Are the Banks at Fault? Not Really
by Walter Burien - 09/27/08
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Along the lines of what We-The-People have seen over the years, we have become oblivious to the forest of Oaks by speaking of and focusing on three or four Oak leafs on the ground in the forest.

Here is the data and comment per the forest and not the few leafs of "AIG getting 85 billion dollars", and the "700 billion dollar bailout" we have been saturated with:

We in our apathy (and orchestrated ignorance) since the 60's have allowed government to expand, expand, expand. Every local government over the years has transitioned into a corporation, an administrative clearing house for profit.

There are now in this country over 136,000 separate government corporations in place. In doing so, government has expanded take-over ownership of it all by investment. They, composite government now own by the predominance of their investments the banks, stock market, and the insurance industry.

Let me qualify this: In 1963, all local and federal government investments (not public like SSI or Medicare but government's own stash) held with the Bank, Brokerage, and Insurance industries was about four-trillion dollars. Today? About one-hundred-ten trillion dollars internationally, and Oh yes, silence has truly been golden here for them.

Their own accounting document, government's Annual Financial Report the CAFR that showed the dollar amount of their investments held and the growth of those investments seen, not a peep of attention given to the public for review of the same, but in FACT a clear orchestration of silence as their game continued in what could be called nothing other than a total takeover of it all.

A take-over come 2008, that included AIG, the Banks, the Brokerage, and even the Oil companies. Just pawns on the chess board utilized by Government. Because in FACT, government as time progressed took over by leaps and bounds the before mentioned by investment. Boils down to the golden rule; he who owns the gold makes the rules and as it would be for gold equaling investments, government owned it all come the year 2007 by investment...

Did you the public know this? No, the public did not. Most of us were to masterfully entertained by that arm of the syndicate, the syndicated media who controlled the majority of the sound-bites we were all fed every day to keep us in the dark and thoroughly conditioned in la-la land as the foundation of the take-over by government took root, grew, and then inevitably took over the entire forest.

This equates to in reality as time went by as if one day we looked across the land and saw before us wide open pastures, free of an obstructed view with the birds chirping and the livestock playing, went to sleep and woke up the next morning, looked and what we saw was a now restricted view of a jungle so massive that the light did not even break through it's canopy. A jungle being dark, dangerous, and full of ominous sounds.

The public, as they slept found out they were not the sleeping Beauty to be awoken by the kiss of a hansom prince but in fact as a space traveler in a state of suspended animation for a hundred years who awoke to find his suspended animation equipment had malfunctioned withering and decaying his body to the point of unrecognizable condition. What happened!!!


Through millenniums, the powers at be always knew government (organized control) was where the money was, and the people in their millions upon millions were the resource that could be tapped into to amass wealth for those powers at be. The degree though of that "tapping" is what determined the health of the economy and spirit of a nation under the control of US Government or any other government big or small, domestic or world-wide.

From all US local and federal investment wealth in composite totals now amassed, or that $110,000,000,000,000 (one-hundred-ten-trillion) if divided by 300,000,000 the basic population of the US = $366,666.66 each, for every man, woman, and child in the USA. It would be great  in reality to be a "real" shareholder here. US Government, all local and federal "gross annual income" from tax; investment; enterprise; and other in composite totals is now about 10 trillion dollars each year.

As this figure grew, what benefit did these people get? ANS: More government. Bigger government, more control over their every day lives and standing wealth that remained.

Picture if you went to the hospital for a cold and they put one IV in your arm. You said to your self, "OK, they know what they are doing".

This IV made money for the hospital and was designed to cure your cold. Well, a day latter they came to you and said you needed three more IVs and inserted them. The last IV was a anesthetic that you were told was to make you sleep as you got well.

Then, five years latter you woke up to find five-hundred IVs plugged into your body, and not a sole to be seen. The "system" now was automated, and the personnel that started it were off spending and investing your money they had billed you for and collected from you as you slept. I would say in this scenario, you awake to the reality that you are going to die..

The current financial scenario we find ourselves in, in reality will we survive the drain on our lives?

