CAFR -World
  by Walter Burien 
   September 26th 2007
You Don't Get it do you?
(1.a) When you add up all of Government's CAFRs (Government's Annual Financial Report) for gross income and investments held, (now 84,000 separate government entities) the private sector's investments and holdings in total are now very insignificant in comparison. Government has much greater "gross" annual income than the entire private sector combined! Or in other words; The Communist / Socialist / Fascist's dream come true for control of the wealthiest country on Earth.
(1.b) Haven't heard a peep from the Syndicated Press over the last 65 years since the creation of Government's CAFR in 1946 and government's growth in scope and true wealth now held? Well, I guess that expression "Silence is Golden" has truly been golden for; Government, Controlled Education, and the Syndicated MEDIA, at your, my, and everyone else's expense that is!
But then look at how well you have been masterfully entertained due to the Money involved over the years whereby most of the populace and in fact most lower level government employees by design would not have noticed what was taking place right before them! Then the cat got out of the bag starting on June 8th 1998 and forward when one individual brought forth effectively within his limitations a mass disclosure campaign to the nation as to the existence of the above structure.
The marketed illusion of a free America was about to burst for overwhelming corrective action from the populace when and if the majority learned and then comprehended what was taking place right under their noses and that was now being brought forth for disclosure and comprehension by them.
The bad point of that disclosure coming out in 1999 for the first time to a small percentage of the populace was; it forced the hand of the syndicate to move up its time table for absolute control to be implemented and final structure for the New World Order to be set in place before the populace had the ability to mobilize for corrective action. If it is not reported, it didn't happen, and up until 1999 the general populace or most lower level government employees did not have a clue as to the scope and size of what the government Syndicate had evolved into.
What was necessary to keep the train on the tracks and "turn the tide" towards that disclosure not being brought forward further to the populace, and thus keep the Syndicate's plan advancing unabated and not stopped cold in its tracks in the event the general populace caught on to the scope of the government Syndicate's takeover, the Syndicate needed a massive covert operation to go into effect that would;
(1.c) Traumatize and overwhelmingly distract the populace into allowing unrestrained conquest to occur both internally and Internationally. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the now in place Patriot Act were on the US Government's Executive drawing board for conquest going back to the early 90s / late 80s but the opportunity and climate was not right for the blatant and outright conquest to take place so covert economic and political strategies were used in an attempt to take over those external targets and the internal administrative conquest refined and percolated for its inevitable implementation.
Progress was slow. But then the timetables were moved up in 1999 / 2000 with a more aggressive approach now implemented after quick but careful planning that was asserted and then unfolded on 911, a transparent acronym exclusively used by US Government for emergency action required.
(2) The Control Factor:
(2.a) Within this realm of power and money created within this new Communist / Socialist / Fascist regime building since 1946 and its growth to present, the public was very easily kept in control and made oblivious to what was building right under their noses simply by having a carrot dangled in front of them to chase. As they chased that carrot, they were made oblivious to almost everything else due to that masterfully marketed, prevalently presented, chasing of that carrot, the all mighty dollar and the things it would buy.
It really didn't matter what atrocities the building regime pulled off. With a few distractions carefully played out, and the emphasis and dependency focused continually towards chasing that carrot, atrocity completed and no repercussions of any consequence, the public's short term memory of the event quickly dispersed into the next turning of the page and a new saga unfolding to grab their attention as if being the new top-rated soap opera of the day. You know this, I know this, and we all know this to be true.
(2.b) As big atrocities were committed over the years outside of the USA with international ventures for dollars and control by the now well implanted and growing steadily US Communist / Socialist / Fascist regime via CIA - NIS - FBI and Executive Order covert actions, here at home one step at a time the door was slowly being pried open to strip the populace of protections so that total plunder would be easy and absolute control assured for the now well entrenched US Government Syndicate.
I use the word Syndicate in direct application and meaning to Organized Crime, with the true definition of organized crime being; Extortion of wealth from the populace through criminal enterprise. Do I need to say more? OK then, I will.
(2.c) For government to evolve into the definition of organized crime in what was supposed to be a country originally secured and founded on the principle of law to protect and serve the people, it was necessary to subvert the law, modify the law, create inherently corrupted law, and most importantly of all; control the law so that no consequences would occur to the individuals that orchestrated the actions and direction of the Organized Crime Syndicate. This being done while the Syndicate played out ever-growing criminal ventures domestically and internationally as the wealth or control was obtained by these ventures.
So, how successful has the new Communist / Socialist / Fascist US regime been in the implementation and subversion -- conversion of the law for implementation of control and wealth confiscation since their plan went into action starting in 1945?
(c.1) The CAFR accounting structure has allowed for the complete financial takeover by lien and annual tribute, forcibly exerted on the populace with the Syndicate having covertly created their own laws and statutes to acquiesce their own created corporate veiled structure allowing them do so.
(c.2) Drug abuse, street crime, breaking up of families, political unrest, health care (resource management) was masterfully funneled into a very profitable two trillion dollar a year enterprise for the Syndicate as they covertly created their own laws and statutes to acquiesce their own created corporate veiled structure for profit and control.
(c.3) The myriad of courts and attorney's out of very simple opportunity and political compliance fed and gorged themselves within the syndicates ever growing and masterfully presented, self created circumstance coming forth from the quandary of populace resource management. Laws to protect the populace were ignored and color of law was used to drain the populace of their wealth or to eliminate Dissenters. Or in other words; The populace was as Cattle to the slaughter with every hoof, skin, and chunk of meat used.
Strip away the smoke and mirrors used ever so transparently to market the Syndicates enterprise ventures or self created circumstance, or even genuinely occurring circumstance that adversely effected the populace, and to most of the populace's distaste and heartache, the real underlying core motive seen at final effect was the securing of IL-begotten money by and for the syndicate. You know this, I know this, we all know this to be true.
The illusion of good intent applied having a final effect of destructive parasitic profit and totalitarian control is nothing other than evil incarnate masked.
(c.4) With a population kept oblivious for 65 years as to the covert massive corruption and financial takeover of their country that was taking place right under their own noses by the syndicate, it was very important to keep the illusion of a free society of rule by the People, and for The People prevalent and solidly implanted in the populace's minds by whatever tactics needed to accomplish that objective.
Here, in face of what the Syndicate was orchestrating, the mass media and controlled education had to be a vital partner to accomplish that objective. Without going into the intricate details of the methods used, I will stick to the fundamentals of; the carrot dangled and dollars applied. The mass Media receives over 65% of their gross income directly or indirectly from the government syndicate. Individuals from the mass Media that tow the line and are compliant with promoting and maintaining the illusion were and are rewarded with appointments to cushy and very lucrative government jobs. Do a key word search from within the personnel files of an upper level government entity and you, if a member of the general populace, will become rather ill when you see how many prior Editors and Reporters that played the game of towing the illusion line for control and financial conquest by the Syndicate are now on the government Syndicate's payroll in directorship capacities obtaining three to four times the salary and benefits they received when with the Media.
Those that did not play the Syndicate's game or who acted contrary to the Syndicate's game were dealt with by exclusion or in the worst scenarios elimination.
Organized education was a much easier task for control and enforcement of towing the line. Here 100% of the cash flow was at the pull and string of the syndicate, and now organized education is but a willing arm of the syndicate.
To control absolutely, you need absolute control. Freedom and individual choice of the populace have become irritating and counter productive maladies to the Syndicate unless isolated examples of freedom and individual choice can be used by the Syndicate as a marketing tool to influence the rest and majority of the populace to become complacent in loosing their last and own remaining freedoms and individual choice.
(3.1) Has the syndicate in many of its ventures, both internationally and domestically committed gross and heinous crimes without true consequence? I would have to say yes.
(3.2) Per gross and heinous crimes committed by the syndicate over the last 40 years, were those crimes if brought to the attention of the populace where the populace actually got as far as mandating accountability, were those situations and now populace mandate for accountability used by the Syndicate to further the taking of more wealth from the populace through the orchestration of phony hearings, tribunals, investigations without true consequence ever being served to the real responsible parties and in all reality, were the true culprits for those heinous crimes actually rewarded for their acts? I think you and I would have to say, in all reality yes to that one.
(3.3) Have the fundamental intended protectors of the populace, the Courts, Law Enforcement, and Attorney complexes turned into a Crime for profit enterprise that carefully markets, creates, and manipulates circumstance to drain the populace of its wealth through micromanaged crime, breakup of families, drug abuse, and now exploited terrorism? I have looked at the money involved and growth of cash income that is now generated annually, so I would have to say definitively yes to that one also.
(3.4) Has the wealth obtained by the Syndicate been used by investment to take over for control the Stock Markets, Currency Values, and Commodity values domestically and Internationally so that price fluctuations can be orchestrated for substantial profit and gain by the Syndicate? Having monitored the markets and the orchestrations behind them myself for 25 years, I would have to answer conclusively, yes, yes, and yes!


(4.a) At the end of WW2 the potential for the internal takeover of the wealth of this country by a modified government was there to be accomplished by the few greedy, intelligent, and amoral players whereby they could quietly slide into government, become government and thus building their own wealth, corrupt the structure for more wealth to be attained securing their internal power base, and then modify the structure over time so that absolute wealth and control of that wealth could be secured absolutely.
The opportunity was wide open to happen, the general populace although being well intentioned in primarily strong and solid constructive ideals stood no chance of having their good intentions prevail in face of the magnitude of the easy wealth being left wide open for the taking by the creation and then orchestration of the Syndicate.
A Syndicate that is now well entrenched having its internal representatives and selectively managed population liaison representatives called the Democratic and Republican Parties spoon feeding the population with a well designed propaganda agenda as more wealth is obtained from the populace by them.
The populace did not truly realize they owned the vault and that the vault door was left wide open. In fact the populace by the syndicate's design was so busy chasing their own carrot that if asked about the real and true vault of population productivity value secured, or if told the vault door was wide open, probably 99% would have said; What vault? They were to busy chasing their own carrot to notice.
(4.b) Here we, the general populace find ourselves watching the Syndicate play out their plans now virtually outright in the open. The populace no longer has a say. They are just masterfully entertained in all respects, distracted, and herded into different discussion and chat groups to expel their energies where they will not effect, hinder, or stop the Syndicates chosen course and direction to finalize their plans.
Elections you say? Well, most of the candidates that you actually should vote for never make it there to be voted for by design of the Syndicate. The lock on what and who you are presented with to vote for or on is kept very close to the heart of the Syndicate. But then if by some odd chance, there is a slip-up by the Syndicate and a rough counter Syndicate plan Candidate or initiative makes it to the ballot, as that famous saying goes; "It is not how you vote that counts, it is who counts the votes that matters!"
(4.c) Am I sounding like a pessimist here? I hope not! We all know that if a dog drops a load on our sidewalk, we must see it first before we trigger our brains to get a shovel and clean up the mess! If we don't look and see it, we may just step in it or just keep saying to ourselves; Something stinks here but I just can't figure out what it is? What I have brought forward here is just saying it like it is. It has happened, we allowed it, so get over it! Time to have a hostile takeover to set things back on course as intended by our seasoned and insightful patriot forefathers.
(4.d) But then if you look, comprehend, and for the first time realize what has taken place while you were masterfully entertained and now see the scope and control that the Syndicate now has over you, most individuals that I have talked to that have looked and truly comprehend say; "It is to late, the Syndicate is to big, we can't do anything." Well, now that's what I call a true pessimist.
In all reality, the planed takeover by the Syndicate started and it accomplished its hold in about 65 years. The blink of an eye time wise. It can also be corrected with leveraged applied force in the blink of an eye as time goes also by the majority populace "if" unified to do so. The Syndicate knows this all to well. Why do you think Homeland Security was rammed down the populace's throat so fast? The jig is almost up and the Syndicate knows it! So the real inherent design that is intended for Homeland Security, the question you must ask yourself is; Security for whom and for what? Is the answer to that question getting any clearer yet?
(4.e) The Syndicate still as of this time could not openly attack for conquest the people in this country. We as a people are still quite formidable in spite of the Syndicates effort to weaken, dumb us down, and drain us as a resource to be managed. Openly making war and attacking a people in your own back yard can be rather dangerous for your own survival if things get out of hand. Strengthening your hand and limiting the people's ability to attack though is something you can administer until you are ready to openly attack though. And thus, repressive laws, increased taxation, and HLS.
