Download THESE TWO reports:

The domestic and international stock / investment holdings NY STATE 2001 RETIREMENT FUND CAFR:   CLICK HERE

The domestic and international stock / investment holdings NY STATE 2009 RETIREMENT FUND CAFR:   CLICK HERE

EXAMPLES: Look at EXXON, look at Microsoft. I am not going to show you here how massive the holdings of these two companies are because YOU should take a minute and look for yourself!

Take a look at the "Pre" 911 Vs. the "Post" 911 investments.

They did not miss a heart beat! You will be amazed!

And you thought that unclaimed 5 million dollar Airline put option was suspicious.

  [ it was "Grain" of sand on the beach! ]

Complete NY State Government 2001 Retirement Fund CAFR - CLICK HERE.

The links below you can download the complete 2004 to 2009 NY State Retirement Fund CAFR

It is all about profits and our government is the #1 Profiteer!


This CAFR is one (1)  large Government retirement investment account for "some" local governments in NY State. The NY State retirement fund is not mandatory for participation by all local governments in NY state so many have their own Pension fund management accounts so the total holdings of all local governments within New York State is much greater than what is shown in this one (1) CAFR.

Total local government CAFRs produced just in the state of NY each year is over 1900 CAFR reports, each with their own showing. The NY State Retirement Fund may be one of the largest showings of a single CAFR in the State of NY, but the totals from the other 1900 + local government CAFRs in NY would dwarf what is shown here in the NY State Retirement Fund CAFR.

Look and learn.. AND, don't get emotional about what you learn; get accountability.  AND DON'T EVER FORGET why they are working so hard to take your 2nd amendment away from you by whatever tactic or emotional play is available to them. Thieves do not like armed prey, but disarmed ones are "Finger licking Good!"

Keep in mind that there are over 174,000 CAFR or AFR (Annual Financial Reports) produced each year now from across the land. Think of the totals from all, many smaller and some much larger than this one. THINK OF THE COLLECTIVE COMPOSITE OWNERSHIP OUR GOVERNMENT HAS.

WELL, YOU NOW KNOW WHY GORBECHEV WENT DEMOCRATIC. He learned a better form of communism having much greater money and control with an interesting fascism twist.

Truly Yours,

Walter Burien


CAFR1 - October 2007 Smile Report

Refreshing honesty out of NY State Government fund management

Now to see if the other states from across the country can be just as honest?

I wonder if all that attention the NYSRF received on the CAFR1 site helped them out a little bit to be forthcoming?

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