Private Associations vs. Government and "We The People"
by Walter Burien

Ab, sent the following communication to CAFR1:

Walter: ...when they use the sheet vehicles... they don't mean unicycles do they?...also take a look at the members and from where they come!...I don't have to tell you how to connect these dots...,, are as Federal as Federal Express, I should say the Federal Reserve but that's an old one already, and to think they draft the guidelines for ALL the smoke and mirrors that goes on...and ...they are funded by the municipal bond community, state and local governments inter alia....and most important, if you believe a vote counts, they (their members) are UNELECTED by the populace!

Regards Ab



Ah, a learning student. Goooooood...........

Private associations, are they not grand?

Now for the underlying motive:

From inside government in the early 1900's there use to be pretty good transparency.

The many actions recently enacted that are counter productive to the public and the public's wealth accumulation being in favor of select groups of others, has been the ever increasing trend over the last four decades. If the same that has been instituted within government was attempted for implementation and discussed openly where visible from the start, most changes would not have happened, it would have been stopped.

But, when the policy, vehicle, and procedure is created behind closed doors outside of government, with strategy worked out for implementation, and then offered for implementation with the engine now running, the car gassed up, and looking sharp with a mighty nice shine, (and a few pockets greased) the offer to "let's take a ride and test it out" turns into  "you are now aboard, look it works, so you must now follow our instructions".

What are these "private associations" directing? The majority of ALL OF THE INCOME, WEALTH, AND THE WHO: WHERE; AND WHEN that wealth is spent, invested, and utilized...

And by all means don't leave out the "private associations" of: Council of Governors; Mayors; City Managers that closely network with the ones you mentioned.

Last but not least, let's not forget to mention the two "private associations" that sit in the middle of them all, the "Republican and Democratic Parties" which decades ago it was implied that their creation as "private associations" were established for the protection and benefit  of the people. In reality and as time has shown, their current covert intent of inside manipulation for self enrichment, with the influence peddling they wield to exclusively place their select members into key controller positions within government has been the predominate case.  If this covert intent did not exist, it would make all of the aforementioned "private associations" sterile for effective application within government.

Government use to be the definition of the beach but got lost somewhere in the mix starting in 1945.  Government has been reduced to a handful of sand from the beach with the private associations now the definition of the beach unpronounced and generally not know to the majority of the population, pulling and controlling the strings of government DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED and the now ease of access, manipulation, and transfer of that money! Are these "private associations" elected by or truly accountable to the public? No they are definitely not!

What I brought forward with the TRF and TRFA, both are and would maintain being "private associations". The difference though from the before mentioned is the other associations from the start and in end result were created to take from, and control the population as a productivity unit to be drained, managed, controlled, and eliminated if contrary to the interests of those "other" private associations. As the saying goes: "Power Corrupts, absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!"

The TRF and the TRFA through application is being offered as the "Peoples" vehicle to regain back and protect "their wealth" and ongoing productivity maintained for their own exclusive up-front benefit. It has been six months since I brought forward the potential application of the TRF and the TRFA through and have any wealthy individuals, Corporations, or Government supporters of this project stepped forward to assist and make it happen?

No, not at all, not one. It appears they are to busy doing "other" things or standing back and watching what happens from the current ease of "grab and run with the cash" ventures that have built up from and within those "other" private associations..

The funny thing is, if the TRF and the TRFA did break forth with application to become the standard, the Corporations, other private associations, and "all" of the people would "honestly" prosper better than ever imagined before, and growing stability in the economy would maintain in most probability for the next thousand years and beyond.

Too many Wolves and Jackals in and on the playing field currently fighting and tearing at a fatted carcass of a fresh kill (a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there) with the people forced to watch the orchestrated show in complete helplessness and distraction. "Woe to those that feed veraciously at the belly of the beast drinking poisoned and tainted milk."

Do you remember that old story about two men named Abraham and Lot and the two cities named Sodom Gomorrah?  (So-do-men) and (Go-more-rah!). It was said back then for the sake of not fifty, forty-five, forty, thirty, twenty, but for the sake of only ten the cities would be spared.

Today, with only "one" venue, town; city; county implementing the TRF in true application as intended, by example the rest will quickly follow, and in affect by application save their own and their descendant's futures by retaking control of the wealth, where it is invested, and who benefits as is intended from the TRF application that will be directly benefiting them..

Whom will step forward with the wherewithal  to make it happen? The clock is ticking and what is at stake here is the greatest nation the world has seen to date, and our own home.

Again, with "one" example of the TRF put forward, by example, the rest will quickly follow! Would you like to start the millennium anyone?

I have been contacted recently by several people from DC and elsewhere due to the success and worldwide viewing of the CAFR1 video "The Biggest Game in Town" that has now generated over 2.7 million views since December 25th 2008. This effort made by CAFR1 over the last ten years for open transparency in government operations, and with the implied open door policy and statements from the White House  as to promoting "government transparency", I have been told it may be arranged for a meeting between President Obama and Walter Burien - CAFR1

Additionally, many people have been contacting me requesting an updated CAFR1 documentary be produced. I am currently taking offers from qualified film producers to make the updated documentary. When a filming agreement is finalized, the new documentary will be completed, and then released for worldwide viewing. The content of the documentary will be applicable to application of the TRF and creating transparency of government operations and wealth held Worldwide.

Recently in the last few days Bob Basso who produced a video which he portrays Thomas Paine, author of the "Common Sense" was summoned to the White House by President Obama to discuss the subject matter of the short film he produced. Bob Basso used the YouTube presentations to condemn "non-representing representatives" and warns, "Only when they feel the almighty wrath of 'We The People' marching in the streets from California to New York shouting 'We're mad as hell and we want our country back' will they get the message they work for you." He was scheduled this week to appear on the "Jerry Doyle Show" when he told the radio host that Obama had personally invited him to meet in the White House "to discuss the disturbing nature of the videos." To read the full story on this event and see the video Bob produced go to this World Net Daily article -

If you would like to assist in making a meeting between Walter Burien - CAFR1 and President Obama happen, please send a courteous note with a little background on yourself to the White House urging  this meeting to take place and take place as soon as possible.

Truly yours,

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