Let's see.. Back in 1962 per government there were only maybe one or two IVs in the public's arm. Today, probably about two-hundred. Step by step, more IVs were inserted and more of the resource wealth was taken continuously from the public. The public's own greed factor though was feed as the illusion of inflation drove the price of their houses and income up, and sound bites "of the rich and famous" were rammed down the public's throat day in and day out. Chase that carrot! Run on that treadmill! Set your priorities! The end of the race is just around the corner! You can do it!

Yes, do it and die after you have been drained for everything you are worth..

You can not survive with two hundred IVs in your arm you just can't! Wake up! Smell the roses! (or over bloated pig do-do as the case may be)

Ever increasing taxation drained your strength! Interest rate and market manipulations drained your, and also the operating wealth of the "good" corporations. As government amassed the wealth and ownership by investment. Exploited that wealth for greater ownership and control.

The end result of this unrestrained venture, a public shaking on the edge of a very big cliff wondering if the next push will send them off the edge.. Most on the edge of that cliff have not quite figured out yet what pushed them to that edge in the first place and hopefully after reading this article, they will understand the reality of their situation.

Unrestrained government growth motivated by greed as the public's allowance was motivated by orchestrated greed. The public being trained to blindly chase that carrot. Government and their pawns on the chess board the Syndicated Media and Financial Cartels in the last ten years have become so slap-happy and drunk with the ability to funnel easy money into their coffers to satisfy their greed, good times or bad, that we are teetering now on the edge.

What we are faced with here is the definition of musical chairs. Many of the key ruthless players have hedged internationally their bets, cashed in the chips, and are standing to the sidelines watching all of the other players, with there say being thirty-three, scrambling in the room to get a chair due to the harsh reality of an economy being bled dry, with only ten chairs left in the room.  When the music was playing those twenty-three extra players could walk around the ten chairs still being in the game but now that the music has stopped, they will be bumped..

Government on the other hand is screaming at the public; "More cash, more taxation, more infusions, the music must NOT stop! We have a lot riding on this, the music most not stop here"..

Yes, right.. government took it all over by investment, the hollow smiles of the paid talking heads of the media and politics are now even getting concerned as they put out their syndicate provided diatribe of propaganda hype.

The people are awakening slowly to the dawn of taking a look at their misguided allegiances and false blind reliance placed through dependency on others that jeopardizes what they have worked a lifetime for.. Government as an over-bloated, arrogant and spoiled child says give me more, give me more, I will get it right this time, from an anemic and drained populace.

And here the syndicate offers the people two hand picked candidates for president that will perpetuate, bigger government more control of the people, and the funnels will be left wide open for the flow of easy cash and further perpetuation of government investment take-over leading to the consolidation of control to affect the finalization of New World Order (NWO), the definition of mandatory health care utilizing five-hundred IVs on the patient through definitive lock-down. By God, is there intelligence out there to stop this?

So whom is going to get the short end of the stick here? Which ever way you look at it from, based on the intent of maintaining the greed factor for government, in end result it will be the people.

The people were, are, and will continue to be the resource (the food) for this over-bloated, arrogant, spoiled and ever growing more hostile entity we call government.

Kinda reminds me of that time-lapse video most of us saw as kids in science class where they took a bowl of fruit and condensed ninety-days into ninety-seconds. Starts with a luscious, colorful, and appetizing bowl of fruit that in nature has some bacteria and mold spores on it. As time goes by, the bacteria and mold feeds, breeds, and replicates itself feeding on the host, the fruit. As it does so, the flies are drawn to join in on the feast. At the end of the time lapsed ninety-seconds, there is but one big mass of fungus and mold of no color other than gray that has devoured the fruit, and by doing so now dies off or goes dormant waiting for the opportunity out of circumstance to find a new host. 

To many self serving and self interested individuals took over and managed government with easy of opportunity for more and more IVs to be inserted into the host, and in their own arrogance thought they could manage the ever increasing drain from the host and reap the whirlwind of easy money and power obtained. Well, they did, for a while that is... The result of that unrestrained greed has brought us all to about the seventy-second mark into that ninety-second time-lapse fruit video. No mater from which way you look at it, that bowl of fruit is looking pretty ugly and unappetizing at this point from any angle.

