No More Diapers Please!
by Walter Burien -

To late, or is it? It is sad that everyone waits to notice after 95% of the cookies are stolen from the cookie jar. Everyone is now paying attention when the jar is almost empty.

Here is the reality of the situation.  There are good and bad corporate types. The good corporate owners look at their employees as one big family. The services or products they produce, every decision made, the owners of that corporation use their consideration of their big family as their motive and guide. They are not making their final decisions for  their self, wife and 2.3 children, but for all in their family which may be 4,000 fathers, wives, and 8,000 children. Here every decision made by this corporate type is to benefit a very big family and in providing good and beneficial products for their large family and everyone else. Usually this corporate type of individual's motive leads to a very sound company and prosperous employees. The owners of these types of corporations evolve into very wealth and liked patriarchs.

The bad corporate types are self centered opportunists. They could care less about their employees and the products they produce. To their way of thinking it is all marketing and trickery for mass wealth generation. They take as much as they can take and if the heat gets to hot in the kitchen based on their corporate maneuvers for theft, they leave the kitchen and establish elsewhere to do it again.

Well, at the beginning of the century, there were the good and the bad. The bad managed to kick of WW1, the collapse of 1929, WW2, Koren conflict, and the Vietnam war walking away with untold massive amounts of wealth by plunder and war spoils. The good kept on keeping on and come the seventies had grown and prospered where they were the true backbone of our country and had a significant impact to curtail the pocket bloated bad. But the ever present battle between good and bad for end result percolated ever increasingly so as time progressed, the drawing board plans for future easy profits fomented.

So what tipped the scale come the year 2000 to the clear side of the bad?

In walks the final outcome of unrestrained government greed.. Government players are corporate types. All local governments, Cities, Counties, States, etc., are now corporations. On one hand they promoted "the Public good" and on the other hand, with no promotion and in fact orchestrated silence, they perpetuated the fulfilling of government profit with clear underlying motive being the fulfillment of the internal players insatiable factor of greed. The wealth base for government grew in leaps and bounds from the sixties till present while the population was masterfully entertained to be oblivious as to the underlying core issue of every act of government, with that being the perpetuation of government's own wealth power base expanding whereby government took over and now controls it all by investment and taxation.

When you look (which you were not intended to do so), government in composite totals expanded control of us all and their investment wealth base from about four-trillion dollars in 1965 to where it stands today of about one-hundred-ten trillion dollars internationally. The primary owner of the Banks, Insurance, Brokerage Companies by composite investments is our own government.  For local governments their Annual Financial Reports the CAFR (never mentioned openly to the public) in composite totals (now over 138,000 separate reports) shines the light on the takeover in respect to local government's participation. On the Federal side, they have secured control and direction over every large specialty investment funds of any mention.

Upon review of these funds over the last three decades in determining what were the best domestic and international profit makers that sent these investments up in leaps and bounds over the years, a clear pattern emerges and is shown of entry into those investments, and then what orchestrated factors perpetuated those obscene profits for those government funds. A short list of some of those factors are as follows:

1. Social Services Plans: Massive unrestrained flow of cash -taxpayer funds into those Corporations that government by investment now owned. Billing for those government services were left wide open for the draining of taxpayer funds. If the institutions involved were paid just a good salary to perform a service for all and could not bill exorbitant fees, the cost would have been 1/10th of the cost, but then government investment accounts would not have realized that 90% of the profit by conversion that they did. Done through investment ownership of the Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, and Social Services agencies contracted providers.

2. War: Massive unrestrained and "quick" flow of cash -taxpayer funds into those Corporations that government investments now owned. Since September 11th 2001, easily five-trillion dollars has changed hands by conversion. If 911 did not take place and the subsequent false-flag justification for war played out, then government investment accounts would not have realized the profit by conversion that they did through that investment ownership of the War Industry Groups, positioned derivatives, and Oil Companies that now were given covert reasoning to jack-up the the prices. Upon review of who was the actual #1 profiteer from this "war on terror", it is without question our own government through their investment funds and fascist multi-billion dollar restructuring to facilitate a stronger hold on us all.

3. Crime - Drug Addiction - Break-up of the families: Again, look at who profits. These factors each year generate billions of dollars for our cities, counties, and states in a multiple streamed flow of taxpayer funds going through the shredder of  attorneys, prisons, councilor services, and law enforcement activities. It is over a trillion dollar a year enterprise with many suckling at the belly of a very blotted cow. If crime - drug addiction - and break up of the families in this country went down to nil, there goes a trillion dollar a year market place. The underlying motive of the players in this arena is to micro manage their own profits from these circumstances and thus our country has the highest level of the same over anywhere else in the world.

4. Outsourcing of jobs: Again, look at who profits. Through government ownership now being the market place "internationally" by investment, government has quietly promoted if not forced the companies now owned by them through stock and investment ownership to move off shore where cheap labor and resources could be utilized and the heavier load of expensive labor dropped here. In turn this would now cause the profits to shoot through the roof for those companies, and thus in like, massive cash generated for those government investment funds that owned those companies. I am sure you know that the majority shareholders of a public company can determine policy of that company, well they did. Is there a clear showing of government ownership totals of these companies found anywhere to be seen? No, the foxes don't like showing how many hens they now posses in their own well maintained chicken coop..

