And "The Beat Goes On"
by Walter Burien

Two questions asked by Kirk Beck and two answers given by Walter Burien:

From:    "Kirk Beck"
Subject:  Two Questions?
Date:      Sun, June 14, 2009 12:58 am

Dear Mr Burien,

I have been following your posts for several months with much interest.  I have 2 questions.
1. Are you aware of Continental Congress 2009?

2. Do you believe massive inflation is on the way due to the trillions of fiat dollars needed for the federal budget?
I would like to see your ideas advanced before the patriot community.  You seem to be the only source for this perspective.

Kirk Beck
Riverside, CA



Question #1 Answer: Yes, from when Bob Schulz and the others first launched I signed up through their site to be a representative from AZ at the Continental Congress 2009. From the day I signed up, I have not heard a peep back from anyone organizing the Continental Congress 2009 as to my application being accepted or declined. At this point I look at it as being an interesting well meaning event, great marketing being done, but due to the established power structure and the influence they will have on the event itself, it will be a learning event with the potential for meaningful real impact being very limited at this time but then maybe down the road possible if the intent of the upper level management of the group is true as implied.

Question #2 Answer: Your question here should not be inflation concerns but in reality by example given: If you were my son and I gave you $100,000 a year for you to live a good life, and over the years you finagled the ability out of opportunity to take $5,000,000 a year from me, would I be concerned about the inflation you would create by spending the $5,000,000 or should I be concerned that you finagled the $5,000,000 now per year from me in the first place? Additionally I would be concerned if I made a very big mistake in giving you $100,000 a year in the first place? Per inflation that question is already answered by example of normal consistency over the last sixty-years and my answer requires a multiple part answer to get "the big picture" in sight and they are as follows:

A.  If you look at the year 1955 and compare it to 2009, inflation was the inevitable unavoidable intent of the controllers as the fiat currency base of the US Dollar was expanded each year. If you took a look at the intrinsic value of all property in the US and all property now owned by US interests worldwide valued with dollars in 1955 and then compared it to 2009, you would probably be looking at a factor of 20X or greater. The real job of the Federal Reserve was to allow for unlimited expansion whereby acquisition primarily by government was accomplished while at the same time keeping inflation (buying power of the dollar as strong as possible). Well, in all "reality" they did a pretty good job and did just that in perspective.

B. The dollar in negative perspective decreased in buying power worldwide since 1955 by a factor of 5X while at the same time takeover by acquisition (primarily by collective US local and federal government) based on intrinsic value owned by US interests increased by a factor of 20X. So in that light they did an excellent job.

C. What was necessary for them to pull this off was taxation. Through taxation 100% of those dollars were funneled back into government whereby government "was the primary party" that covertly took it all over by acquisition to where come 2009 government "owns it all" through investment; tax-lien; productivity value drain / control from the populace; and the legal / strong-arm structure in place to "take you out" if you object. Here government's "collective take" in "all" respects increased by a factor of 50X, but then as the saying goes: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely", and look at the massive money involved here.

D. My conservative estimates are about 110 trillion dollars in real value is now owned by US collective government and the "intrinsic value" of all property owned in the US or owned by US interests as being 550 to 700 trillion dollars in collective value. It is very sad to note that government has a tax-lien and statutory control for confiscation on most of that property. But then in 1955 there were less than 10% attorneys involved in government and as of 2009 attorneys are calling the shots now with 70% plus of governors, congress, and senate being attorneys networking between themselves to consolidate the "absolute" takeover of the wealth as the laughter from many echos down the halls of government all the way to the bank.  Additionally the three branches of government have effectively been infiltrated and dissolved by inter-cooperation of the attorneys operating as one force with a common goal of enslaving the entire world as one big productivity apple for them to munch on at their whim and under their control as they masterfully imply they are performing a service and helping us. I remember an expression from my youth that went: "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" Or as Al Capone use to say back in the 30's: "What the hell are we doing fighting government, let's become government and we can then take whatever we want!", and as I begrudgingly say, "And the rest is history."

