Who Controls Whom?

by Walter Burien - CAFR1.com


Government for the last ten-thousand years has always been: "Where the money is" and recently more money generated and held by each and every local and federal government operation than Midas ever dreamed about .

The population over the last ten-thousand years has suffered great threat and damage to their lives from the abuses that greed and opportunity produces through easy access from the inside walls of government from that wealth amassed and what its use can produce for a select group of inside players when no checks and balances are in place to avert such abuses.

Our fore-fathers created several barriers for government to keep the abuses in check. They wanted a centralized government but they also wanted a limited government. A centralized government that could network in time of war to protect the country and also network to maintain a strong economy where the population prospered.

The "States" and other local governments where allowed under the original organization structure to maintain their own houses under set general guidelines that applied to one and all. The three "Houses" of government were established to segregate power into three unique entities that could keep checks and balances in play to stop abuses of one branch by the corrective actions implemented from the other. The fore-fathers knew all to well that the old adage of: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely was very true and was true to the severe detriment of the population.

One reality that has developed over the last several decades that circumvented our fore-fathers intent of limited government through the application of three branches of government was the merger of all three to be effectively networked as one.

This was done not by openly dissolving two but by takeover through common operating personnel of a selective "Clan" of controlling members now networked together to make the three houses one. That Clan is Attorneys / Lawyers. Seventy-percent on average of the elected officials (governors; Congress; Senate; Mayors; County Commissions) are now attorneys who effectively belong to the same club, having the same standardized mode of operation.

Most attorneys are not know for their benevolence and in the alternative stridently pursue liberating opponents of wealth to be utilized at "their" disposal. By nature this Clan sees the population as the opponent to be liberated of their wealth; controlled; and destroyed through the use of imposed edicts in the event they object.

Under this environment the population is at grave risk and will remain in grave risk as long as the prevalence of this circumstance prevails.  That old expression of: "Well, you voted for the guy so you deserve what you get." is true on the surface but keep in mind this Clan intentionally does not promote the fact that they are attorneys.

In my guess ninety-percent of the people that vote do not even realize the person they are voting for is an attorney to their own disadvantage. The other ten-percent just don't even comprehend what the final effect is of establishing this type of Clan into power. A little collective consciousness on the part of the population in this regard is direly needed for corrective application.

The aspect of wealth maintained by government, our fore-fathers knew that if collective government had the ability to acquire all of the wealth of the country and its productivity value that they would do so if unrestrained. The checks and balances used here were along the lines of preventing monopolies from forming within the thousands of local governments that allowed them to act as one to become collective take-over giants by coordinated investing, targeting industry; finance; and service private corporations.

Local governments from the get-go had strict and standardized guidelines as to the scope and size of what they could acquire. Investment funds held by local governments were limited to not have more than 5% ownership by investment in any one company. They were required to invest 95% of their capital in the USA and restricted to 5% outside of the USA. Cash accounts were required to be diversified between several different locations. The ability  to forcibly take land and possessions from the population were limited from the inception guidelines of the fore-fathers to be virtually nil except in the time of "domestic" invasion by war.

But, as has always been the case: When you have great wealth the potential for great theft is ever all so present.

In my short life of fifty-six years, what I have seen utilized prevalently to facilitate the massive theft that now permeates all of our lives boils down to three primary factors:

1. The population is kept masterfully entertained with good; bad; and dire consequential entertainment, cleverly orchestrated to keep the common population's thinking and mindset off in La-La land of distraction so that the reality of massive and also not so massive thefts play out unabated to conclusion for the converting of the wealth being stolen. 

The syndicated media and controlled education were targeted rather effectively to that end and cooperate ruthlessly quite simply due to the money involved and how much of that money is easily made available to them.

Over the last decade I have had thousands of people make comment per the syndicated media of: "Why don't they do their jobs and report on this?"  My reply is now always the same: "They do an excellent job, they do EXACTLY what they are paid to do."

If that news anchor steps out of line and makes simple mention of something that triggers a cognitive though in the viewers that is contrary to the controllers agenda, they are simply replaced with a young suck-up that will follow instructions. Ever wonder why the roll-over is so quick in news anchors now a day when in the past the anchors lasted for decades?

2. For local governments that have collective wealth, investment assets, and enterprise operations valued in the trillions of dollars held, the way they by-passed the monopoly limits per take-over of it all both domestic and internationally from the private sector for ultimate control and profit was by covertly creating "private" associations that were NGOs (Non Government Organizations) who by nature and intent kept very low profiles.

In doing so this gave the ability to network thousands of local governments acting now as one through the NGO associations to in effect circumvent the "individual" restrictions in place for those local governments. Keep in mind that both the "Democratic" and "Republican" parties are both NGO "Private Associations" created from the get-go to get their players in to have access and control over the massive til of wealth held under government trust. In conjuncture with human nature; greed; and opportunity, what was said or implied to the population by that local party or party representative had strictly the value of being: Giving them the ability to get their foot in and through the door. The intent on the other hand was to control the til and thus determine the policies set for its looting and use. The population has always been the second thought consideration.

