Perspective on the Dollar
by Walter Burien


From:    "David Wilber"
Subject:  Re: And "The Beat Goes On"
Date:      Mon, June 15, 2009 10:17 pm

Mr. Burien:

In the article - "The Beat Goes On", your words; "The preceding are pushed, promoted, and micro managed to keep the truckloads of cash flowing in"
Do you believe the Fed lied when they said their system "works only with credit"???
Where does one see truckloads of cash and what does it look like?
For 29 years, I offered 100 pounds of money to each person who just described the money that government spends and I got no takers. Surely, you can use 100 pounds of money??
WHY should our misleaders spend money when all of us are risking our lives and many dying for credit? Over 70,000 Americans dead in Iraq:
There would be no wars if our misleaders had to pay soldiers and suppliers. They pretend to pay with checks. Soldiers and suppliers pretend they are paid with checks and pretend to pay taxes with checks, then pretend we have freedom.  We are free only in the sense that government pays no one for anything. We are free to be amused, abused, accused, confused and defused as well as alumated, Aloxanated, chlorinated, fluoridated, interrogated, intimidated and incarcerated as our misleaders see fit.

David Wilber



Well, now that you have described the progression of the last 10,000 years, your point is?

1. Credit is a barter tool based on slavery. Gold, cattle, grain, land, and in some small islands from the past sea shells were the bartering tool used.

2. It is easier to visualize a truck load of bartering tools assigned to commodities verses a truck load of promissory notes assigned in exchange value for all commodities.

3. Gold bullion, sea shells, the dollar, or land you can not eat, but all of the these you can exchange for something to eat. Now cattle were always a standard for the last 10,000 years but they did not make very good back pocket bartering tools.

4. Gold, silver, and copper were good ones for the last 5,000 years, they were pretty, felt heavy, could be molded into different forms, and could be embossed in small units with the image of the conqueror of the time establishing esteem and a statement of "who was in control".

5. But alas, as the population grew and the demand for a bartering tool became over bearing, any one commodity became limited in its applications for the now billions of people spurting forth from the land.

6. What was the answer? A common controlled item bearing the image of the conquerors, easily carried, stored, transferred, and exchanged. Made from a very common and plentiful commodity, wood transformed to paper, distinctly printed with the images of the conquerors or representatives thereof.

7. Works only with credit? Wrong term. Works only as a promissory note designated as an exchange tool for any commodity backed up by the full pledge of the conqueror in consideration of his forces ability to maintain the value of those promissory notes..

8. The last 1,000 years, the bigger and stronger the conqueror, the better his (their) ability was to maintain the value of their promissory note. The key consideration was that the conqueror tied in the productivity value of the people into the exchange note used. Here is where the term credit comes into play. Taxation and usery percentage negotiated secured the most valuable commodity of them all from which all other commodities could be by barter secured. That one commodity? The productivity value of the people whereby the term serf, slave, chattel was truly born therefrom.

9. The conquerors (controllers) now had a bartering tool that allowed for unlimited expansion and opportunity for further conquest, maintained in value based on control and "who" was the biggest bully or most ruthless in application on the block. Poor countries with few resources did not fair that well through this application, only the conquerors with the force and whit to enforce the value of their own promissory notes did well in this game of barter assignment, and as the saying goes; Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (value maintained for a select few)

10. Wars, oppression, perverse manipulations have been pervasive as the biggest bullies on the block through force-majeure
is applied in maintaining the value of their bartering tools used that allowed them to take-over and buy out under their control every other tangible commodity of any value or worth.

11. For a conqueror to conquer another, it is required to destroy the faith in another conqueror's promissory notes for barter. If done, then for a fraction of the cost all that the other owns can be secured in discounted barter or by direct force from the weakened. The wars that take place here are constant.

12. Per the US Dollar, can an island still be secured by barter with a truckload of that bartering tool in physical or digital form? Yes it can.

13. Has that bartering tool of the US dollar locked in the productivity value of an entire nation to the largest percentage of the people's productivity value possible? Yes it has and has done so through deception, force, and threat of imprisonment for non-compliance.

14. Is it necessary to secure the productivity value of the people by deception, force, and threat of imprisonment for non-compliance? No it is not unless it is done in the perspective of a futile overlord conqueror. The difference in application of where the value is maintained of any bartering tool is determined by who shall be the true owner of all commodities, the overseer or the overseen.

15. The TRF brought forward by CAFR1 returns ownership of the overall commodity value back into the hands of and for the direct benefit of the people. That is if the people comprehend and realize they must apply the force necessary to become the conqueror over being the conquered due to the value involved, then it will happen.

One question Dave: Was that 100lbs of pennies - 100lbs $100 bills - 100lbs of sea shells - 100lbs of gold or 100lbs of cattle? They are all bartering tools that can be used as money and you did not specify which item you were offering in your 29 year old challenge.

Yours truly,

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