Show Me the Money! CAFR reviews
by Walter Burien - 01/28/08


Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:00 pm     Post subject: Re: real results
len warner wrote:
until someone actually does research into 1 municipalities CAFR and finds assets which may have been taxpayer originated this remains a tough sell... are we to believe that none past or present who has served as an auditor in an independent capacity or in any capacity has not challenged the origin of assets ...???????

CAFR1 wrote:

Oh well then!

The following are CAFR reviews prepared by Gerald Klatt (thirty year Federal Auditor - FBI and CIA trained) of 2003 State CAFRs. Just as in 2003, States were crying budget shortfall. The same applies for 2008 except the States have increased their spending and take from the people each and every year. Look at the following reviews and the same line items apply for the 2007 State CAFRs with whatever adjustment currently applicable for today, 2008.

Keep in mind when looking at a State review, this is just for "State Government Inc." if the thousand or so of the "other" local governments in the State were included, the figures would be substantially greater. Massive, as you can see from the few County and City reviews done in AZ at the end, now think of the totals for all..... from within the State. Smile Comrade, it could be worse........ or could it?

For the last time: Now take the ball and run with it, if you can that is? IQ of over 120 required

The figures for the State reviews are in thousands, so add three zeros at the end of each figure.

I guess the "Boys" from within government, the political parties, controlled education, and the syndicated media have been too busy spending your money to do reviews of the CAFRs, but Gerald did. Wink   Also see:

Alabama -

Alaska -

Arizona -

California -

Colorado -

Florida -

Georgia -

Hawaii -

Idaho -

Illinois -

Indiana -

Iowa -

Kentucky -

Louisiana -

Maryland -

Massachusetts -

Michigan -

Minnesota -

Mississippi -

Montana -

Nebraska -

Nevada -

New Jersey -

New York -

North Carolina -

North Dakota -

Ohio -

Oklahoma -

Oregon -

Pennsylvania -

South Carolina -

Tennessee -

Texas -

Utah -

Virginia -

Washington -

West Virginia -

Wisconsin -

Wyoming -

A few Arizona Counties and Cities

Maricopa County -

City of Mesa -

City of Phoenix -

Pima County -

City of Scottsdale -

City of Tempe -

City of Glendale -


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