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We have seen this last week the massive plunge in the DOW and other markets. The real can of worms here is that government starting in the 80's to present off-shored massive amounts of their investment capital outside of the dollar and open visibility. This is where the "need to look" is mandatory for derivative short and long activities and resulting balance sheet profits are a must to be reviewed.. Otherwise, knowing how government operates, the public will just hear as government promotes but one side of the coin: "Oh, we all know how much the market has fallen, this has created a shortfall on our pensions and investment operating accounts. We need to raise taxation."

Yeh, right. Have them sign a statement of what their "international" and domestic derivative profits "to-date" were in off-set to their physical holdings and losses.. If and when you get an answer there, you will find out who took all the money (trillions) from the losses the general public sustained not being "in the loop" with this orchestrated crash and short derivatives play..

With derivatives, for every looser their is a winner on the other side. Look over the fence and you will see the effect of unrestrained government growth, power, and greed obtained. Cute thing was, they took 700 billion from the taxpayers just before putting the final leg of their short derivative plan into motion. I guess they needed a little extra margin money before scooping up all the rest of the cash remaining through the use of their short international derivative play. With derivatives, trillions lost is trillions gained for the other side of the play.. Keep this in mind as you read the following article published 07/30/08  - WJB


From: Walter Burien <>
To:  "Bruce Chesley"
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Subject: Re: The Case for Hanging Errant Public Officials


In reply to your communication copied below with the link to Devvy Kidd's article, I have always been a believer in 1 + 1 = 2

So, if you have a bully on the block who steals all the kids lunch money every morning, what stops him?

People keep talking; writing; and spotlighting the bully taking everyone's lunch money but the bully says "Ha, ha" all the way to the bank.

In the investment arena, the whole game is profit by conversion. You convert someone Else's wealth into your pocket. Net balance sheets establish the "winner" and the "looser". The game applies to domestic and international balance sheets valued in dollars "and" other currencies. With derivatives at play (which may involve advance forward contracts years in advance), it does not matter if stock and commodity prices go up or down in price, the only factor is how you have averaged your net physical and derivative positions for bottom line balance sheet profits.

In the case of government (and the inside players moving policy) they are the bully taking everyone's lunch money for their profit.

The answer to how they do that so easily is: Without any serious on the point questions being asked from 99% of the public, the public's balance sheets keep going down and in the red as the looser with a proportional increase in the governments domestic and "international" balance sheets and the control it accomplishes ever advancing in the black.  Government setting policy and holding the majority of the investment wealth is the definition of a monopoly of no equal for profit. Policy by government over the last fifty years has been designed for substantial profits being created at the expense of the largest resource of wealth, on the planet, the public.

War; housing bubble; higher taxation; debt promoted; sky-rocketing oil prices all are very profitable as orchestrated circumstances with well designed soundbites fed to the public where the public's focus is being directed in left field as if being nails two feet under a 2,000 volt electro magnet when the switch is thrown and thus almost all from the public are exclusively viewing what is being spoon fed them in left field as they maintain being oblivious to what's going on in right field.

The public is conditioned to pay taxes and have the debt pushed on them and the amazing point is: The public in general never looks past those selectively created government "budget" reports to see the where, how, and who's account those composite trillions of dollars are directly or indirectly flowing into. For the last fifty years the government investment portfolios have grown each and every year by funneling public funds out the front door and then a good portion of those funds back in through the back door now reclassified by government as ownership by investment within their own restricted by statute investment assets now detached from the public treasury and public view.

Funds that grow based on policy set and circumstances created. Internationally local and federal "composite" investments held is now as of 2008 a conservative 110 trillion dollars in  value. The public may see the billion dollar contracts that flow out the door to companies like Halliburton but then how many look at how much of Halliburton does the composite government investment funds own that directly profit from those billions flowing out the front door and then in the back? The public does not look at the government investment funds to view the corresponding interrelationship of the same cash outflow movement of mass funds that directly benefit the government investment funds.

