One Question: Border Security?
by Walter Burien

I have watched since day-one from before the last Presidential election the issue of "Build That Wall" as a primary issue brought forward with good cause by now President Donal Trump.

Being a resident of the State of Arizona now for almost 30-years, having a close look at the circumstances and reasons for a secure border and how a good and completed border wall will dramatically assist in that security, I agree with President Donald Trump that a well maintained wall along the border would be a significant attribute in maintaining border security, and overall security of this country.

Up front, America since its inception and its growth to be a world industrial and financial power-house was established primarily by the efforts of immigrants. My own grandparents between the 1890's to 1910 were immigrants. On the father's side from Poland and on the mother's side from Ireland and Czechoslovakia. They followed immigration procedures and became citizens of the USA. On the Polish side, they established bars combined as restaurants in the Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA area. When prohibition hit the USA, they being of the entrepreneurship nature, having little agreement with prohibition, transitioned into bootlegging.

They made quite a bit of money back then doing so. One of their main business associations was with Joe Kennedy. Many truckloads of Canadian Mist whiskey were moved from Canada for distribution to Camden, NJ. Also within their efforts distribution to Brooklyn, Long Island, northern Jersey, and as far down to Miami, FL. Additionally they operated what they called back then, forts.  Still operations that produced  between 8000 to 12000 quarts per week. Did this make them part of the organized crime operations per prohibition, yes it did. The payola that went out to politicians and law enforcement was well maintained to protect their operations. Were they ever arrested or indicted, no they were not.  

On the mother's side, her father a WWI veteran who was a machine gunner bayoneted on twelve different occasions throughout WWI, when prohibition went into effect, he became the head Federal customs inspector for the Philadelphia and Camden Ports. I always thought that was rather an interesting circumstance. I note he had the best arrest and confiscation record for shipments of alcohol being smuggled through the ports. He had a Presidential accommodation award hanging on his wall for his record of arrests and confiscations. I wondered if he always got good tips to do so. The other side of the family knocking out their competition through him was the impression I was left with.

Prohibition then ended and the Polish side of the family just continued on with the bar and restaurant business. When I was young back in the 1960's, my family lived in Massachusetts in a small town outside of Boston. I remember many trips to the Sunday barbecues at the Kennedy Hyannis, MA estate. My father received the invites from Joe Kennedy due to the friendship his parents had with Joe Kennedy. I was too young back then to know who the Kennedy family were, but they sure had a big house and it was fun playing with the Kennedy kids back then. The one question I had for my mother was: "How come their hot dogs and hamburgers tasted so much better than ours."

I note my father in his upbringing having watched the world of his parents which was at times very hostile and somewhat dangerous, took the opposite turn in his life to excel in what would be considered by most a good path. Straight A+ student, devout catholic, captain of his Baseball, Football, and basketball teams in High School, went into the Navy as an athletic coach at Annapolis, played baseball, 1st baseman for a short time with the Philadelphia A's under Connie Mack, and then for the rest of his life until retirement as a corporate executive. In the 70's he did a four-year term as director of personnel for the NJ State Treasury overseeing all New Jersey State employees. He retired from J&J as the senior corporate compensation manager. He determined the salaries and benefits for the directors and employees of J&J. I note back in the 70's he was offered the job in the top three positions in the FBI, as the director of personnel for the FBI. He declined the position without comment to the FBI, and did so which he kept to himself, being he did not want the circumstance to arise down the road where someone tried to black-male him for favors due to his parents involvement with the organized crime families and Joe Kennedy back during prohibition.

Throughout my life I have had an inside look at the way things work in the USA, and how things worked in reality and not the promoted government and media line designed to mange and control the population. My experience in the financial works back in the 70's and 80's having been a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) working out of 1WTC in NYC, NY and elsewhere was invaluable towards understanding the minds and thoughts of the top financial makers and shakers who influenced in fact, the control of the economy and circumstances of this country and the world.

Now having given a little background as to my understanding of how things work that I gained over a lifetime, the point of "Build That Wall" I will address. First, as I think we all have seen and have questioned over the years, why has the general government line been to allow mass illegal immigration. Well, it all boils down to the massive revenue, cold hard cash it generates for government itself. I will address just Arizona and illegal immigrants coming across the boarder from Central and South America in this example.