E.  There is no accident that come 2009 the US has the highest prison population; lowest education scores: highest rates of divorce; level of bankruptcies; drug addiction; and ever growing degree by circumstance of a psychotic population, all of these factors are VERY profitable for the attorney base in the USA. Trillions of dollars generated each year in collective take for the attorneys that is taken directly or indirectly from the population. The preceding are pushed, promoted, and micro managed to keep the truckloads of cash flowing in for the attorney base and their minions of cooperatives on the take in this country by statutory design and out of opportunity. Now I am not slamming all attorneys. There are probably a few decent, ethical, well intentioned, and a few that will not steal from you when given the opportunity to do so that are out there. Could be even as high as 5% to 10%, I have just not found them and I can count on one hand those that I have encountered in my lifetime, so I may be a little pessimistic here. Keep in mind as you and all the rest were masterfully entertained, distracted, prodded, and propagandized to, in end result most of the people voted for these attorneys to put them where they are and to do what they are doing. In fact most that voted for them did not even know they were attorneys in the first place. But then look at the money involved, the general population never had an ice cubes chance in hell of making an intelligent, well thought out decision on the important matters in face of the conditioned response controls being exerted on them by the controllers firmly entrenched with the key to the vault in their hands, at their control and disposal.

F.   You have to ask yourself some very basic questions here to cut through the BS you are fed each day to see the underling intent of the controllers. A clear example is the following in comparison with organized crime of the thirties and government today. Here are a few: What are the two most hazardous substances that many from the public are addicted to? Alcohol and cigarettes. Outside of the impression given of objection to curtail the use that is given by government, from the sale of each product whom collects 70% to 80% of the sale price? Government is the one, and the use of of those products generates a few extra trillions of dollars for government and the attorney complex as a residual effect.. Bookmaking from the 30's and 40's once run by organized crime is now run by government through the lottery and I note government collects now by a factor of 20X more than organized crime ever did by government taking over that racket. I will note that if you look at a state CAFR you will notice about 65% of the take from the lotteries goes towards "administration" of the same. The list goes on and on and in every case who takes the Lion's share? Government is the one. The attorney cartel involvement was 100% in every one of the aforementioned in their creation. Is attention given to these facts? No, and no due to the money involved. TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

G.    In looking at inflation based on the dollar, the dollar index is where I primarily look. If you look at a par value of 100, then currently when looking at the last 25-years we are at 80 and the low was about 70 at the end of 2008 - Come next year my expectation would be that the dollar index will be at about 94 to 96 after peaking out at 102. There are many factors behind my thinking but the primary factor is: When you own the cookie jar you determine the price of a cookies, how many cookies are sold, which ones get eaten, and which ones get discarded. US Collective government now owns the cookie jar. What "they" want to have happen will happen, networking as one, all tied together by private consulting associations in which and whereby through these loose associations creates the largest monopoly and power base the planet has ever seen.

H.  There are no accidental movements to the market places, only centralized game-plans implemented with an object design and underling intent exerted to take and control the worlds productivity. I note that from 2001 to 2008 it became somewhat of a free-for-all through unrestrained expansion. The greed factor was to prevalent and as an end result a tad bit slap happy towards the end with the bubble in the real-estate market popping, and the opportunity presented itself at the end of 2008 for those all so powerful government fund management teams to position play "short" the markets in tandem with massive short positions strategically placed, sit back, and watch the equity sucked out of everyone Else's pocket as those government derivative account balances shot through the roof due to their short worldwide derivative positions held. I note that much of this activity was conducted through government's off-shore managed portfolio accounts or cleared through large bank / insurance company institutional accounts for their government clients. Private clients and private pension funds got burnt alive as this transpired.

I.   If the public ever tracked down and forced a viewing of those collective government derivative trading account results from the 2008 period or in fact from 1980 to 2008, it would be rather impressive to say the least and the comprehension gained by the public would be a little bit dangerous for the controllers to also say the least. What is being promoted to the public by design is the 2008 loss side with total exclusion of the profit side of the circumstances that took place. What is also very cute is that the public is being tagged for a trillion here and a trillion there to shore-up the loss side with taxpayer funds. But then when you have absolute control, an absolute resolution in your behalf at all others expense is the end result. Entertaining the losers in the deal is the important factor to accomplish as your end goal intent is administered. The controllers as a psychology move need to give the impression that: Oh, we are in the same boat that you are in." Natives can get a little restless if they realized their own rape was orchestrated by their own overseers motivated by greed and furtherance of control over them. But due to the massive money involved as Sonny and Cher use to sing: "And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on, drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain."