Hey, that's simple.. We only really have two choices here. First being;

Let the current circumstances continue and watch the outcome of the time-lapse video. Or in the alternative, rip out most of the IVs feeding the fungus and mold where it dies a quick death. Protect the seeds of the fruit left over that have not been devoured, replanting them for a new harvest. And most importantly of all, take the steps necessary to limit the natural propagation growth of the fungus and mold so that our fruit we grow and put in the bowl will be available to us all for extended periods of time. Colorful and appetizing for all time to come. Will this be done the easy way or the hard way? Time and an awakening will tell..

Outside of the metaphors above, and in reality, what candidate was running for president of the USA who did, has, and will have the qualifications and will to do so? What candidate has openly stated for over twenty-years his objective to downsize government significantly? This same candidate who the media and both political parties marginalized with less conversation that would take place at a KKK meting in the thirties of interracial dating? Who, if this article was read by one-hundred million Americans that now looked at the core of his platform and his established voting record for smaller government would upon that revelation by all would win the election by write-in ballot cast from those readers if they comprehended clearly what was said here?

Don't be sucked into the propagandized trick of two candidates being offered by the syndicate as if you were being given a choice. You are not being given a choice but only being tricked into the option of voting for the lesser of two evils. (evils with a smile and a warm glance I may add)

The syndicate marginalized candidate of whom I speak? That person would be Ron Paul. The problem though at this time is as a result of the well played out "intentional marginalization with motive" the syndicate played out with its strong hold over the sound-bite susceptible populace, has created the illusion of only two choices for President. The reality here of this being the case is definitely not so.

Mr. Paul has recently endorsed Chuck Baldwin who has a running mate of  Darrell Castle. It is not that I don't like Mr. Castle, but I would really like to see a Chuck Baldwin - Ron Paul ticket as things develop over the next few days. But come election time, if not, I stand with a write-in for Ron Paul. I have no illusion as to "a choice" as presented by the syndicate. Come election time if one-hundred million people "get it" and pull out their pens to write-in their choice, we could be looking at the biggest upset for the syndicate to date, and the freezing of that time-lapse video mentioned above for true corrective action to take place. Otherwise, the outcome is pretty well assured, and it is not a pretty one..

Things on the "to do" checklist after election time:

1. Immediate downsizing of government, local and federal.

2. The complete and thorough auditing of all wealth now amassed by government, especially their international off-shore managed funds [URGENTLY NEEDED]. I note government promotes debt, but the real issue is how much of that debt is truly being funded with government's own investment wealth? When they do this, they create their own undisclosed equivalent of taxation through pushing that debt now funded through the back door with their own investment assets getting a return that the people are designated to repay.

3. Consolidating of the wealth amassed by government for administrative restructuring to phase out all taxation. Yes, all! Only 1/3rd of government's gross income is derived from tax income. The other 2/3rds is investment and enterprise income. They do not need the tax income if trimmed appropriately at this time...

That time-lapse video is clicking away frame by frame. Time to put the brakes on now and put those brakes on real hard before we all like blind and frantic lemmings follow the pied piper of the cliff to our inevitable destruction.

Keep in mind, if you read between the lines of what you are being fed by the syndicated media and financial pawns on the chess board is that government in its slap happy venture for take-over of the wealth from the people, and the effect it has had on the economy wants more money, more IVs sunk in to the host so that they can get their next fix to secure their own investment returns that you did not even know they were amassing in the first place at your expense.

See the forest first, then the trees. That jungle they have created for us all as we slept greatly limits our vision from the inside looking out. Step back and view from the outside and above looking in.

Catch the scope and size of what has developed as we all were masterfully entertained in the twilight of the masterfully orchestrated induced sleep for others profit and increased control for perpetuation of the same.

It is time to take back our country. Have you been burnt enough or are you waiting for the flames of greed to reach the hairs of your nostrils for your absolute consumption by the flash of flames?

Remember the past, so that you know what is important to make happen today for "our" future!

 Truly yours,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

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