by Walter Burien

James comments and WJB replies:

> Walter:
> The world is in trouble, money isn't the only thing us Americans are being deprived of, also we
> are kept ignorant and uninformed, knowing only what the syndicated media(the TUBE) lets us
> know.
SEE ZEITGEIST! on Google video
> James


I watched ZEITGEIST the movie when it first came out.

What it all boils down to is government is operating under a systematic corporate philosophy. There is no true humanity in a corporate identity, only a machine for takeover and expansion as most of the controllers that operate the machine guarantee themselves ever expanding revenue to enrich themselves. They also justify this by calculated and wasteful spending or stipends distributed to the masses to keep all on the hook of implied services rendered.

What is really scary is we have a bunch of spoiled little ruthless yuppies taking over the helm and what's even worse is, over 65% of them are attorneys. The public soon will be flayed, diced, and spiced and then thrown in the oven  to be basted, rotated, and then served for diner. All that they ever owned will belong to the government corporation including their kids. To bad the majority of the public keeps telling themselves: "There is something wrong here but I just can't figure it out!"

If an individual steals from you, or tries to kill or destroy you, you know specifically who to retaliate against. Many scum hide behind the government corporate vale of structure to do the same. Here they have created an illusion of anonymity whereby they also have structured themselves to control any consequences for their own criminal actions. (Foxes overseeing the hen house and the foxes want to disarm you just in case you object to their policy)

Can you hear them laughing amongst themselves in their back halls as they spend what use to be your money? Telling you over and over again it is being done for your own good?


The old-timers, MANY of WHOM had well earned ethics, honor, and fortitude, are DYING off. If things stay on the currant course, when they are gone from the checks and balances scheme, the next Russian / French revolution will burst forward with ugly consequences having a new scenery for the event being the USA. The all to present scum perpetuating cloaked government corporate greed build their wealth and thus establish their power base as the rest are diminished into extinction.

If you want a child to grow, you feed it. If you want it to die, you starve it. Well, as of 2008 we are feeding this child we allowed to grow unfettered now directly or "indirectly" voluntarily or by lethal force applied upon us to do so, at the tune of about ten-trillion dollars a year. (only 1/3rd of government's gross income is from taxation)

I note that the "gross" personal income of the entire population both private sector and government employees of the USA come 2008 is about twelve trillion per year. Stop being distracted by the twigs in the forest, this is what the forest has become, now think and comprehend the scope, size, and reality of "the forest"!

Well, there is a mild scream in the wind now. When that turns into a shrilling screech, then maybe there will be consequences for those spoiled little yuppie attorneys. (unfortunately at dire expense to the public though due to lack of advance effective action taken to protect themselves from the circumstances they find themselves in today)

I also note that the economy is teetering now DUE TO THE FACT that government through its own market manipulations sucked about 15 to 20 trillion dollars out of the world economy primarily using off-shore investment funds whereby trillions were transferred from one hand (domestic operations) into the other hand (off-shore operations).

Keep those masses chasing their tail now as you walk off with all the hens in the hen house! The syndicated media being in a symbiotic relationship with government now says over and over again: "Look all of the hens are gone from the hen house, when are we going to get some more?"

If you really look and stop being distracted and entertained by the government and media syndicate, you might just find out where all of those hens have been stashed off-shore, specifically by whom, and how it was done..

The TRF at is a new-born. Will this child grow? If you feed it, it will grow in direct proportions to what it is fed.

So far as of today's date and since the launch of the TRFA in November of 2008, in reality it has been fed to help it grow with an amount that makes it look like an infant from the worst drought stricken region of the world. Feed it and it will build its strength to fight and apply effective remedy. Starve it and it will die. The choice is yours!

Here is my favorite attorney joke: What do they call 500,000 drowned attorneys at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start! (The majority of them created their own reputation over the years to create this sentiment and they did so of their own free will, knowingly; willingly; and intentionally as they filled their pocks with ever growing stacks of $100 bills)

There are no longer three distinct branches of government. There is only one now networked as three by an armada of attorneys at the helm: Governors - Senators - Congressmen - Executive - with the Judicial pulling the strings with them all as a cooperative pact for massive self enrichment.

Ready for a change? Let's take it all back! TRF's operating in every venue across the land.. It will start with just one city, township, or county, so who or what group of people out there have the resources and will to make it happen? Time will tell if the child grows or starves?

I make special note: If you have the resources to make the TRF happen in your venue, and wish to apply them to make it happen, then TRFA can repay your investment with a good return as a TRFA reimbursement for marketing expense upon passage of the TRF for implementation in your venue.

(For those that wish to and can apply the truly needed resources now to make it happen, the child as it grows can pay you a nice dividend on top of phasing out all taxation!)

Truly yours,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532 and


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