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CAFR1 POST - JUNE 23, 2006


UPDATE - NJ CHARGES - Walter Burien

Disposition 06/23/06



On November 23rd 2005, the six-year-old son of Walter J. Burien, Jr., John Joseph Burien was taken from his father by armed force by the East Brunswick, NJ Police in cooperation with and at the direction of a DYFS (NJ Division of Youth and Family Services) caseworker by the name of Toshia Gresham. Mr. Burien then spent the next 45 days in Jail as a result of trying to prevent the taking [kidnapping] of his son.


Ms. Gresham originally had arranged for the taking (kidnapping) of John from his 1st grade class at Central Elementary School, and did so justifying her act purely under fabricated and false assertions. This is well documented and it is also well documented that dirty politics from the city of Prescott, Arizona were applied at that time through the use of an AZ State CPS (Child Protective Services) caseworker by the name of Donna Goodman (as a shill operative for a Judge Robert Brutinel of Prescott) who made defaming and falsely contrived comments against Walter Burien with the intent of moving the NJ Caseworker and School District administrator into abducting Walter's son John. 


The abduction of John was arranged to happen at the end of the school day on November 23rd 2005, the day before Thanksgiving.


On the morning of 11/23/05 Walter Burien, became aware of the fact that his son was to be abducted from school under false pretense, so to prevent this abduction of his son, he checked him out of school early and was going to return with his son to Arizona at that time.


He left the school with John in his 30 ft 1978 Southwind Motor Home. Walter became aware that the school had an East Brunswick Police officer standing by to assist in the abduction of John. Walter left the school and a Police Officer Fitzpatric pulled behind Walter's Motor Home and attempted to stop the vehicle to facilitate the abduction of John. Walter was aware of the intent of this Officer based on what was said to him by a school official when he left with his son and knew that when he stopped, his son would be abducted.

In a highly charged state of mind, and under extreme duress, Walter did not stop right away but drove for approximately ten minutes failing to yield to Officer Fitzpatric and several other Police vehicles that joined in the assist to stop Walter's Motor Home.


Walter then did stop, his son was abducted, his Motor Home trashed, and he was arrested and charged with 2nd degree alluding and having hollow point bullets with his stored AZ registered firearm that was in his Motor Home. Walter asked an Officer to secure his firearm from a cabinet before the vehicle was towed so that it would not be stolen from the impound lot where his MH was being brought to.


Additionally Walter was issued 17 traffic tickets creatively written running the gambit from reckless driving, failure to yield, and driving on the sidewalk, etc.


Bail was set at $150,000 and Walter spent the next 45 days in the Middlesex County Jail until a long-term friend of his from CA that Walter worked ten years for arranged for a bail reduction to $50,000 with $5,000 paid to an attorney by the name of Marco Laracca and then the friend with $4,000 additional forfeited up front posted bail with a bail bondsman for Walter on January 8th 2006.

From January 8th 2006 until the current date (eight months), Walter waited in his Motor Home parked in a parking lot for disposition of these charges.


Walter attempted to plead not guilty on several occasions but was threatened not to do so. Walter paid in March of 2006 the one claimed damaged party from the incident of 11/23/05, the Borough of South River, NJ $37 for a damaged traffic sign.


Walter's motions filed or written requests for new or missing discovery were on every occasion ignored. His requests for correction of the official record were also ignored. (NOT ONE REPLY WAS GIVEN - NOT ONE RULING / MINUTE ENTRY WAS RECEIVED)


Walter secured with additional  funds of $2,000 provided from his friend in CA (making it $11,000 from this friend) at the beginning of May of 2006, an attorney Antonio J. Toto, (EX Middlesex County Prosecutor) insisted Walter take a plea bargain of pleading guilty to a felony 3rd degree alluding, where all traffic tickets would be dropped, no further jail time, probation for one to three years, fines of several hundred dollars, mandatory DNA testing, property taken (firearm in lock box) would be sent at the direction of Walter to an Arizona Sheriff who would hold Walter's property until it could be legally returned to Walter.


In the alternative, if Walter plead not guilty, and was found guilty at trial, he was being threatened by the Judge and his own attorney with five to ten years in the state penitentiary, thousands of dollars in fines, loosing his driving license and additional fines for the 17 traffic tickets, being held back from trial for several more months in which living in his Motor Home in a NJ parking lot any longer was not an option.


