The Calm before the Storm on Google - Ending TaxationWJB
by Walter Burien -



I was thinking of a simple way to bypass the blackout on the CAFR (Local Government's Annual Financial Report since 1946) and more importantly get the word out on how all taxation can be eliminated. Something that would reach millions of people that have never had their attention brought to these two "very important issues".

Well, here it is: Short; sweet; and simple:

There is a twenty-ton elephant standing in the room that by design of the PTB (Powers That Be) go out of their way to create an environment of invisibility. So far over the last 100-years they have been pulling that cloaking; misdirection; and distraction routine off very effectively due to the  massive money involved.

Well, there is a global multibillion dollar company that has made the visibility of both issues there for one-and-all to see brighter than a five-mile-high / ten-mile wide neon billboard. That company is Google and it was done through one simple primary key-word search phrase: "ending taxation"

When those two words are typed into the Google search engine it yields 18,700,000 hits with CAFR1 "and" the video "The Only Game in Town" dominating not just one or two hits, but seven out of ten hits on the first page "and" dominating the next thirty-pages and on.

I can not emphasize the point strongly enough that this is an explosion of cognitive thinking waiting to reach tens of millions of individuals in a very short period of time if they knew to look, learn, and see.

My request to one-and-all is to pass out little notes; stickers; put on fliers of any topic; political posters; circulate in schools / universities; airports; chat boards; adds placed in the many "Daily Shoppers" print publications; bumper stickers; on business cards; and last but not least a note on every envelope you send out in the mail the following very simple note:

Google: Ending Taxation

If you want, add below it also: "The Only Game in town"

** Here, many eyes will see it on the street, in their homes, offices, etc., and many out of curiosity will look and learn for the very first time. Forget going viral on the internet, it will be going viral casually by word of mouth on the streets bypassing the "Silence is Golden" rule that is in place. Fun-fun-fun and "very" effective also.

Please share this email communication with all that you know. Keep it circulating for the next month or two.

We all will have a big smile on our faces every time we see that simple note on a car, in a grocery store, a political poster, or hear the comment on a radio call in, or from someone as we are standing in line who is talking to another asking: Did you Google ending taxation? Again, I will say it: "An explosion of cognitive thinking" is standing there waiting to happen.

Tomorrow is the next day of the rest of your life, make it count!

Sent FYI and for your and your friends action from,

Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town

UPDATE OF 03/14/12: The reaction to the Google: "Ending Taxation" article was fast and furious!

Received communications in the first 24hrs and calls from many individuals noting "Great Idea"

Communications from the young and old, the business community; teachers; students; university professors; and even a few people running for public office. Many seemed to want a bumper sticker or an image they could print labels from.

So this morning I took some time out and put together a few design labels. Hope you like them.

You can right click the image and save for your use to make labels or Bumper stickers: