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 The following post was sent out six weeks after 911
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Subj:    What do you do when a giant awakes from a long sleep?

Date:    10/25/01 9:33:33 AM US Mountain Standard Time

From:   CEVI2000






The American People are the biggest giant on Earth.


As they struggled to greatness over the last 200 years, they became the wealthiest giant on earth.


As the giant focused on growth and security, this was done in a dream state of sleep as predatory parasites out of opportunity latched on to the giant as it slept: updated 02/14/09 -


The giant's sleep began to be disturbed as the parasites drew more and more of its blood as it slept.


The giant stirred from the drain of its blood, but maintained its slumber. The parasites smiled, and dug in deeper.


Parasites then yielded more parasites. And their arrogance and gluttony grew as the giant continued to sleep until the parasites covered the giant from head to foot, front to back. The parasites were amazed that the giant continued to sleep as they drew more and more of the giants blood.


The older parasites who knew better started to become concerned being that the new arrogant and glutenous young parasites were now prodding the giant to awaken saying; "Wake up giant, we now encompass you, we own you, if you strike out at us we have latched in so strong and are so many that we can draw all of your blood in a second and destroy you!"


The giant continued to sleep to the amazement of the older and wiser parasites. But the older parasites said and conferred to themselves, we must know what is in the heart and mind of the giant in the event the giant awakens. We have had our orgy of feasting and gluttony off the giant as it slept, but if the giant awakens, and stands to its feet angered by our own parasitic nature now so obvious to the giant, the giant could rip and tear at us and our offspring, breaking the hold we have on the giant. The giant after throwing us off to the ground could smash us with one step of his foot.


Let us test the tolerance of the giant now, before he awakens. We now feed off the giant from every inch of his body, so let us now snip off a toe of the giant and see if that awakens him:


The parasites to their amazement and joy said between each other, we snipped his toe off, he stirred, but amazingly enough the giant continued to sleep.


Now let us snip off a foot:


The parasites to their amazement and joy said between each other, "We snipped his foot off, he stirred, but amazingly enough the giant continued to sleep and in fact he has allowed us to dig in further under his flesh without stirring him from his slumber."


The parasites now all conferred to themselves with a burst of reinforced confidence. "We have cut off a toe, we have cut off a foot, now let us set our target for the head of the giant. If we do that, he will never stand, and we can feed to our unlimited delight.


But first let us weaken the giant by drawing as much blood as possible before we go to snip off his head":



The parasites now all said to themselves, we have weakened the giant, it is time to snip off the head of the giant, and then we will control the giant, even if he awakens.


The parasites now said to them selves, "We have the giant now. We ourselves have awakened him, and in the confusion as he stumbles to his feet, he will lash out at others by our direction, and as he does so, we will finish him off, devouring the giant to the bone!



Anyone want to "Snip" the parasites, and stop their orgy of feasting and gluttony?



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The giant at the sweep of his hand, and some steady focus, can make it happen overnight. One county cleaned of the parasitic feeding frenzy, now self sufficient detached from the parasitic drain, will start the tidal-wave for every other city, county, and state to follow the blueprint availed. But alas, the giant still sleeps, and the parasites still feed.


Last question: How much does a can of Raid cost?


Provide it, and I will use it!



  Have a good day!


  Walter J. Burien, Jr.


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POST NOTE 2009 COMMENTARY - 02/14/09:

  • Several trillions of dollars (about 25 trillion) were stripped out of the US Economy come 2008 from the people's pockets and who took it? A complete audit of US local and federal government off-shore management funds is urgently needed to see the "net" results of who drained those trillions of dollars out of the economy.
  • Homeland security and the new nationalized workers ID tracking system is now in place to control in finite terms all of the people in the USA
  • The stripping of equity out of the economy by US Governments off-shore derivative activity was responded to by the same US Government now stripping the public treasury with a trillion dollar financial institution bail out. Those financial institutions were trading for government investment fund accounts. They were shoring up the instability created from the results of their own greed.
  • Then a trillion dollar "economic stimulus" package designed to grease the skids of all inside players. If you watched the house coverage on C-SPAN there was one consistency you could hear through the open mic on the floor, that being uncontrolled laughter every thirty seconds or so. Who was going to get how many wheel barrels full of cash? Are you seeing a pattern here?
  • You hear the talking heads saying "we are putting our children and grand children into debt." Let's just see how stupid that mis-impression is: EXAMPLE: If you have $100,000 in your checking account and someone steals $80,000  today leaving you with $20,000, is someone stealing from you or are they putting your children and grandchildren into debt? ANSWER: they are stealing from you, your children, and your grandchildren. The talking heads leave out the present tense being that you may just take that to personally.

Is the giant still sleeping or did the giant just die from bleeding?

Just remember the Republican and Democratic parties are not government, they are private associations just like the Knights of Columbus, Masons, CFR, or Boy Scouts of America. It appears that the private clubs of the Republican and Democratic parties now monopolized by over 60% attorney candidates (shame, shame) were designed to get access to the public treasury through whatever tactic necessary. The fleecing of the people intensifies and the people still sleep out of the fear of waking up.

WAKE UP, and then please take your country and the wealth that was  once yours back! Complete comprehensive audits will qualify the standing wealth.

Remedy is a waiting -  TRF!