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Subject: Re: CAFRs simplified?
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 19:04:25 EST

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I barely grasp the concepts you address for two reasons: The magnitude of the numbers nearly exceeds ordinary human comprehension. A fraud of that numerical magnitude (and the number of necessary players) seems so improbable as to approach impossible.

I have tried to explain CAFRs to others. I find myself failing in the task. This could be the result of my own lack of full knowledge It could also rest on my admission that the mathematical probability of a con of this size would seem to approach nil.

As for the latter, I well realize that the only way a con game functions is that the patsy holds a similar belief. Thus, the incredibility of the situation probably goes to support it rather than deny it. But as for the magnitude of the numbers and the complexity of where those numbers shall be found - I am desperately seeking some analogy which might be used to put the situation into terms more easily grasped by my fellows.

Any advice would be appreciated.




1. There are over 85,000 local government Incs, each with there own revenue and investments.

a. When looking at each, say Manhattan 1.2 Trillion, NY Throughway 31 billion, NJ
    State 384 billion, Orange County 21 billion, we have just listed 4 of the 85,000 and
    here is 1.636 trillion. Now think about the other 84,996 local government entities.
    Anyone having a problem with conceptualizing totals yet?

b. Local Governments total up to about 44 trillion, Federal to about 16 trillion.
    Total: 60 Trillion Dollars

c. Out of that figure government pension funds equal about 28 trillion.

d. Just composite government pension funds generated about 4.3 trillion last year.

e. Total personal income, 1999, from all people in the USA was 8.2 trillion dollars.

    SOURCE: Note section of the; Federal Combined Financial Statement

f. Approximate taxation both local and federal, 1999, 3.4 trillion dollars

e. Composite governments "gross income," "all sources," 8.5 trillion dollars.


1. Total "Gross receipts," All, budgetary, restricted by statute, autonomous.

2. Total "Investments," All, budgetary, restricted by statute, autonomous.

3. Total "Net Worth," All, budgetary, restricted by statute, autonomous.

4. "Growth", of government over 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years

We talk, think, and plan these 4 words every day of our adult personal lives.

Why is it that not one person that I have spoken to has the foggiest clue as to these four words above as they would apply to their City, County, State, School District, Road Authority, government owned Power Authority, Government owned Financial Authority, State owned University, etc.?

Why is it that not one politician, will ever speak of, or give a direct response to the answer to these 4 basic words in describing the overall structure?

Why is it that the syndicated news media nor Educational Institutions never speak these 4 basic words in describing the overall structure?

The 4 basic fundamental words that play such a primary role in our own personal lives, a void of comprehension has been intentionally orchestrated to our disadvantage.

The answer to the above is that, with forethought, the takeover syndicate knew that by maintaining that void of 101 basic comprehension from the public as it would pertain to composite government, this would allow for over a period of time, 55 years, starting in 1945, for the complete takeover of the wealth of this country right under the noses of the public, and through said takeover, the complete economic and physical control of that public. Anyone having a problem yet in getting a wake up call?

When counting the grains of sand on the beach, don't pick up a handful of sand and look at it in your hand saying that's a lot of sand in my hand. Look at the beach and realize that the beach goes on well outside of your view when thinking of how big the beach is!

The government and the world financial economic empires [run by people with names, faces, and address] have become overbearingly parasitic in nature. The problem here is that the tick on the 50 pound dog is now 150 pounds. "Picture that one in your mind."

Now we have to ask ourselves, answer, and then act on the most basic question of all! Who, do we want to survive, the tick or the dog? That issue has to be acted on immediately being that the dog is becoming weaker from dragging that tick around, and the outcome is self evident unless necessary force is applied at this time to correct the situation and save the dog from the parasitic nature of the tick.

Now the tick in it's benevolent wisdom from when it first planted itself on the dog, convinced the dog that it was a symbiotic relationship. That tactic of a symbiotic relationship, now that the tick is 150 lbs is not convincing the dog, and the dog is becoming skeptical if not outright hostile. The response from the tick: drain more blood, [make the dog weaker], and dig in deeper [compensate for the dog trying to shake the tick off], and the tick is buddying up to the dog catcher in case the dog needs to be confined. [control the dog so that it can be fed on by constrained force]

For the dogs out there it's time to team up together and work on tick elimination, OR GENETIC engineering to modify the parasite to make the tick self sufficient from what the tick has gorged it's self on already. Engineering implemented with no further bleeding of the dog necessary to allow for the ticks survival. This has to be done while the dog still has the blood and energy to do so. Let the dogs, the cats, and all of the other animals of the forest team up together for parasite elimination. [At least until a tolerable level is reached as to the size of the tick(s)]

Evolution, and God's good graces has allowed us to find shelter, food, and prosper for thousands of years. Systematic and effective Parasite elimination / reengineering should not be that difficult of a task when we all [Non-Ticks] focus on the issue. Realizing that our survival as we, our parents, and our grand parents know it, is at serious and immediate risk in all senses of the word, for systematic and continued destruction by the Parasite.

Yours Truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.

PS: Dog to a dyslexic is God.

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