People must hold the Power.
Without you “the people” there is nothing.
By Walter J. Burien, Jr.
I urge everyone to put forth immediate effort in taking the following steps within their local government body.
With that Being:

The focus must be if called for, to target just one (1) corrupt Judge, County Board of supervisor, City attorney, etc. Convene a “public” grand jury.. Compile the facts, evidence, testimony, and prepare a valid “public” indictment for immediate removal from office of that individual, and then prosecution of each count on the indictment, and then severe penalties imposed. 

When presented to the county attorney and / or State Attorney, if he does not proceed and remove that person from office, the steps must be taken to remove the county attorney for violation of their office for becoming an active party to an insurrection.

 Then, the state attorney gets the same if he refuses to enforce the standing law by removing the original target of the valid public indictment, and the county attorney who refused to enforce the standing law when presented to him for enforcement.  I use the word immediate in its pure sense.

The public needs to only enforce one example of applying the standing laws for removal of just “one” corrupt individual at the low end of the poll, and if necessary, all up the poll that support the corruption by not enforcing the standing laws. The chain reaction will be unstoppable.

The properly conducted “public” grand jury, facilitated not by the foxes (the internal government network), but by the Chicken Ranchers (qualified individuals from public) who have brought forward enforcement of the standing laws, will have unequaled impact.

If failure to prosecute goes right to the highest levels in the state, then the top administrator for the state, the governor will be given the opportunity to remove that originally targeted corrupt individual and all that supported not enforcing the standing laws, and if the governor refuses to take immediate action for removal of those individuals, then he will join the list for immediate removal. 

The corrupt cannot stand the light of day. Taking this approach with true commitment pushes all from within the body of local government that fail to enforce the standing laws for the removal of the corrupt, into the path of a moving freight train going at 110 miles per hour.

So, muster up as many people that you know that will take a stand to enforce the standing laws for removal of the corrupt. Then find the most corrupt individual you can, verify the corruption, convene the public grand jury, and accomplish the findings and a valid “public” indictment, then ENFORCE THE LAW upon those that are required to do so from within the body of that local government. No excuses, no delays allowed!

Moreover, if they refuse to do their jobs, kick their butts out in the street by following the above process of the standing laws enforced.... With many involved to accomplish this end, the light will shine brighter and brighter, until all of the corrupt are looking over their shoulders as they try to find the back door.

Keep in mind the corrupt want to keep their victims in the dark. Confused, scared, nervous, and misdirected. In doing so, their victims are and continue to be easy prey.

Enforcing the standing law means just that, In-force it!

I emphasize the point of not trying to take on all of the corruption at one time. It is too pervasive and you will fail. Just target one (1) and let all others who wish to fall in their over inflated arrogance step forward in protecting the one of which their immediate removal was validated by the showing contained within the original “public” indictment presented.

And for the last, keep It Simple! Pick the one corrupt individual based on numerous indiscretions on their part, where the indictment is on multiple counts, with clear violations of standing law. Of which would require under standing law for the immediate removal, indictment, and prosecution of that individual. Thus when those that try to perpetuate that corrupt individuals continued existence, the job will be that much easier in kick those additional butts out into the back alley also!
If you agree then create a Sovereign Peoples group and work toward producing the results as outlined above.

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