allocated to that local government until the assessment due from that local government is transferred into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" by that local government.

2. In the case a local government is delinquent in payment of their assessment for more than  90-days, the Comptroller General's Office will publish a Notice of delinquency for non-compliance, along with the specific details of the Federal audit for that local government showing a complete accounting from where that 1/20th of 1% of cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held was calculated and derived from;

NOTES: The assessment to any local government for transfer into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" will not be transferred as an increase in the local governments budgetary accounting to then be assessed to the local government's taxpayers. The assessment will be deducted as a ledger entry against the local governments cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held. If the local government wishes to assess the taxpayers of that local government in the amount of the transfer made into the "National Security Southern Border Fund" by them, it can only be strictly done by a 25-year amortization of that transfer amount reflected in that local government's annual budget.



President Donald Trump:

The above executive order will get your wall built with additional revenue for the other agencies as noted, and do so faster than you could imagine if implemented, and I note even if "proposed" for implementation.

Now 1/20th of 1% assessed may not sound like a significant figure to accomplish the job at hand, but in reality it is a very significant amount when the now approximate 200,000 local governments and their owned operations are assessed. And in fact an amount that not only could build a wall on our southern border, but generate the revenue necessary to complete a wall on our Northern border of which is not at all necessary.

I add emphasis to my prior comment above of: "I note even if "proposed" for implementation." the cooperation to complete the wall through "other" means would happen at a blink of an eye for obvious reasons being that the locals in Government would not wish to see a modification of accounting transparency as is now structured within those local governments due to a Federal audit as outlined above being made public. The data from every local government's overall operations and previous year accounting, that is already available can be used to easily and efficiently tabulate each local government's assessment.

In the true interests of our country, I believe the Executive Order referenced here should be required and not just proposed to immediately effect the completion of the Southern wall and generate additional revenue for the noted agencies. The transparency aspect should not be just a threat of federal audit under the terms as specified, but in the alternative a standard requirement for open transparency in the event of a local government's delinquency towards paying their assessment into the "National Security Southern Border Fund".

Mr. Don, make them an offer they can not refuse, as noted above in summary here :)

God's speed and Truly Yours,


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

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