Government Owns and Controls it all by investment

By Walter Burien

Per derivatives I have noticed one article on the internet getting a zillion hits regarding a large short placed on the market indexes recently.. "The sky is falling" "Oh, no, another 911 is on the way"

Here is another eye opener for you. US Government fund management is the largest derivative player of no equal. From just one State report, PA State CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) in the Financial note section, NOTE (D),  it lists the derivative contracts traded for the year (2002 CAFR for 2001 activity).

 The futures activity, domestic and international for the year was over eleven billion dollars and for option contracts bought or sold for the year about 430,000,000 contracts traded. Things coming into view yet for you? (2006 was over 20 billion)

Keep in mind the PA State CAFR is but just one CAFR out of 85,000 produced each year, and yes, the PA State CAFR would be in the top 200. Here is the complete PA 2002 CAFR Download

The point is, the showing of volume activity of just PA State government in 2002 through Note 8 (Page 75 of note 8 displayed below) gives just a very small fraction of the total volume run off by "ALL" government for the year.

When you think of the total activity moved by ALL Federal and Local Government investment funds (a factor of about 1000 x over PA) from the US of A, it is the definition of a rigged game.

Guess who moves the market with their coordinated volume where they desire, and as fast or as slow as they want to bait and school the minnows, and win the game on average every single turn of the page every time? It isn't us..

Look and Learn. Their is a total blackout on the open mention of the CAFR from the syndicated Media, Controlled Education and both Political parties. Not a peep due to the money involved. The CAFR "is" the Holy Grail of accounting for government starting from 1946. Break the silence! Look, learn, teach, and then act!!

    The figures are (in thousands). Add three more zeros.

PA State CAFR 2002 page 75

In a nut shell, I think it all boils down to what Al Capone use to say back in the 20's; "What the hell are we doing fighting government for, let's become government and then we can take whatever we want." And the rest is history!

                                                                     (PS: The CAFR accounting started out of Chicago in 1946)


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