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  No Attorneys Please!
   by Walter Burien

Trust me when I say: The problem is the politicians but the core under the cover problem with politicians is over 60% of the congressman, senators, and governors are now attorneys. Our new president is the king Poobah attorney, an ex Harvard law professor.

Attorneys have a clear cut reputation: They try to steal as much as they can from you, they box you into a corner so that you will not survive the matter if you do not let them steal from you (for your own good that is), they do as little work as possible, screw you in the end, and then expect you to thank them. Any Questions? Attorneys should be in the courts, not politics with unrestrained access to the public vault.

Be prepared for the following to happen: Last year they were two states short of a constitutional convention. In six months they will have the total needed and one will be held. Here they will put the final kiss of death on any obstacles standing in the way of total control.

There is no longer three branches of government: The judicial took over the other two through their minions of attorneys that now control the senate, house, and executive.

With very few exceptions: Vote for an attorney for public office, and you might as well put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. The game is rigged and the public is the clear looser.

All of us should create bumper stickers and signs of: "No Attorneys in public office", (ten year before and after restriction) and make it happen. Things would improve greatly in a snap of a finger... (I won't say what finger.)

Truly yours,

Walter  Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

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