J.    Now here is a scary thought I wished the majority of the public comprehended; The fiat dollar was a tool used to allow for unlimited, controlled expansion as a barter tool of no commodity value. By doing so, the expansion was almost unlimited and it allowed for the take-over by government to be facilitated. If gold had been the backing commodity behind the currency, the expansion would not have taken place. We did not own that much gold, and what we did have would only equal less than 5% of the expansion that took place. The fiat dollar was a brilliant move in light of the economic expansion that took place. The government take-over part was an ilk this country did not need to have happen.

K.   The big cartels outside of, but controlling to a certain extent government have since 1964 been buying up all of the gold bullion worldwide, tons per week, each and every week therefrom. They have the primary stockpile of gold. If the dollar was converted to a gold backed currency for any reason, the dollar would instantly loose 85% of its worldwide intrinsic value and gold prices would jump to $3,000 on the first leg, and $6,000 on the next. The American people would be left penniless after in conversion to a gold backed currency their wealth would be stripped from them in that conversion. Now you would have a few gold bugs who own a few hundred ounces of gold elated for a short while just like Barabbas getting 40 pieces of silver, but after reflection on what just happened and seeing the USA instantly being turned into a third world country, they may just hang themselves too.

L.    Is for Long Lasting solution: My suggestion has always been if you want to back the dollar with a commodity, do it with commodities we own through a commodity index that includes all of the precious metals, grains, soft commodities, and especially inclusive a land index. Here the USA owns all of the aforementioned in totals equivalent to the current intrinsic value of the dollar. The gold bugs don't get killed but they don't make a killing. Additionally the dollar would naturally appreciate in value along with the wealth maintained by the people.

M.    Is for Money; Management; Masterfully; and Morality: As the people were masterfully entertained over the decades government took it all over by investment and statutory regulation by design. The money management institutions in place already managing the government wealth standing is there for the people to directly benefit from if administrative modification is implemented. The TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) proposed by the TRFA (TaxRetirement Fund Association) is being implemented to redirect the wealth to the people for direct benefit through the complete elimination of taxation. Here the people's wealth base grows and not government's.  Government is maintained within specific checks and balances.The exclusion of the people here has been immoral to say the least and in the alternative the end result application of the TRF brings morality back into the picture and open visibility / transparency of the wealth for the people to see as they benefit directly therefrom. The management teams government is currently using are in place to do the job for the TRF. Also the collective totals of the TRFs that would be under management creates an environment in all respects that acts as a stabilizing force for the economy, future technology development, and most important of all the wealth base maintained and growing for the people of the United States of America. To make this happen for the people will require some pretty sharp people backed by some pretty hefty resources considering the opposition they will be up against to modify the status-quo.

N.     Is for National Nomination: The TRF is a "Private Association" but designed as the wedge to openly modify government for the returned ownership to the people one venue at a time, not as was the case with other "Private Associations" that were quietly and covertly slipped in from the 40's, 50's and 60's that were designed to modify government to take the wealth from the people by covert and hidden design. Will the syndicate back, help, or advance the cause of the TRF? Not an ice cubes chance in hell at this time. They are to entrenched in their control and self-wealth access they have established to make a change such as this. Can the people make it happen? Again I will repeat: To make this happen for the people will require some pretty sharp people backed by some pretty hefty resources considering the opposition they will be up against to modify the status-quo. One example in application is all that is needed for the rest to follow and the syndicate knows this and covertly at this time they are doing everything in their power to marginalize the idea before it grows. They will not be successful, the seed has been planted and taking root in the minds of the people, it will happen the only question is where and when.

O.    Is for One: It only takes one to make things happen and the number of one's is growing times a factor of a million and possibly soon by a factor of one-hundred-million. It is urgent to get that one example of one venue up and running for the rest to follow. We are at war folks, time to muster the forces to commit their honor and fortunes to protect themselves as being We The People of the United States of America from all enemies domestic and foreign if we are to survive as a free people.

Yours truly,

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

PS: Make the investment wealth of government directly benefit the people and taxation be gone! TRF now!

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