Even if the jury per eluding found Walter not guilty, the threat held out was then the Hollow Point bullets and the 17 traffic tickets. Walter's cash flow over the last several months was virtually non-existent, excluding some help he was getting from a soybean farmer from Ohio and a woman in KC.


What was shown to Walter already from the court was that any discovery requested or motion presented would be ignored, having a cash flow of less than $200, the plea bargain presented to him this day of June 23rd 2006 was accepted by Walter J. Burien, Jr.


Sentencing of Walter J. Burien, Jr.  occurred on August 4th 2006. It was noted that if the plea bargain accepted was not honored by the Judge that Walter J. Burien, Jr. could resend the guilty plea and plead not guilty to the charges.  --END--

Well, isn't abduction of your children under false pretense by local politicians grand in the state of New Jersey? Every time I tried to mention one word per the abduction of my child while I was at one of their court hearings I was threatened by the judge to not speak, of which was enforced by several deputy sheriffs standing close by.


As far as my son John who I had diligently fought to maintain custody of for the last five and a half years in spite of diligent dirty political opposition from Arizona, he was transported back to Arizona on December 15th 2005 and delivered to the ex and her mother, I have not seen him since November 23rd 2005, and when I call him he is monitored over a speaker phone and is instructed on what to say. Things like Beastie Beast the family dog and I are dead. If he exhibited that he missed his father or wished to be with us, he was immediately reprimanded and the phone was hung up on him. That was for the first five months. As of this month, when I call to speak with him, his little sister at the instruction of the grandmother picks up the phone, and says snippily my son JJ does not wish to speak with me, and then hangs up the phone.


BOTTOM LINE? Racketeering is racketeering and when you are confronted by it, your options are very limited. What has transpired here in NJ towards my son and self is commonplace across the country.  Just think, they do it with our money as most of the population channel surfs and plan their next outing.


If someone tells me "But then they will get theirs when they face the almighty God" watch my blood pressure swell as I tell that person "These clowns could care less about that. They only care that you think that so you do not hold them accountable today!"

HERE IS MY CHALLENGE: Will one (1) US Attorney or FBI agent contact me per a USC  18, 28, or 42 investigation / action? 


I challenge anyone from across the USA to move any US Attorney or active FBI agent to contact me per an investigation and officially investigate per USC  18, 28, or 42 violations. I URGE that you try if you think their is any accountability to or for the people left in this country. Copy this article and use it for the purpose of generating just one call. If that call comes, that day I will update my challenge here on this page.

** NOTICE: This is to clearly state my notice of complaint to any law enforcement or legal authority for the purposes of investigation and requested contact to pursue potential indictments.


If you think there is ANY real justice coming from the US Attorney's Office, that can not be over-ridden by dirty politics applied, the challenge clearly made by me here to you is; let's see if one (1) US Attorney or FBI agent will email me at: or call me at 928-445-3532 honoring my complaint. Whereby requesting to be informed as to what laws were clearly violated in investigation by their department and I will gladly reply and note on my site that contact was made.


FOR ADDITIONAL JAIL and PLEADINGS FILED Info: or use the search box at the bottom of the CAFR1 front page to "Search the Site" and just search for the word "Court"

NOTE: The evidence is here for a multiple count indictment towards several NJ and AZ government officials and they know it.


If evidence is produced and received by their department of multiple crimes committed and they do not act as required by them to act, then as is sited here:

"a conspirator is responsible for the acts of other conspirators who have left the conspiracy before he joined it, or joined after he left it." See, e.g., U.S. v. Guest, 86 S.Ct. 1170, U.S. v. Compagna, 146 F.2d 524; and, etc.

As I have said many a time in the past per the internal operations for profit of our own government; "Silence is Golden"


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: 928-445-3532

UPDATE - 10/25/07: I made it back to AZ on October 10th 2006 and to date I have not seen my son John, there has been no accountability or consequence for the criminal abduction of my son, and the players responsible continue to draw a government pay-check, paid vacation time, and look forward to their government retirement pay. I strongly suggest if you have children to relocate outside of this country, while you still can that is.

UPDATE - 05/01/09: Same as above.

Be an ass and be entertained by this syndicate as they continue to steal from you - There is no law at present in this country, only presented law enforced by organized criminals against your interests to benefit and inflate their pockets of the organized crime syndicate they are operating known as government.