5. Housing Bubble - Fannie - Freddie - AIG: Here it gets very interesting. Government as "the #1" primary investor with these factors was getting a very handsome and consistent return over the last two decades. As housing prices went up, so did the return from investment AND levy for greater tax income. Double whammy!  The easy money, and with so much money involved though left the door open for the bad corporate players to position themselves for a killing. Enter interest rate derivatives and the naked rollover game by swap conversion. As the value of the market place increased so did the derivative vehicles and swaps. The true value of the market was about two-hundred trillion dollars but the derivatives being played through rollover and swaps had increased to over five-hundred trillion dollars. Conversion of wealth here for the big boy players was massive over the last decade. One problem though, they had created a market place in presumed value of five-hundred trillion dollars where there was only about two-hundred trillion in true hard intrinsic value. Now that is a true bubble of unprecedented proportions.. The reality of this in the last three years was sinking in rather soberingly. So, what are they going to do? There are only three choices: First being curtail the derivative expansion and let hyper inflation catch up to five-hundred trillion in hypothetical market place value. Or second in the alternative, curtail the derivative expansion and take the hits on the balance sheets as a hundred or so trillion dollars of "air" evaporates and disappears from the balance sheets by default. Or third, a combination of the two choices above.

Well, I have always been a strong believer in consistency, and it appears government is too. They are bailing out their own investments from the housing and interest rate derivative bubble using? You guessed it, taxpayer funds to keep the bubble from imploding on itself and at the same time protecting their own investment ass-etts.

The real question you have to ask yourself is not how they are covering this popping of the bubble, but "who" walked off with that hundred-or-so trillion dollars by conversion that was played out over the last decade that caused the bubble in the first place? Good way to spot the opportunistic bad corporate players from the good.

I also have been a strong believer that 98% of the population are good people at heart. It is very sad that the 2% factor can so easily crush the heart of the large majority of that 98% factor. But then look at the money involved.  If that 98% factor took off their diapers that perpetuated the masterfully presented illusion, and jumped into grade school in comprehension, that 2% factor would have much to fear. You can not steal blind that 98% factor after they comprehend your theft and how you did it. The kitchen at that time turns into a blazing hell for that 2% factor..  The biggest problem though rests with the syndicated media and organized (controlled) education. As long as that 2% factor can keep the public in diapers through well paid talking heads, and their partners in crime that they pay so well; the syndicated media (who do an excellent job for them as they are paid to do with a smile I may add), that 2% factor will maintain a vale of protection by misdirection and distraction so business as usual for them will continue unabated.

There is a silver lining to all all of this I may add. If the public does take the diapers off and learns the true scope of the government take-over of it all by investment whereby as of the year 2000, only 1/3rd of governments gross income is derived from tax income and the rest by investment and enterprise income, it might just dawn on the populace that with a little administrative restructuring and downsizing of government, taxation can be phased out of the picture all together. Taxation is only 1/3rd of the gross income, downsize government by 1/3rd or maybe 40% and what do you have? Come on now, final Jeopardy elementary school question??? ANS: No need for taxation, the other 2/3rds non tax income government slips in the back door does the job! No longer a cash, taxation, and investment economy, but an economy based on cash and investment ONLY.

It will take a few "good" high school and college graduates to set that one up, no one in diapers please!

Who wants to be the first county or state where this is made to happen in. The bad corporate players will have a visceral reaction to the though of this occurring due to the door closing on the easy money as structured now for the taking.

The good corporate players, well let's see;

No taxation so more money in the consumers pocket to spend on goods and services, plus#1.

No corporate taxation so more jobs and better products, plus#2.

No tax lien on the public's property, so the public now reverts into being again the true owner of their property, plus#3.

The public will now watch much more closely where those profits are derived from. War for profit, I think that 98% factor will keep that from happening again, plus#4.

The financial cartels that are in place managing the TRF funds, now can expand those fund balances to their hearts content with no fear of a bubble, plus#5.

Government can perform a service for the people now under proper motive and set guidelines and do so from the annual returns generated from the TRF, plus#6.

The greed factor, of which we all have seen the effects of all to well, will be tamed to a point of a good example for the rest of the world to follow, plus #7.

Gee, a win - win for the good corporate players and the people of the Earth.

That  just leaves one question: Are there enough good players still out there that still have the strength, the will,  resources, and guts to make it happen?

The current path of "the greed factor" I am sad to say will probably in most certainty lead down the road to our own destruction in a very bad way, and soon. The peoples choice here is not if the economy will be converted to a cash and investment society, but whether we change it now to avoid our own destruction. Greed is the route of all evil. We must take those diapers off and truly choose between the good corporate types and bad (evil) corporate types. While we still can that is.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien

Pension funds pay a salary and benefits at retirement. Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, States annual budgetary needs! This now makes the people the true owners with government being the true service provider. Government has already shown that a TRF works by example through the management of their own combined multi-trillion dollar pension funds! CAFR1 says: Make it law and make it so!

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