Looking for Heroes, Whom shall they be?
by Walter Burien - 05/31/08


National disclosure per the local government CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) started with the first radio program on June 8th 1998 with host Tom Valentine of Radio Free America and Walter Burien as the guest.

June 7th 1998 on Google a search for CAFR, yielded about 14 obscure hits.

From that date untill now about 400 radio programs were aired reaching about thirty million listeners in total were completed by Walter Burien who broke this story to the public. Many front page features were run on the CAFR issue from the privately owned print media publications such as the Idaho Observer, The Contact News, Spotlight, American Bulletin, The AntiShyster, Media Bypass and The Free American. Many private News Internet sites ran feature articles on the CAFR exposing the structure behind it such as Rense.com,   WorldNetDaily.com,   RumorMillnews.com,   InfoWars.com and numerous others. The owners and editors to these sites or publications not part of the syndicate are true heroes for the people. Many have come under systematic attack by the syndicate and in fact several were put under or bought out by the government syndicate and their cooperative players to in effect enforce the "Silence is Golden Rule" where no further mention of the CAFR would occur. This is not "a" issue, this is "the" issue that all others stem from, or you could say it is the top stone of the pyramid that all other stones below are running down line from.

As of today's date, May 31st 2008, a Google search for CAFR now yields 16,100,000 hits with the CAFR1.com site being the first hit in order. Many CAFRs are now open and available for downloading and review. That is if someone mentions to you for you to look in the first place.


So, is there one (1) hit or article from any syndicated news media group, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Baron's, Forbes, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, or any of the hundreds of other outlets owned by the syndicated media that gives any comprehensive comment, editorial coverage, or even simple recommendation for public review of any of the over 84,000 CAFR reports produced by local governments each year? No there is not. Nor is there the open mention from one (1) local government for review of their CAFR by the taxpaying public. By their intent you were not supposed to know about the composite ownership of investments and standing wealth shown in the CAFR(s) through which government now owns it all domestic and "internationally" by investment.

We the People are locked into the dollar but government is not. They started diversification internationally into other currencies starting in 1982 with projections for the NWO (New World Order) to be in place by 2020. Up or down in the dollar, it does not matter for our government; they make a profit as they position play with the movement of their domestic and international market holdings. Government drives the markets making a consistent profit each and every year, all the rest of the players just guess and hope they make a profit and do not loose their shirts. The outside players most certainly are diminished and the inside players "create" with certainty their own wealth by controlling government policy, events, and direction. The ups and downs are not random, but specific plays to liquidate all of the outside players of their wealth through masterfully orchestrated sound bites from the media and closed-door actions by government to support the take. The wealth base necessary to be able to pull this off is contained in the composite investment showing from all 84,000 local government CAFRs combined with the wealth contained in the Federal investment accounts. The game is absolute and the uninformed are masterfully entertained in distraction not to have one clue of comprehensional thinking.

The CAFR is to local government per financial matters as is the Bible to the Catholic Church, or the Torah to the Jewish religion per religious matters. The CAFR is the document "every" taxpayer and voter should have gone over with a fine tooth comb for the last 65 years and yet not a peep to the public from the government, the Democratic and Republican political parties, organized education, or the syndicated media. The fix is in deep here folks.

Well the lit match is now a hairs touch away from a massive pile of high explosives. With sixteen-million-one-hundred-thousand hits on Google and yet not a peep from the syndicated media or syndicated political parties when in all prudence there should be pervasive, consistent and prying coverage from the syndicated organizations listed above towards the CAFR, of which shows the true financial standing in reality of our local governments as a whole, not as is portrayed in the selectively created "budget" reports spoon fed the public that are truly not "the whole picture". This type of intentional and pervasively orchestrated non-disclosure (intentional void of perception) perpetrated against the American Public is nothing other than clear and intentional treason of the highest level coming from the parties involved in this intentional void orchestrated.

The basic issues as can be derived by careful review of local governments many CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) are as follows:

1. The growth of government over each decade (ten year historical statistical section in the back of the report)

2. After careful review of the note section and totals from the combined financial columns, the scope of standing investment and cash balances not shown or disclosed in the same local government's corresponding budget report are seen. In this respect, the same local government may be saying they are short on their budget by millions or billions of dollars but upon overall review of the same local government's CAFR they may be in a very positive liquid "net worth" standing having numerous accounts with surplus millions or billions of dollars. By only referring to the budget report and excluding the CAFR, this is the biggest shell game of no comparison or equal. Budget reports almost exclusively show where "tax" revenue is applied and spent, the CAFR shows the gross income, tax, investment, and enterprise income, of which when gross income is considered, usually only one-third of the gross income is tax revenue. This means that when you digest a CAFR you will be seeing the additional two thirds of the gross income. I note that local governments pass their own internal local statutes to exclude reporting or accountability for disclosure of that two-thirds investment and enterprise income from being disclosed on their budget reports.

3. It is important to spot advance forward liability accounts that allow reclassification of profits into liability payments; or structures established to fund their own debt with their own investment funds; or actuarial games played to over-fund pensions or self-insurance funds. Also keep in mind crime, drug abuse, and break-up of families is a multi-billion dollar annual business for local governments in each state. With the United States now having the highest levels of these three circumstances over the rest of the world, you must ask yourself; "who profits?" The answer to that question is exclusively our own government and their inside cooperative players. It is a trillion dollar a year business and they micro-manage with hidden intent and motive of profit there from. When you dissect the multi-faceted revenue streams generated there from, you will genuinely become furious upon the realization of the underling "supportive" motive behind those three circumstances. You were not intended to look or comprehend. If you and the masses did look and comprehend the overall picture, that would adversely affect negatively on a trillion dollar a year enterprise with many suckling on a very bloated, ignorant, and strapped down cow. If crime, drug addiction, and breakup of the families went down to virtually nil, there goes a trillion dollar a year industry. The stigma this situation places on the American people for intentional or unintentional allowance is as poor as it gets.

Many people have stated to me hundreds of times: "I wish the news media or my elected official would do their job and report on the CAFR and the investment ownership shown therein." I now reply with the same comment each time: "They do exactly (emphasis given) what they are supposed to do, exactly what they are paid to do, and that is not to say anything, not a peep due to the money involved. Their job is to entertain the public, keeping the public looking in right field as business as usual continues in left. And my do they do an excellent job and are they paid so well for it!" Millions upon millions of dollars each. They do what they are told to do or else they will find themselves on the street or worse. They are but paid actors following the script given to them by their owners.

This email communication is going out on my list to over 600 national network news addresses. My challenge to all of them is to make simple mention that: The public should carefully review all of their local government CAFR reports. [City, County, State, School District, Pension, and Enterprise Operations]

If done, this as a public service announcement or news story there would be no equal.

If one (1) network syndicated news agency or talking head does so, I would really like to know, the silence is deafening and we all need a hero with courage, especially in that arena.

Please circulate this communication to all of your contacts and especially those from the syndicated media, controlled education, and political parties.

The ones that maintain the silence is golden rule, let them be known for what they are. We are looking for heroes not paid actors here from the syndicated media and organized politics, whom shall they be?

Yours truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: 928-445-3532

Website: http://CAFR1.com

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