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The Trade Deficit - Money and Control

by Walter Burien



The motive! Money, Money, Money, Control, Control, Control....

People seem to believe by the Media spin presented that the US Government is allowing the trade deficit to enlarge out of ignorance or ineptness. Wrong!

They believe the massive purchases of goods from China are just happening based on that 5c per hour wage in China. Wrong!

Well, here is your WAKE-UP CALL to know the REALITY!

First and foremost, the largest group of investment capital of this world is owned and controlled by US local and Federal government.

Now these investment funds, in their composite from the tens of thousands of "individual" government entities total no less than a conservative sixty (60) trillion dollars.

From the 1930s to about 1965 most of these government investment funds were restricted from investment in "Foreign" investments. Most had a limit cap of 5% or 10% that could be invested outside of the US.

But then, let us backdate to 1946 and the implementation of the plan to change government from a pay-as-you-go structure into an administrative "Corporate" structure for revenue collection and profit;

In 1946 an elite private group, with enormous power backing called Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) introduced the new government "corporate" accounting standard of the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). The CAFR was structured as the typical private sector's Annual Financial Report and was designed to begin separating government's pay-as-you-go Budget from the investments of government and venture projects, projects that could become very profitable such as toll ways, ports, state universities, and even, as things developed, government owned golf courses and sports authorities with these government "Enterprise" authorities from across the land having a worth in the hundreds of billions of dollars, if not in the "T" figure.

With that being said and disclosed, let us return to the 1970s. The CAFR structure was now the fundamental basis for all local governments now mandated by federal law at the request of GFOA in 1978.

Massive amounts of investment wealth were building within local government accounts, investment wealth shown on the CAFR but not on the selectively created "Budget" reports, presented by local governments for the taxpayer and general populace's consumption.

The CAFRs (which over 86,000 separate local government entities produce each year as of 2003) or Government's Annual Financial Report, was for all intents and purposes intentionally kept secret, and the public did not have a clue for decades as to what the new "Corporate"-for-profit government was developing right under their own noses, as shown in the accounting columns of the CAFR.

To do this government needed the full cooperation of the controlled News Media and organized Education. The reality of the situation for the nation per disclosure, or should I say Non-Disclosure of the CAFR shows that they have accomplished that objective.

That decades long cooperation from the controlled News Media and organized Education has since that time greased a many pockets and put a great many news outlets and educational administrators eagerly on the bloated sow's nipple. . http://CAFR1.com/Philly.html

Government's newfound massive investment wealth needed an outlet for higher returns and diversification of that ever-building wealth.

The top administrators knew that the real profit was in exploiting the cheap labor from around the rest of the world! The laws and statutes limiting the participation of government's investment funds outside the US were then quietly and, in effect, secretly removed. Thus now...

1970 - 1980; Hmmm... Cheap labor in Mexico! Then come NAFTA and GATT. Billions of dollars flowed from the US Government investment funds into Mexico and South America. Investment returns on those investments jumped to 40, 50, 80, 200% return per year!

1980 - 1990; Hmmm... Our government investment funds now own the majority of the fortune 500 companies stock from within their institutional fund holdings. We own Seventy to eighty percent of the totals in some cases. Let us promote and encourage those companies to shift their operating plants to countries with cheap labor. They will then be able to get hefty profits from exploiting cheap labor resources and in turn our stock holdings in those US corporations will double and maybe even triple in value!

1990-2000; Hmmm... The biggest and cheapest labor force in the world? China!! Over 1.4 to 2.0 trillion dollars flows into the China market directly from government investment portfolios and from those Fortune 500 companies at the direction and encouragement of US Government administrators. Profits are obscene.

2000-2005; Hmmm... 65% of our investments are now directly or indirectly held internationally and in most cases are valued in those foreign government's currencies and not the dollar. If we devalue the dollar, on the currency exchange rate we can make a killing! Let us push for those international imports which we now own through investment, create a trade deficit, keep interest rates very low to deter investment in the dollar, and if we can push the dollar index down from 105 to 75 on our international investments held outside of the dollar we will make 40% on the currency exchange rate and our return for our international investments will double or triple by so doing!

Additionally, we will balance the international wealth for all of the people of the world and have finalized the New Corporate blueprint to make this truly a New-World-Order global market place at our string and pull!

But, we must take cares of those "independents" out there that are not part of our plan. Let us first focus on Non-Game-Players where we can secure our strategic needs. That guy Saddam would be a good start so let us secure our launching grounds in Afghanistan first. But how do we pull off that type of military venture without our local populace becoming irate with us and banging down our doors? Well, we just need to create an event that will get them so outraged at our created enemy that we can do whatever we want and they will not be the wiser. But how do we do it? Don't worry, we will figure something out.. Hey, we have been operating under the Annual Financial Report accounting structure for over 60 years; now, right under the public's nose they are none the wiser, the door is wide open, we can do what we want, and they will buy it!

With our multi trillion-dollar cash flows that we have created since the 70's we can also get all other international players in our club eagerly eating out of our hand as we implement our objectives! Hey, those international players, they are who they are now by our design. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them OR the hand that can destroy them!

Here is looking forward to our New World Order and the continued massive returns and control of our holdings! Yours Truly, US Government (corporate) administration..

Submitted FYI and hopeful for your corrective action from:


Walter J. Burien, Jr.


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