Government, how to bypass its own monopoly laws

by Walter Burien -

The feds mandated (by strong suggestion) to local governments back in 1977 at the risk of those local governments loosing federal funding, to comply with preparing a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) or in the alternative if a small local government an Annual Financial Report or Statement (AFR).

All local state governments that were not already doing so complied. Then the states passed statute regulations to all of the thousands of local governments in the state to comply also if not already doing so. Back in 1977, at least 50% of all locals were doing so already. (the program started in 1946)

The monopoly takeover structure started in 1946 with the creation of (Government Financial Officers Association) who started the CAFR promotion project to local governments in the US and Canada, and now since the end of the 70's (Government Accounting Standards Board) oversees the accounting policy and guidelines of the CAFR preparation. Both are 100% private associations with almost 100% government accountant / financial management membership.

This gives both GFOA and GASB a clear monopoly by consult over massive equity (tens of trillions of dollars) without being called a government operation. if a government operation HAVING TO BE IN COMPLIANCE  with standing monopoly regulations that government bodies were subject to, they would have been shut down a long time ago as a clear monopoly.

You see, being established as private associations directing government by organized and absolute consult, that got around the in place local government and federal monopoly laws effecting government bodies even though both Private Associations having almost 100% government membership.

On the Federal level the counterpart federal "one looks after all" private association overseeing accounting and financial management over enterprise; private; and consult to the other associations was called 

The Private Associations mentioned here put forth policy and the local or federal governments then had "Plausible Deny-ability" of not being a monopoly by saying we have a "choice in compliance" when in fact the consult policy or direction given is almost always implemented or acted upon as the standard and thus the monopoly is maintained.

GFOA is holding their next annual conference in Chicago during June of this year. I sent last week to the CEO of GFOA a communication requesting if I, CAFR1 could make a presentation to their membership at the conference per the "how to" of elimination of all taxation. You never hear of these organizations openly mentioned being that THEY ARE the power hubs calling the shots in every aspect of government finance, money management, and accounting that directly and indirectly effects well over a hundred-trillion-dollars in government holdings held both domestic and internationally as well as policy enacted by all globally.

Several other ancillary private associations also cropped up over the last several decades to network as a monopoly to influence and direct by consult the trillion-dollar cash flows moving within government insurance; banking; investment; population; and land / water / resource management operations globally.  

Government is no longer government as we know it. It is a monopoly of no equal networked through private association in most part started by the government players to circumvent monopoly laws and regulations government itself was subject to as enacted by our fore-father designed to limit government control and take-over of it all. The Federal Reserve was one of these first private associations established with that intent of monopoly in mind from the get-go.

In the political arena, other "private associations" established were the Democratic and Republican party; council of city managers / governors / county managers. Look and you will find them. All networking together with one common theme and agenda: Controlling the massive global wealth for transfer and management to their members from all others across the globe. Price fixing; market manipulations; property transfer; population management; taxation drain; contract assignments; and all policy that effects the before-mentioned. Again said; with the intent of wealth transfer to their gang of internal players.

Almost exclusively these gangs of Private associations were created and are maintained to facilitate the organized wealth transfer of the population into the hands of the collective of government in combination with the financial / industrial complex. The "wizard(s) of OZ behind the curtain".

The population has just been utilized by these organized gangs as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. This has been the standard for over a thousand years. The intricacy of how it is done has developed into what I can only call the "Tower of Babble" refined infinitem in comparison. One layer built upon another, all networked together with the intent and purpose previously stated. The epitome of greed and oppertunity exerted unrestrained.

It was unrestrained being that great effort was applied by the gang(s) over the decades to make sure the population was masterfully entertained off in La-La land, with the population never being directed to, or the basics being dealt with ever mentioned; discussed; or debated for intervention by the population DUE TO THE MONEY AND CONTROL involved.

CAFR1 has to make a confession at this point. CAFR1 has worked for over a decade to bring forth into birth its own "Private Association". It has been called by CAFR1 the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association).

There is one "BIG" difference in the "intent" and "purpose" of the TRFA over the other Private Associations rooted primarily to influence government by consult as a networked monopoly for population wealth transfer to themselves.

The difference is the TRFA policy. The written in stone, first commandment primary objective is: To make the population the "First Line Beneficiary" of the investment wealth held by government through the elimination of all personal and corporate taxation through the investment return generated through and by the application of the TRF (Tax Retirement Fund).

Government's own structure; financial management teams; and fund management performance return records establish the TRF accounts can meet the objectives, and the structures are in place today to make it happen tomorrow. One revenue source - taxation is replaced with another - investment / enterprise return.

Government pension funds are established by prospectus with the objective set to be met from the return to pay salaries and benefits from the fund. The TRF is established by prospectus with the objective set from the return to meet local government operating budgets generated from the fund replacing the need for any taxation.

Every government venue in the county has conclusively proved by example that the TRF will work to eliminate all taxation through the example shown in the management of their own collective total multi-trillion dollar pension funds.

What is missing in this equation as to why the TRF is not bursting forth for application all over the country in every venue large and small? The answer is very simple: It is hard to change the standing outcome in a three party discussion between: Wolf, Fox, and Sheep as to what dinner will be.

Government and the financial / industrial complex has been teamed up together for over a thousand years to utilize the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. This circumstance never was a good thing, nor will it ever be a good thing.

The TRF application facilitated by the TRFA under what I will call the twelve commandments (#1 noted above), levels the playing field for the Wolf, Fox, and Sheep and is truly a win-win for all involved.

Additionally, with the massive fund balances available for capital reinvestment; the return generated therefrom allowing for no-taxation thus building the population's wealth base and purchasing power, the combination of the two preceding factors generating the revenue from the return on the TRF accounts for government operations without any taxation needed, this all leads to a prosperous economy for the next one-thousand-years for one-and-all.

I emphasize the "fact" that the structure in government is in place today to make this happen tomorrow if the public's spirit and fight to make it happen is energized to do so. I am working on it so prepare for the tidal wave to crest soon and reach land.

Dinner then by democratic vote is no longer exclusively mutton, but diner expands to an unlimited selection of many main-courses derived exclusively from the massive returns generated from the TRF accounts within and from a thriving economy and prosperous lifestyle of the population of the US and then the world..

It is happening. The only circumstances you personally will be faced with are:

1. Making it happen

2. Watching it happen.

3. Or asking what happened?

If you wish to assist or continue to assist CAFR1 towards having funds in its effort to make the above happen, then please click on the following to pitch in or in the alternative send to the address below.

For some strange and odd reason I am not expecting any government grants or funding to make this happen.  That gang is too busy taking your money by force of taxation to back any other form of funding their operating costs over the easy take through taxation in place today targeted at the mark, you..

This is a war and you are the army.  Now let's see how much funding will be provided to fight the battles and to win the war.. For: One-and-all

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