One of the key denominators is the use of public funds (tax revenue) to guarantee a profits on the positioned government investments, both domestic and international. It is a finite and very complicated game but what is important is the end result. End result of 911? Trillions picked up. End result of the high interest rates in the 80's? Trillions picked up. End result of outsourcing of US jobs to Asia, Russia, India, Mexico, and South America? Trillions picked up. The end result of high crude oil prices and the current housing bubble for government investment portfolios? Trillions have, are, and will be picked up. The public's wealth is drained and their investments are depleted each year in the orchestrated confusion and most government investment funds never miss a beat in the black and further domestic and "international" ownership is consolidated.

Sound bites fed out from the syndicated media? They do EXACTLY what they are paid to do, and they are paid VERY well. The job performed is to entertain us all to maintain "business as usual" as the control and ownership is consolidated through the government investment portfolios, and they do an EXCELLENT job accomplishing exactly that. Those on the inside track who "know" what the future intent and end results are going to be of government policy can become very wealth very fast. There are many eager participants on the inside just waiting to be allowed to take the next step closer to being higher up on the inside track. It is like knowing the results of the horse race before the horses leave the gates. The easiest way to take the wealth away from all others with the least resistance is to get them looking in left field as you haul off their wealth in right field.

So, what should the public be looking at in right field? The field where a TOTAL VACUUM has been intentionally created by the inside players over the last century towards public comprehension but in fact are where the issues of most importance rest.

A responsible population MUST look at the motive behind other individuals actions. And yes, government is only made up of individuals. It is not an entity by itself. It is merely a vehicle driven by individuals.

What has been the strongest motive and driving force behind most organized individuals since the beginning of time?  Consolidation of wealth and control obtained as the end result of that easy wealth secured. Throughout the centuries, "responsible" sharing of the wealth usually leads to harmony. Carefully guiding of wealth creation for the majority also leads to the same.

The circumstances effecting America at the present time, and as was also repeated in most civilizations throughout recorded time is; when prosperity reaches a point for the majority, generations pass and the new generations forget the spirit, motive, and effort that was required from past generations that accomplished prosperity for the majority and thus the fabric and foundation of society becomes weak and begins to crumble. When this occurs, and as it occurs the ruthless and inherently corrupt opportunists knowing easy feeding grounds are opening due to public apathy and ignorance jump in to feed. I call them the Jackals and Hyenas from within the population. They take advantage of the circumstances and walk off with massive pieces of the wealth on each bite. The more well placed the Jackal or Hyena is, the bigger the bite of easy money. Their numbers grow and their packs builds in strength. This has been taking place primarily from the 1980's through 2008.

This structure started in the 30's and 40's carefully creating the environment in the United States through intertwined "private Gov associations" to direct government into an administrative clearing house for revenue collection making this opportunity ripe for the Jackals and Hyenas  whereby the feeding grounds were established and then those grounds were ready to fully exploit come the 80's. The stage, environment, and psychological conditioning of the public was set to deploy the plan for wealth conversion and absolute control of the most valuable  resource on the planet the American public and the property they owned. A wealth conversion being done on a scale unheard of in all of history, I go back to what I said before: what should the public be looking at in right field?

This boils down to viewing "ownership" and thus the control availed by that ownership. Government has gone out of their way to make sure the public could not view composite ownership by government of the Stock Market, Banking investments, Insurance Company equity participation, and International investments.

Government will not consolidate a clear showing of "totals" other than individual showings of specific local or federal government agencies in which there are over one-hundred thousand separate municipal; enterprise; and financial government operations. If you get a look at the totals, where they are held, establishing composite ownership, the policy and actions of government become crystal clear, and transparent. Government creates circumstance to have the end effect of that circumstance consolidating control and ownership of "everything" by government and thus the easy street set in stone for the inside players. Ownership of your house, property, life and children's lives included.  Forced productivity serfdom is now well in place in these United States with the take by the government players growing each and every day unabated. Taxation is just one fractional aspect of the take. So far it looks like controlled education, the syndicated media, and both democratic and republican parties, as well as those big name taxpayer associations have done an excellent job making sure the public was clueless as to comprehension or focus on that 2/3rds of the other sources of gross income rolling in the back door for government.


