Signing on to Swim in the Ocean
by Walter Burien


From:    "Dick Gentry"
Subject: Signing On
Date:     Tue, June 16, 2009 10:08 am

Dear Mr. Burien:

I "think" I am beginning to understand CAFR1 & TRF.

It sounds a bit like argumentation I have engaged-in that, on balance, simply irritates listener's. In my experience, there is (currently) a societal "lock" on how most individuals begin any thinking they may attempt relative to "how the USA really works." The basis of the "lock" is the "education system," based as it is on way too many High Level Political Abstractions, most of which are demonstrably false, out of date, or misunderstood. That said (brief version), how can one "convince" a substantive majority of the voters to even consider RADICAL political changes as you promote?

I rather like the stealth-revolution you propose. However, at this point, it appears almost Utopian to think Americans can be torn-away from their current political & economic mush of a system. But, what the hell, one needs to try. To that end, I will send a donation & fill in the form as interested in spreading the new gospel. The net is obviously the logical place to prove there is enough of a receptive audience to begin to build the movement needed.

Sincerely, Dick Gentry, Gainesville VA


Mr. Gentry:

The first thing you must understand is when you say: "voters to even consider RADICAL political changes as you promote" is like saying "voters to even consider that if you jump in the ocean you will get wet" is relatively the same thing.

The massive structure to do it is already in place and has been in operation for over eighty years. Government pension funds are the "in place" example given. Examples given are on the right of the front page. They have not missed a heart beat in 65 years, but they have done a few bad things in perspective within their own intent to expand their own wealth base held.

The first thing to do is have the people look at the "real" rate of return generated therefrom (not the "we are in the same downhill boat" routine selectively promoted by government having a design of misdirection contrary to overall reality). Also the people should look at the standing balances accomplished over the last 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 years..

In each state from the hundred if not thousands of local governments, some participating with state owned retirement funds and many others having their own self created government managed funds, the collective return therefrom combined with "other" government investment funds is now in many cases greater than all taxation collected in the same venue.

The TRF is an application that moves forward to accomplish the same symbiotic wealth generation, but with and having the end result of phasing out all taxation, paying for all budgetary expenses, government employee retirement benefits, (with government under monitored control and specific guidelines this time) and luckily for the people the management structure is there already for the TRFA to utilize for the benefit of the people, ready to be managed by some of the best talent on earth that are in place at this time.

So, the collective government fund management results derived therefrom and totals standing (which the public needs to be made aware of) is the ocean and the application of the TRF by the TRFA is the people jumping in the ocean, getting wet, and swimming unfettered in the ocean for the first time. Being able to do so now with the TRFA taking the weight of taxation off their backs, a weight that was designed by the sharks to create easy feeding grounds for themselves.

To date the majority of the public has always been the minnows with ever increasing taxation latched to their backs making them tasty eating chum when they flounder or go under to be eaten by the sharks. The TRF changes the chosen food in the ocean from the minnows to strictly in its equivalency: the steady, controlled expansion of the ocean based on  mutual efficiency, productivity, collective wealth management, and interest in life and true freedom for all the creatures in the sea without predatory behavior being the predominate factor inherently designed therein. Their is no bubble with the application of the TRF, only unlimited growth. (Sharks mind your manners or else!)

I note the policy for the TRF can not be drafted by the sharks or the minnows. A third neutral party is required, and by the way I am a dolphin at heart who knows a few sea basses that can help to get that job done when availed.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

Website:  "and"

PS: Make the investment wealth of government directly benefit the people and taxation be gone! TRF now!

 Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!
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