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Government Policy for Profit
Are You a Shareholder?
by Walter Burien 11/23/07

Government policy for profit is never a crime for they write the laws to allow that policy. This was true in the old Russia, any mass genocide by war, or any standard of practice, which results in death or organized theft by standing government officials.

It dose not become a crime until those outside of the implied protecting laws rebel to hold abuse and abusers accountable.

The feeding frenzy has gone on now for over 60 years. What was illegal and criminal for government then is now transformed into acceptable policy today out of acquiescence of self-interest from within government.

Yes, the many abuses are stretched to the point of borderline massive fraud and treasonous crimes. But then the foxes will write the laws on how many chickens can be eaten from the hen house or accountability therefore until their actions generate genuine liability to them for doing so, and as most of us can see this is not the case to date.

The bottom line is the scope and degree of the takeover. When an entire population's net worth is inconsequential in comparison with government's, this development is not what I was taught in school as being the way it was supposed to be. Now if I went to school in Russia in the 50's, I would think all is well and Nostrovia comrade!

The lack of transparency issue is of paramount concern. I have never felt well about massive deception, especially when that deception perverts every principle I was taught in school back in the 60’s and 70’s as to "the way it was supposed to be" and that deception leads to perpetually ever increasing fascism, theft, and mass genocide.

Per future obligations as to a call to action from an ever weakening and drained US population, I would classify what is standing now as organized government being more of a totalitarian structure of future total control and ownership for population productivity management...

The population of the US, each and every one of us must exert the required force necessary to restrict the current government trends of greed, arrogance, and abuses from devouring the host, We The People. If you look at the curve on this issue, everyone of us better be very scared and be prepared to fight with whatever measures are necessary to check that curve because every day that goes by, we come closer to loosing everything that was and is special to us as a people.

Over the last several decades we have been masterfully entertained and guided towards an illusion state due to the profit motives from operatives from within the new corporate government whereby fascism with a communist twist of ownership by government is now firmly in place. This has developed to a point in reality that in no way would we have allowed to happen if we had objectively viewed the transgressions as they developed over being masterfully entertained by designed in distraction. But then; look at the money involved.

The common man, in his striving for justice and principles of good life were pitted against a developing corporate machine that was soulless and self-perpetuating in conquest by inherent design. The corporation and its bottom line profit potential became the underlying driving force and government operating as a corporation evolved into a structure giving a new meaning to the words monopoly and anti-trust conflict.

It is essential that; We The People, as the intended owners of this county and in light thereof as implied shareholders of “the Corporation” of government exert our will to effect the outcome and final standing of our new corporate government.

What happens when a corporation runs amuck, the executives become delinquent, abusive, and blatantly steal from their shareholders, and the shareholders find out about it in time before it is to late??

Well, the answer to that question is; the shareholders by proxy vote through emergency meeting suspend the corporate charter whereby the corporation is placed under strict and limited operations for reorganization and then reinstatement under specific terms acceptable to the shareholders.

What steps do the shareholders take in that restructuring prior to reinstatement?

   1. A complete audit of all internal and external financial transactions, holdings, investments, account receivables, accounts payable, and long term obligations are immediately conducted and verified for accuracy.

   2. During and upon audit completion, a professional corporate restructure (management) team selected and assigned by the shareholders then trims the fat, eliminates non productive operations and expenses, downsizes all non-essential liabilities, and does so under the direction and requested terms for reinstatement specified by the shareholders as the guideline used.

   3. The shareholders then review for approval the status of restructure and if meeting their terms for reinstatement, reinstatement under those terms is effected.

Many a corporations have been put back on track and saved through this procedure. In turn, there were also many happy shareholders now seeing the new term productivity realized by their firm hand applied to effect positive change.  A positive for the corporation in which previously it was not possible due to the arrogance, ineptness, and corruption embedded within the entrenched management thereof.

In all respects, the above procedure applies individually to every City, County, State, Enterprise operation, and even the Federal Government. The only difference that comes into play is; for most non-government corporations the laws protect and benefit the shareholders as the true owners of the corporation. If the shareholders suspend for restructure and reinstatement, it is immediately done.

The government corporation though has degraded out of opportunity and the money involved into a lethal, self interested, totalitarian oligarchy of applied self perpetuation intently motivated not to comply with limitations established by the shareholders; We The People as previously strictly outlined by terms specified.

If need be the founding papers can be dusted off and viewed for reference. They are called the Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

Upon review of those documents you will notice that the limitations of the Government Corporation were designed to protect the shareholders and to limit control abuses exerted by the corporation on the same.

Could you imagine if the shareholders of ENRON found out a year or two in advance what the directors of ENRON were doing before it was to late and moved for suspension and reinstatement? But upon the shareholders doing so the directors of ENRON had the ability to jail or shoot any or all of the opposing shareholders if need be, and also grab all standing cash within ENRON to escape any pending liability from their actions?

It appears that our corporate government and their external agents have, and are in the processes of rapidly structuring enhanced abilities to do to its shareholders just that if they desire to. But then that is why the founders of the corporation installed that failsafe protection clause at the top of the list for the shareholders if needed and called it clause number two, the second amendment. The first in the list is what gives you and I the ability to communicate truthfully and potently with each other unabridged, at least as of today that is.

The very sad thing is that the majority of the shareholders of the government corporation have digressed into being exclusively and masterfully entertained by fiction and distractions presented by the corporation whereby they dangerously acquiesce into the illusions presented over the standing hard-core reality of established gross violations being perpetrated by the corporation contrary to the corporations guideline limitations, authority, and terms of chartered existence.

The New Zealand shareholder’s were faced with the same potential as we are now in the US and mustered the gumption two decades ago to suspend and reinstate. Were they smarter and better then us? Or was it they were not as masterfully entertained for distraction as we are in the US? Well, that’s an easy answer; much more money and wealth here in the US, so the opposition out of underlying motive and opportunity is comparably much greater and entrenched here in the US for the shareholders to contend with.

Who’s up for the challenge of drafting those modifications in the articles of incorporation applicable for suspension and reinstatement of our corporate for profit government? NOTE: I suggest the TRF in guideline to accomplish steps 1, 2, and 3 as outlined above.

The task is gravely needed and the opportunity for the shareholders to do so is quickly disappearing. If that second amendment clause ends up being the final resolution to the matter, we that survive are going to have a real big mess on our hands and the fate of the US will inevitably go the path in result comparable to what happened to ENRON. Its still not to late, so what do you say???

Ready for a challenge where the result will mean in most probabilities the difference between life and death in our and our decedent’s futures?

Start small, with one city or township, then the county, and then the state. Get that train a rolling! If you still can that is…. Local Congressional Congresses anyone?

And as the KIS saying goes; Keep it simple! Current government chose over the last few decades not to do so and we all see what's happened there..  (I intentionally left the second S off KISS because in reality, I think you are not stupid)



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