Mr. Smith (CAFR1)  goes to Washington 

01/25/13 [UPDATED: 07/05/14]

Mr. Smith goes to Washington was a 1939 Jimmy Stewart classic movie. If you never watched it, I suggest when you get a chance you do through the link to the movie above.

 A funding request was made by CAFR1 for Walter Burien - CAFR1 to go to Washington for an extended two-week trip to address the Senate and House in open session.

Many from the population are not happy after learning the "name of the game".

It is all about wealth transfer. Your wealth into the government's coffers.

January 25th 2013, I put out the request for funds for CAFR1 - Walter Burien to go to Washington DC for an extended trip (2 weeks) in which the first step involved upon arrival in DC is a 1-hour presentation to address the US Senate during open session and possibly the US House if it can be arranged.
An accounting firm from the top ten will be paid by CAFR1 to certify an audit review of a local School District, City, or Town close to the DC area for the application of the TRF funding principle for a or any local government. As of October 16th 2013 full funding for the trip was accomplished.
** When dates are set and travel plans arranged, a CAFR1 National email post will go out with the dates and schedules set for the trip. 

** In March of 2014 a large contribution came in from Texas. Enough funds to build the TRFA National Headquarters. That is underway now and the DC Trip will take place when the National Headquarters nears completion. At that time the staff will be in place to start administrating the start of the TRF Fiduciary Trust accounts venue by venue. Fiduciary trust accounts designed to NOT lower taxation but replace all taxation. This will develope the ecomomy into the most prosperous ever imagined and be a true win-win for one and all.

Additionally, while in DC I will brief as many committees and groups as time would allow over that extended trip. 

The trip and my primary focus will be on:

How to put all on the same page per phasing out and then eliminating all taxation for the first time in history through the use of the fiduciary trust fund priciple of meeting local government budgets without taxation needed.


Establishing after briefing how all will have the same focus, why this is necessary, and how in result all thrive in a “very” prosperous and stable economy for “all time to come” without taxation.


Good for them; good for the population; and good for the financial / industrial complexes right down through the smallest business with the removal of taxation out of the picture. Taxation is not needed. The revenue source of taxation replaced by investment and enterprise income.


* With the before-mentioned backed up by their own extensive data from decades of massive fund management and their own economic model forecasting adjusted.


Should be productive to say the least and during that first 1-hour presentation, I am confident I will be able to get their undivided attention.

C-SPAN covers the Senate and House sessions live and all segments are archived for viewing latter.

Again, if the opportunity comes into being, on every presentation I make to the groups in DC involved during the extended trip, I will get their undivided attention, and I think I will be able to truly motivate many of them to move forward; Full steam ahead to put into motion the steps necessary for the transition of ending all taxation to begin.. The key denominator to motivate them? They (Government) obtains more consistent and stable wealth by doing so!
The win-win for one-and-all.

The cognitive thinking after presentation will churn in them for action upon comprehension of what is being proposed to make it a reality for a very prosperous future in sound and basic principle of economic modeling without the drain of taxation that is killing the population and the economy for an inevitable collapse as is currently the case.

There are two factors as I see: in averting the collision we are all heading towards: My ability to get the DC gang's undivided attention and them getting the cognitive thinking clearly as to the importance of what is being proposed.

A David and Goliath story! Yes, it can happen again.  Walter Burien - CAFR1 is now fully financed as of 10/16/13 to go to Washington and to launch the National Headquarters for the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association).


Truly yours,

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854




    Greed and opportunity has driven the Government gangs in concert with the industrial / financial cartels for over a thousand years. The population was always viewed as a “Productivity unit” to be drained and managed. Never was a good thing for the population and never will be.

    The key here that unlocks the vault, puts all on the same page for the first time in history, and that is a win-win for one and all is to restructure government as a fiduciary trust manager where the wealth (both domestic and international) currently amassed by collective government is redirected and consolidated into a fiduciary trust structure having the “first line” objective to meet the budgetary requirements of all local governments from the investment return derived therefrom. One revenue source (investment return) replaces another revenue source (taxation). Taxation phased out and eliminated.

    Here you have a prospering self perpetuating economy for the next 10,000 years and beyond.

  • The population maintains their productivity value building their wealth, which in turn drives the economy forward; 

  • The Industrial / Financial cartels have virtually an unlimited source of capital reinvestment from these ever growing massive fiduciary trusts which I have entitled TRFs (Tax Retirement Funds), designed to do what they say: Retire Taxation.

  • Government administrations are now very prosperous under this funding principle and with that expanding economy has truck-loads of cash rolling in from the returns generated annually from the TRF funds to easily meet their operating budgets WITHOUT taxation.

    Again, a win-win for all involved, with for the first time in history, all on the same page. A
proposal of Economic Stabilization and long term Economic Prosperity that defines the and all millenniums to come!

    The current course we find ourselves on with the continued expansion of the take out of simple greed and opportunity applied from government through ever increasing taxation has created a runaway 200-car freight train going at 400 MPH down the track, heading for a 1-mile thick concrete wall. The collision is inevitable and will not be a pretty sight where all loose, government, the industrial / financial cartels, and the population

    The TRF funding principle for government with taxation (all: Property, sales, personal, corporate) phased out and subsequently eliminated over a set time frame creates the start of the Millennium, a thousand years of prosperity for one-and-all, with all being on the same page for the first time in history.

    Doing this is not an option, but a mandatory requirement to avoid that train collision if we all wish to survive. I say this not as an issue but as “the issue” that is the war we have found ourselves in at home that is permeating in a very negative fashion every aspect of our lives at this time.

    I am a true believer in the David and Goliath story from the past. The Goliath in this circumstance we find ourselves in today generates trillions of dollars annually and has the best talent at its disposal, with an established network of no equal ever seen on this planet to date.

    There is only one way to make this happen. The greed and opportunity principle must be modified and implanted in the players of government and the industrial / financial cartels to make it happen for the superlative benefit of the planet (and themselves). How and who can get the DC gangs brains churning away with a spark of excitement to make this happen?

    I can catch their undivided attention and motivate most of the DC gang to push forward with not just an opportunity, but a life defining opportunity for them of many lifetimes that stems back to the first human that stood upright on the planet.

    Truly Yours,
    Walter Burien –
    P. O. Box 2112
    Saint Johns, AZ 85936

          Tel. (928) 458-5854