The "Standards and Qualifications" actThe Law
by Walter Burien


Get together with your political action groups and get the following law passed in your City; County; and State

Here is the thinking behind the new law that needs to be enacted:

Would you hire a plumber to fix your car? Or a doctor to build your house? No you would not.

For the last 100-years we have been doing just that in who we elect for Mayor; County Board of Supervisors, etc..

Standards need to be established and enforced. Almost all local government venues have established themselves as a corporate structure and who is elected by the population to represent the corporation should and must have the qualifications to do so.

The law the public needs to enact is a code of standards.
A mayor; city council person; congressman; senator; or county supervisor is in effect on the corporate level a CEO or director of the corporation.

In a corporation such as Microsoft; EXON; IBM; AT&T, etc. when a CEO or Director is picked, they are picked having the basic educational skills to run the corporation. A MBA in Business Management; ten or fifteen years running a business (successfully noted); having managed employees and large cash / investment flows efficiently and productively.

In the corporate world qualifications are imperative for being placed in a position of trust and responsibility as the CEO or a Director.

In politics it is an obscene insult to We The People as to who we elect in most cases based on their qualifications. In fact in our masterfully entertained distraction we have placed attorneys in most elected positions. If you give a little thought to that issue not allowing yourself to be sidetracked it explains almost everything we all complain about rightfully so. Just think about the reputation of attorneys and the same now exists as the standard in the halls of government in all aspects to the population's severe detriment.

So the law that needs to be vigorously enacted and enforced is: Let the office reflect the standards of qualification for the office being sought:

Mayor, commissioner, Congress, Senate, etc. to run must have the educational or work experience to run for the job.

Now appointed City; County; or State managers are qualified with the experience to do the job and in the selection process many are interviewed. The problem here is that the politics involved in the selection process yields a hand picked manager from the inside that will bend to the politics for wealth accumulation of the inside players.

If a local government manager candidate says: You know our local government can be streamlined; investment funds consolidated; and we could effect a 50% or greater reduction in taxes the reply he or she would get is: "We will call you if we need you." and the call will never come.

What is needed is to get those people in the door up-front and keep the political shills from slipping in as the CEO or Director for our local governments, individuals who have no qualifications to be there in the first place.

On a personal note , those that have read my writings over the last ten-years should have picked up that my father was the director of personnel for the NJ Treasury back in the early 70's. He oversaw all State government employees and his office was next to the governors office in the capital building. He left this State job after four-years even though it paid very well being that when a directorship opened in state government he would do an extensive search for the best and most qualified individual for the appointment, present that person for the job, and 9 out of 10 times a political shill would get the appointment who did not have in reality the qualifications to shine shoes but had no problem cooperating with the pilfering of the population.

When my father realized he could not change the string pulling firmly in place from within he gave his resignation and switched to Johnson & Johnson as the head corporate compensation manager. In that position he determined the pay and benefits for all J & J executives worldwide. He retired two decades latter from J & J and never regretted his choice to leave the NJ State directorship position.
The Pen
So, We The People need to protect our interests with true due diligence. If we wish to build a house we need to select home builders to do the job. Or for a candidate running for office in the new corporate world of government, standards enacted up-front to match the job being sought.

Educational Qualifications and verifiable business standards should be set for anyone running for: Mayor; City Council; Board of Supervisors; Congress; Treasurer; and Senate.

Now for County, City, and State attorneys, yes being an attorney gives qualification there. All other elected positions being an attorney has zero merit and in fact should be a disqualification from seeking that office. An attorney is a member of the judicial branch of government and should not be allowed to dilute the executive / legislative arms of government. The founding fathers of this country knew this all to well and this fact was specifically addressed by them in the separation of powers doctrine established between the three branches of government. We The People letting the separation of powers doctrine to be subverted is one of our biggest crimes that we have allowed to occur without true intervention to correct this by us.

The "Standards and Qualifications" act can be established venue by venue on the grass roots level and this would be a VERY important act to be exerted and enforced if we all wish to see a better government standing to our benefit. A draft of the act to be established in your government venue is short and sweet: An outline of qualifications to meet the elected job sought. If qualified within the two standards of educational or practical business experience, then they get to run. If not qualified then not..

Those in office who do not meet the "Standards and Qualifications" act get to stay for the remainder of their terms. Those who meet the "Standards and Qualifications" act can run for another term if they wish. Personalities and money backing SHOULD NOT be the determining factor of who holds public office, true qualifications and standards of the same should be the established "qualified" choice for the public vote.

Make it law and make this important step happen in your local government. Draft and implement the "Standards and Qualifications" act in your government venue. Emphasize the separation of powers aspect per attorneys so that stipulation is clear and decisive also.

If you have to ask yourself if this an important thing to do immediately and decisively in your local government venue, the equivalent question would be: If you were on a runaway train going 150 MPH towards a concrete wall should you get off the train if you could?

Please circulate this communication to all who you think can effect implementation of the above.

Sent FYI and for your effective action from,
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