1. Social Services: Billions a year are generated by the State and local governments in the State by providing Social Services to the illegals the day they cross the boarder. When you ask yourself, why would they do that, it costs them money, you are right. In fact it costs you substantial money, but in the alternative it justifies those billions of dollars being gained by the State and spent by the State. The government jobs and expenditures are allocated based on those expenditures. I have never broken down the numbers, but I am confident that the allocation of Social Service expenditures that revolve around illegal aliens that make it to Arizona accounts for close to, or over half of the expenditures and thus justification for local and federal revenue allocations.  Government thrives based on this allowed circumstance far beyond what many of the tax-paying public realizes.

2. Crime and Law Enforcement: Again, if the numbers were looked at as to what percentage of budgets were justified based on crime that occurred as a direct result of illegal immigration, open drug smuggling, and human trafficking that is occurring as a result thereof, the budgets of those government agencies are significantly enhanced to the tune of billions of dollars per year. If crime primarily stopped by significantly enhancing and stopping the ease of illegally crossing the border into the USA, government agencies can no longer justify billions currently allocated to their budgets.

Law Enforcement Officers in general would love to see this problem significantly evaporate by the enhanced security a finished and guarded wall would allow for, but the politicians that are quite aware of the massive revenue generated therefrom of not having a secure border, are covertly and silently resistant to changing the status-quo of revenue streams generated therefrom.

3. Court Systems and attorney complex:  Ditto as to numbers 1 and 2 above.  I note Social Security which legal American residents have paid into over a lifetime, most illegals file for SSI benefits the day after they cross. Even though they may not have worked 1-day in the USA, if a family of five apply based on no income, they will be approved for SSI and get a check for up to $2000 a month and get free health care. Is being a legal resident a qualifier? No, just being here and financially desolate qualifies.

4. Pay and work benefits: Working and getting paid under the table is not an issue here. What illegal immigrant is going to complain about working conditions and pay to authorities, none. This creates a significant take advantage of factor to the illegal immigrant's disadvantage and to the advantage of the unscrupulous business owner.

So, IN REALITY the allowance of illegals flooding into the country across the southern boarder for decades has been EXTREMELY profitable for government at the general populations expense. Take the massive profit out of the picture generated by illegal immigrants crossing, and there would be no resistance incentive from any government director or politician towards building a secure and guarded wall along our southern border.  

Now for my one question? Being that border security is of National importance, IN GREAT REALITY, for many reasons including the ability for world terrorists ease of crossing the border under the current circumstances. I note National security is very inept when local governments are primarily involved, and in fact as noted a conflict of interest exists. Federal government agencies have been taking the burden on their shoulder to a great extent, and again based on the profits generated covertly by local governments, resistance even here has derailed many efforts.

Well, my strongest suggestion to get the job done and a good wall completed quickly and efficiently, I strongly urge the project to be assigned to the DOD (Department of Defense), our military. The DOD's budget is as massive as it gets. The number one budget of no equal in this country. To build the wall in its entirety, and build it well designed to be guarded and having top of the line surveillance employed, who better to assign the job to other than the DOD.

Defending our boarder is 100% within the charter of the DOD and to do so would be a very, very small fraction of the current DOD already allocated budget. Picture our Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force jointly applying their advanced technical capabilities to complete the job.

Those Navy CB's would love to start breaking earth in conjunction with the other military branches applying their capabilities to get the job quickly, efficiently, and masterfully completed.  Construction projects for the US Military have proven to be right up their alley. WWI, WWII, and all others have shown how quickly our US Military can mobilize to get a job done.

The DOD is in charge of protecting our country. So, let them do their job and Build That Wall. Done deal. A small effort on their part. A job that fits right in with what the DOD is supposed to do. Defend our country!

This is a no brain-er and long overdue to make happen. DOD, defend our country! A Presidential executive order seems to be called for here. A vote from the DOD General and Admiral executive staff seems to be called for here. Who knows, even the Congress and the Senate may just have an unanimous vote per DOD getting the job done at this time if the covert illegal immigrant profit factor is taken out of the picture.

The DOD is in charge of their own projects, so an Executive request to the DOD in itself may just accomplish to Build That Wall, and based on the size and capabilities of the DOD, getting the job done in 10-months start to finish would be in line here also. After the fact, the Air Force and new Space Command could be assigned to facilitate surveillance along the wall.

No excuses here Mr. Trump, make it happen.

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DOD, God's speed and a big thank you in advance for a job expediently and well done protecting our country! DOD, keep in mind, protecting our country, that is what your job description is. Additionally DOD, Mr. Trump this year has accomplished effecting your largest budget ever in place. Give him a friendly and solid hand please to get the job done, and do so without delay.

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