1. What has government accomplished by ownership. Well, most of us are familiar with government locking the public into taxation and the abuses blossoming there from. Easy money by taxation for the inside players. But, unknown to the public is that taxation is only 1/3rd of the gross income for well established local and federal government now. The other 2/3rds comes in from return on domestic and international investments and revenue generated and held from quasi government Enterprise operations. Two federal enterprise operations Fanny and Freddie have been in the news lately due to mortgage defaults. The public may see soundbites as to these entities stock value doping, or the billions involved in mortgage defaults. The place where the vacuum of public comprehension is maintained is the biggest aspect of all: With six-trillion dollars of mortgages held, who are the "investors"  behind those mortgages? Stock value of the company is quite different from investors equity held in the mortgages. Well, no surprises here. Local municipal governments and federal investments. Look at the policy in the last few weeks towards Fanny and Freddie and by knowing this you will now comprehend how government is protecting it's own standing investments through the use of public tax funds. Protecting government investments the public did not have a clue existed in the first place that were transformed from public funds into government restricted by statute investments.

2. What is the consolidated total of local and federal government domestic and "international" investments? Stock market domestic and International; Commodities derivative accounts domestic and International; Banking credit card and mortgages; Insurance Company equity participation; shopping malls, stadiums, apartment / condo complexes owned by investment?  A good place to start is by adding up the balances of those government pension funds and the holdings therefrom. They are the easiest to see the what; when; where; and how much is held. Getting the current trillion dollar totals from an international off-shore investment account such as the one that CALPERs established for all other local governments to participate with back in the early 80's is a much harder task.

As totals are compiled and seen whereby the policy and the implications for profit and control behind that policy is seen, the responsible stewards left from the implied American dream and life as it was supposed to be will become very irate and I would also say that when they see, they will become very scared upon realizing the scope and size of the takeover that took place right under the public's nose as they were masterfully entertained to look in left field as the takeover took place in right field. If you are a true steward, the reaction from you when you catch it would be like if years ago you saw a little cockroach run under the fridge but you didn't bother to step on it. Years went by and you heard the cockroach stir from time to time but you did nothing being it was just one little cockroach. Well, one day you found yourself in a bad mood and decided "I'm going to stomp on that pesky cockroach" and move the fridge out from the wall and when you do, you jump back in fear when you see a cockroach step out that is twice your size, five times stronger than you, has an ethical brain smaller than a pea, it is very hungry, and is looking at you. Your actions at this point are very limited, and now that you have moved the fridge out from the wall exposing yourself to the cockroach you better think fast and your chosen action better be effective or in the alternative kiss your a*s goodbye. Your last thought if you make the wrong move will be: "Why did I move that fridge?" If you think correctly and take down the cockroach in one swift move, your first thought will be: "Good thing I moved the fridge and saw that thing before it got any bigger.

Start looking by yourself and with friends. Bring in others. With your limited findings of totals, mandate (don't ask) for consolidated totals from your city, county, and then state. Remember, in each state there are thousands of municipal local government operations and as the totals are complied the scope of the totals will start boggling the mind. You will also start to see a pattern of investment timing and orchestrated events or policy being played out. Then consolidate the findings from the other states... and just think, we were told as kids the government in Russia was bad because they owned everything. Well, government here taught the Ruskies the errors of their ways. Don't let the public know they are owned and watch how much harder they run on the tread mill generating more wealth for you to take by tribute or by force through well masked vales of ownership.

It is not to late to stop this takeover that is almost finalized cold in its tracks. The key is to make the public the "direct" beneficiary of the total scope of the takeover.

Taxation is no loner needed if at all it ever was. Qualify the scope of ownership by composite government. Don't be misdirected by soundbites and hype, do what we have all done for most of our life's towards our own circumstances. Since we were kids and up until old age have kept a running totals of our cash, investments, and net worth in the back of our minds. NOW DO THE SAME FOR GOVERNMENT. We as stewards have left the vault door open and in fact 99% of the public would say,"Duh, vault, what vault?" Well, slap yourself across the face a few times, take a cold shower, and then start adding up the totals to qualify the true motive and scope of the takeover that took place as you and we all slept. Ownership of our country, freedom, and our future are at stake here. Nothing more and nothing less.