(4.f) Now conquest applied afar in absolute terms, here the Syndicate could play the conquest game and at least for the time get away with it. And my, have they been pushing it. One country, then two, and now the third in the cross hairs. Afghanistan was a real easy mark weakened by decades of civil war. Iraq was a small but medium conquest, weakened by a decade of sanctions, and two prior wars. One war with Iran and the other with the US, and having a use-to-be USA / CIA backed dictator that most of the population did not like. But still in terms of conquest, and easy conquest.
Now Iran on the other hand, it is not an easy mark for conquest. Its people are unified, generally happy with its form of government, and are very loyal to his or her own country as a whole. Additionally Iran has prospered over the last thirty years, growing and building a pretty secure infrastructure of economic and military stability. They could be conquered but at what cost in life and the US populist's diminishing standing with the rest of the world?
Who are we as a country and in what blatant arrogance are we to lay out the middle east on the table of applied conquest and then cut it up as a pie for our own consumption? The Syndicate may just be biting off more than they can chew here if they move forward to conquer Iran and in end result could in most probabilities choke on what they are trying to eat from the inherent and multifaceted repercussions for having done so, and do so mostly at the populace's of the US expense.
Sooner or later if the Syndicate keeps pushing the conquest game afar, those from afar being attacked will have no other option but to attack us here. Those from afar that know they will be in the cross-hairs of the conquest game of the Syndicate based on the blatant consistency and proven path of the Syndicate will have no other option but to attack us here before the Syndicate attacks them and attack while they still have the ability to do so.
Sounds like the right factors and circumstance created to trigger WW3 and really lock down the populace here. Hell, the Syndicate could take out one and a half million of its Dissenters here and in most probability if the majority of the population is still on the hook of the masterfully orchestrated entertainment / terrorism control strategy path, in most probabilities if current history holds true, the populace wouldn't even notice and those that did notice would be so afraid of being noticed by the Syndicate and its long arm of HLS that virtually no consequences would incur for the Syndicate.
(5) So where do we, the populace go from here?
(5.a) My first choice would be to see the populace draft a clear and precise three point, and three point only mission statement with term for term objectives to; downsize the Syndicate by two thirds, as New Zealand did -; make the Syndicate self sufficient without taxation using the pension fund principle to meet budgetary needs; and completely neuter the Syndicate's ability to play the external conquest game through military force.
Then once the mission statement was completed, have all elected officials sign it that are running for public office. If they refuse then they don't get your vote. If they sign they do get your vote. If they sign and then clearly act contrary to the mission statement they will have agreed in advance and in writing to resign or be removed from office.
If it requires a new political party to accomplish specifically the use of and administration of the mission statement (which it probably will) then do so and all individuals from all other political parties that wish to perform and follow the mission statement can easily join and do so.
Does it require the mission statement to start on the national level first? No, not at all. Start in the townships or county level. Then statewide, and then national. As the roots set, so shall the tree grow, and grow to a point where the shade from that tree will encompass the land.
(5.b) My only other choice, inflicted by circumstance would be to do nothing and watch the chain of events unfold unabated and hope that the populace have kept their powder dry, ammunition close at hand, and that their kill shots are to the mark when needed as the crap hits the fan from the over zealous conquest games the Syndicate is exerting worldwide and domestically out of opportunity to do so. I also hope that many of your friends and family survive.
I am sure you do realize that one of the important goals for the Syndicate these days is population reduction (elimination). So far they have been building up some pretty good steam as to that end. Just think of how quickly things will move along to that end if the conquest game of the Syndicate is implementing triggers the ultimate response to attack from any of the big players on the board. Poof! Two-thirds of the world's human population gone in the blink of an eye! Sad point to and for the population, and a very interesting opportunity for the top players of the Syndicate to run their NWO with less mouths to feed or Dissidents to deal with.
(6) The future:?
   (6.a) Here's hoping (praying) for the best!
   Walter J. Burien, Jr.

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