Contributions to CAFR1: 02/14/18 through 02/14/19. CAFR1's accounting goes from February 14th to February 14th, Valentines Day!

 * GREEN  = Contributed more than once for this year  CAFR1 and CAFR1's objective is: Fiduciary trust accounts established designed to retire taxation: TRF = Tax Retirement Fund.
Taxation is not needed to run government! TRF accounts can replace taxation!
Under the structure of the TRF all thrive in a very prosperous economy and do so "without taxation".


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CAFR1 is supported "exclusively" by the People
   " No Forced Taxation here - Only you and I "




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1.  WR - England/UK - $10 x 12 - 02/18 to 01/19 ------------------------- $120
2.  MP in Toms River, NJ - $35 x 11 - 03/18 to 01/19 -------------------- $385
3.  DMC - England/UK - 07/24/18 ---------------------------------------------  $50
4.  BL - Holt, MI - 12/22/18 ------------------------------------------------------$100



02/14/18 THROUGH: 02/14/2019  =  $655.00


What is needed to be effective? Contributors will make that determination.

Look at what one government employee is paid. One (1) congressman or Senator. Billions spent by your local government officials on themselves but not one is working on ending taxation, they have another agenda of taking more by taxation. My agenda is to end taxation and as a result of doing so, have a thriving economy to boot.

Now government "takes" the funds they want from you. I, on the other hand "ask".

What is this project worth to you?


And people want me to change the world. Hmmm... We will see..... All it takes is one (1) having the strong backing of many or backing from just a few of the Big Boys.  My focus, I have not allowed to be interrupted, and I will succeed. Those that help with financial backing to get the job done are greatly appreciated.


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If you sent in a contribution by US Mail after 02/14/18 to 02/14/19 and do not see yours listed above, contact me at: (928) 458-5854 so that I may investigate.

WJB**** CAFR1, this is my work - Walter J. Burien, Jr.

Contributions are needed and very much appreciated.
Last year in 2017 from the millions of individuals who have benefited from this work, nine individual contributors came forward to assist from 02/14/17 until 02/14/18 and I thank them very much!

Government forces the payment of hefty salaries, pensions, benefits, and costs of War on you. CAFR1's financial gifts are voluntarily contributed by the people I have chosen to serve. Those that helped have gotten more bang for the buck per open disclosure of government fraud, takeover of the wealth, and theft,  with CAFR1 putting a
viable plan out on the table  that can make a change of the tide for the better by a factor of ten-thousand to the 12th power

"I am" but one person, I am not the government syndicate..

In 2002 about four trillion dollars in tax income and six trillion dollars in non-tax income (10T) was brought in by federal and local governments.
Today in 2018, verging on 17T (gross income from all sources)

CAFR1 works for you. What is donated to CAFR1 comes from you. So, if not you then who. It will not be government. They are to busy spending a few trillion dollars of your money they have taken or made from you just this year, and will continue to take by force when they so desire, I do not take by force, I depend on the well versed intelligence of the individual to support CAFR1, so CAFR1 can accomplish the objective at hand for them.

The TRF will take it the complete nine-yards to where local Government's general purpose operating funds, 100% are paid for by the TRF guidlines under fiduciary trust management accounts. "Taxation NOT needed!"

TRF is "The" model that will phase-out all taxation (eliminate), and do so in the blink of an eye as far as time goes to benefit us and all future generations of this land.
** Keep in mind government has all of the fund managers in place to operate the TRFs. The same managers have been managing government's multi-trillion dollar fiduciary trust investment funds and pensions. A TRF is set up just the same as a pension fund with the one difference being: the return from the fund is targeted to meet local government budgets and thus eliminating all taxation.
You would think the large financial institutions would want to manage those TRFA funds that would grow very quickly across the country. Why are not the large investment houses; Banks, and Insurance Companies jumping forward with backing the TRFA at this time? The reply I have gotten from every one of their directors I have spoken to so far over the last 15-years; "They adamantly do not want to get their #1 top and primary investor, moving against them with severe consequences in retaliation for having changed the name of the game, of collective Government." The majority of the investment capital held by these companies comes from Government. I am a strong believer, and I hope you are too, that once the TRFA is in operating motion, after the original shock, they will be aggressively lining up at the door trying to get in to participate.
** EVERY LOCAL AND FEDERAL agency and government body of this country in so many words in light of their own pensions have run a TRF for decades and they have over an 85-year performance data record of returns generated.. A TRF has eliminating taxation as its goal from the use of the returns generated.. Get it? The entire structure is in place TODAY to make the "People's" retirement account happen tomorrow! Fiduciary trust funds to "Retire" taxation.

The choice is yours! One person can not lift a five ton rock, but a thousand helping at one time can, and for this year from 02/14/18 to 02/19/19 we have 4 contributors.
The future is yours!

PS: I am looking to raise 12-million dollars to complete the TRFA National Headquarters that is underway in Gallup, NM, and within that amount having an operating budget for three years after opening. If any serious investors are reading this PS note, and wish to make this project happen, please call me at your convenience to discuss this matter. A 12.5% return for 5-years and ownership of all property until principle and return is satisfied will be given. The designated property location for the TRFA National headquarters uderway is:


















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