For municipal corporations, their CAFR is a good place to start. Google will start the ball rolling for you when you do a search for CAFR and your city, county, state, school district, gov pension, university, community college, etc in quotes.


                    2. "School District" CAFR 
3. (Gov pension funds) PERS CAFR  a Google trick I have learned is to do to spot what you are looking for is do the search and then click on the Google "images" for that search and then the report covers, picture of managers, or aspect picture will be displayed for easy click and access. (Image search for the same) PERS CAFR  
4.(for some enterprise authorities)  "Authority Comprehensive Annual Financial Report"    
5. (for state universities) "University of" "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report"
Is government going to limit its takeover and finalization from the inside? Not a chance. There are to many "individuals" suckling on the fatted cow. They have been and will be to busy consolidating their plans for ultimate control "worldwide". Control accomplished by trickery, willing participation, or by force due to the massive easy money involved. Control abuses of easy money truly has been the root of all evil since the dawn of recorded history.

The ones that are orchestrating the takeover, are they being punished? Quite the opposite. They are getting hefty pay raises and promotions.

For the Public to reverse the trend and effect steps necessary to make the public the direct beneficiary of the takeover accomplished by government to date, the public needs to comprehend the scope of the takeover in the first place. Government and their cohorts from the syndicated media promote debt and taxation, but then not a word as to how much of that debt is currently or will be funded with governments own investment funds where the public is locked in to pay it back with interest by taxation and thus guaranteeing government a profit on those investments.

Again, with taxation now being only 1/3rd of the gross income, government does not need taxation. What government needs is to be grabbed by the scuff of the neck and put under control, downsized, and the thieves involved therefrom arrested, prosecuted, and thrown in their own prisons. I note many of the thieves that have predominantly orchestrated the takeover from the inside bear the title of Attorney.

TRF funds can start the public down the path to becoming the true beneficiary. Generic disclosure of a TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) can be viewed here. Its end result is a strong positive for the public, the economy, and responsible government. The takeover stays in place, the fascist control over the public diminishes, the public regains ownership of their property, what is done through the TRF is the direct beneficiary of the standing government investment wealth is changed through the TRF to be the public. Under this process taxation also becomes a word of the past. It is no longer needed due to the operation and functions of the TRF.

Sent FYI and yours truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
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Tel: 928-445-3532


Pension funds pay a salary and benefits at retirement. Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs! This now makes the people the true owners with government being the true service provider. Government has already shown that a TRF works by example through the management of their own combined multi-trillion dollar pension funds! CAFR1 says: Make it law and make it so!
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From:  "Bruce Chesley"
Subject:  The Case for Hanging Errant Public Officials
Date:  Tue, July 29, 2008 5:36 am


Speeches Ignore Impending U.S. Debt Disaster by Carolyn Lochhead, September 12, 2004: "Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics Chairman at Boston University, who has written abundantly on this subject, offers up a shocking response on how to close a $51 trillion dollar fiscal gap: "To give you idea how big the problem is, you'd have to have an immediate and permanent 78 percent hike in the federal income tax." More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent; Raise income taxes by two thirds (roughly 78%), immediately and forever; Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever;"

As I said in my column highlighting Ms. Lochhead's warning, "That's not the end of it: "...borrowing by Congress to fund their immoral and unconstitutional wars, UN dues, 18% of the IMFs budget, billions in corporate welfare, trillions in foreign "aid," all these social welfare programs and basic government functions continues to rack up debt at a rate of $1.69 BILLION dollars a day from an empty treasury." I wrote those words September 28, 2004. Now the daily rape is $2.27 BILLION dollars per day - borrowed from foreign governments and banks. What you have is a financial disaster coming that will drown every American whose last name isn't Rockefeller, Sensenbrenner, Kennedy, Feinstein, McCain, Bush, Clinton or Frist."

Now, go to the below link and read the entire article.

Bruce Chesley
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The Case for Hanging Errant Public Officials
Now we understand why the Democrats stubbornly refuse to drill responsibly: these Gods from the bowels of Hell are going to force Americans into further financial distress in order to push their lunatic "green" agenda (drilling in ANWR will "kill the environment") and the big hoax known as global warming.......
by Devvy Kidd