"The Fight of All Fights"
   by Walter Burien

The release on December 25th 2008 of the video "The Biggest Game in town" on Google is having great effect. More and more people come forward to exonerate this work. People have noticed and they are spreading the word.

Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world and in spite of the hit count numbers Being Fudged, it looks like the video has had over 2.5 million views in three months (that blows away all other videos from all dates for a video of that length on the issues presented) All politicians, individuals, groups, new services, Talking Heads, etc.

A regular web search on Google for "Government Wealth"  the CAFR1 site is hit #1 and the video is displayed as hit #1, it also is on Google video under "government wealth" as the #1 video. Also on regular Google web search: CAFR #1 ; Government Investments #2

On a Google video search for the primary key word "government" it is #4 (for all dates!)

Three days ago for a Google web search of "government" (having 937 million hits) it showed up as the #1 video but was stripped off the regular web search results of "government" two days ago from being #1

Now any "other" topic, video, issue or individual that accomplished this massive visibility for any issue of this importance would be swamped by phone calls from FOX, CBS, ABC, CNN news assignment desks to set up shows on the issue. Specialty shows like 60 Minutes, 20-20, Oprah, Market Watch, or even Dr. Phil would be taking their best shot to have CAFR1 - Walter Burien as a guest to discus the issues brought forward here with such visibility.

In reality due to the Black-out in place now for 65 years, or the "we can't go there" based on the policy set from above, NOT ONE call or contact to cover the issue from the syndicated media.

With visibility now above all others on this topic, visibility accomplished above every Senator, Congressman, Talking Head, Federal or Local government operation, and even the current or last four President's visibility on the topic of "Government Wealth", not a call or request for coverage from the in-place syndicate.

If that is not truly evident of "The Name of the Game" of "entertaining" the people exclusively on issues that "don't rock the boat" or have "true liability" as to trillions of dollars moved in and out of the economy by government, I don't know what else is????

If "one" of these syndicated outlets schedules a live interview, I will let you know. I don't care if they stick me in a panel of ten cut-throats hand picked to verbally assassinate me live on the air, I in end result will eat them for lunch. I don't intimidate easily, loose my focus, and I know "exactly" what points to get across and how to cut through obfuscation like a hot knife cutting through butter..

They have billions of dollars of backing each year and I have less financial backing coming in to get the issues out in the open and remedy accomplished then they spend on one of their vacations that any one of them takes each year. They have built and protected their piece of mind and wealth in effect by "not going there", I have had my family, piece of mind, and business diminished to almost nil "by going there."

This effort on my part over the last ten years has built a razor sharp attitude and comprehension to get the primary and important points across no matter what the opposition is or what they throw out on the table to obfuscate or intentionally misdirect the issues at hand.. Bring it on!

I note that the time is short and this call urgently "needs" to be heard. by all. The window for me to do so is only open for what could be a limited time. If I am eliminated by these spoiled little brat yuppies with ruthless deeds through fronted up court actions or a 306 round from a hundred yards away, I will no longer be able to fight the fight and the people will be just wondering why I do not answer my email or phone.

Gerald Klatt - CAFRMan.com who I briefed in 1999 and I motivated to get up his site in 2000 was eliminated on July 11th 2004 in Tucson Arizona on his birthday. He no longer can fight the fight. I have sidestepped this end result that fell on Mr. Klatt (death) now for over ten years even though many attempts were blatantly orchestrated by a few ruthless local government players to accomplish that end result. Even an FBI agent (Kim Kelly) moved for indictment of the select parties involved three times back in the 90's and was told by those up above "we are not going to go there"

So my pers
onal message to all of you out there in the USA and World Wide is:

Keep on being "masterfully entertained" at someone else's profit and at the loss of everything you own or hold dear, or "fight the fight of all fights" to win and regain ownership of what once was yours.. True remedy can be found by you comprehending and then backing the TRFA as seen at TaxRetirement.com , here true ownership goes back into your hands one venue at a time by your initiative and "written in stone" application by the TRFA. Unless you truly are a chipmunk running on a treadmill wishing to have 85% of your productivity stripped from you each and every year by others! 

I make special note that the inside gang that took it all over from you as you slept, or had blinders firmly and intentionally placed over your eyes by others while you were awake, is a gang composed primarily now of over 65% ATTORNEYS  who are well versed at greasing their own skids with your money, taken from you by force or slight of hand.

It is from that same gang and their assigned cooperatives that have had me in their imminent hit cross hairs now as was the same from the beginning of the national disclosures I brought forth as of 1998.

If this "fight of all fights" yields true results soon where I am still here to fight the fight, then I will. If not, then I can not.

The "choice" is yours, choose wisely.. 

If you wish to assist or have done so in the past and wish to do so again now, please click on - http://CAFR1.com/DNT.html

Here is a reality check for you: If what I was doing was to get access to the public vault for the benefit of a few select "inside corporate" political players (of which is done every day by many others), tens of thousands of dollars would be coming in the doors each and every week to accomplish that end.

This effort of disclosure by CAFR1 and remedy offered now through the TRF initiative is designed to exclusively benefit the people, all of the people as true benefactors of their inherent legacy as it was meant to be by our fathers and their fathers father.

So STOP being masterfully entertained and fight "the fight of all fights" to set the course of this country straight again for yourselves and your legacy you leave to your children, and their children's children. If asleep and in a catatonic slumber with no awakening in sight, disregard this message.

Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: 928-445-3532

Website: http://CAFR1.com

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