3. I have noticed one prevalent tactic used of: Give the exact opposite impression of reality to accomplish the objective of looting and maintaining the wealth transfer. The easiest way to steal money from someone is if the mark never knew they had the money in the first place. Within the most corrupt local governments in current times crying poverty; need to reduce services (more for them); and then at the same time increase expenditures.

From 2008 to 2011 most crying poverty increased expenditures by 30% to say and justify they were short of funds and need to raise taxes. What is humorous when they cry shortfall and poverty is the FACT again: That they have more amassed wealth and annual income than Midas ever dreamed about. Kinda like Bill gates starting off with a million and increasing it to a hundred-billion over twenty-years, then taking a ten-billion dollar setback one year to ninety-billion, and crying poverty with the need to declare bankruptcy.

The biggest misrepresentation the general population falls prey to is the representations to the population that the government needs to give away money (trillions of dollars) to help the population. On the surface this may be true being that those trillions being spent by those who get it will help the majority of the population and help keep the economy rolling along from that money being spent.

BUT, the true underling intent is: Government collectively over the decades bought up most of the key energy; financial; and service "private sector" operations by investment. By releasing trillions of dollars from the til and tagging taxpayers to pay the bill over the next few decades, those trillions spent go directly into the profit margins of the "private sector" industrial; financial; and service corporations that government now collectively owns by investment with government now being the primary beneficiary as the principle stock holder and equity investor.

Government thus guarantees themselves being the "First Line Beneficiary" from the massive wealth transfer in end result. This keeps their bottom line, from their collective global investments being the largest owner collectively in the black... Get it? I hope so..   The Healthcare Bill; NAFTA; GATT; ect., were and are all designed to accomplish this specific end.

I am not going to go into here how they make trillions through the use of "short" derivatives by collapsing world markets, or make trillions as all think a collapse is imminent and the markets roll back up, but they do so, and do so very efficiently and well. Always keep in mind your entertainment good and bad with the soundbite conditioning you are spoon fed is designed for wealth transfer.. Your wealth into someone else's pocket.

I brought forward the application of the TRF that is designed to make the population the "First Line Beneficiary" through the phasing out of all taxation (property; personal; corporate; and sales) as the investment wealth growing in the TRF accounts drives the economy; government; financial cartels; and all within the population in a very prosperous fashion for the next thousand years, and I must say after a ten-year effort and tens of millions being reached with the idea, it is finally catching on. 

I am expecting the first two counties to come online with the TRF in 2012. Thousands of other venues will follow in the short run by example. From start to finish in transitioning 80% of local government structures into the TRF mode of operation structure, I would expect the transition to take five to seven years to accomplish that end. Federal is a whole other story and will be a harder nut to crack per modifying their method of operation to meet general purpose operating funds. when the time comes, we will see what can be done there also.

3. The population being "trained" not to look and thus not comprehend. A complete vacuum and void was created in the populations cognitive thinking as to the "basics" of government wealth being amassed. Basics that each and every one of us know per ourselves in our own personal lives. Known by us from when we are little kids up until we die: How much cash we have; how much we bring in each year; our wealth improvement from year to year; the value of our investments; and our net worth. 

The before mentioned as would apply for any local government, the population has been masterfully entertained or distracted to not have a cognitive thought about.  A total vacuum and void was created for no discussion or even simple mention as would apply to your local government DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED! You were not intended to look at or grasp the basics. What the population was selectively confronted with was: "We are short of funds, we need to take more, higher and new taxation is needed.. Again, I say: The easiest way to steal money from someone is if the mark never knew they had the money in the first place.


Per those "Private" associations the following are a few examples that are utilized to influence and network just State Governors by consult into the collective common direction for profit and control of the masses under one standardized blue-print of corporate governance:

National Governors Association  National Governors Association and NGA Center for Best Practices.

Democratic Governors Association  The Democratic Governors' Association is an independent, voluntary political organization consisting of the Governors of the states and territories who are members of the Democratic Party.

Republican Governors Association  Founded in 1963, the Republican Governors Association (RGA), is the official public policy and political organization of the Republican Governors of the United States.

Western Governors Association  Serving the Governors of 21 States and US-Flag Pacific Islands.

Southern Governors Association  Through the Southern Governors' Association (SGA), southern governors have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, explore common issues, address pressing problems and promote regional accomplishments.

Midwestern Governors Conference  Promoting interstate cooperation to strengthen the nation's heartland.


** Federal has their own grouping of Associations and Local Finance has their own also with acronym names such as GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association); GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board); FASB (Federal Accounting Standards Board).... Ever hear of them? They are rather large associations directing tens of thousands of local governments by consult, in effect creating the biggest all encompassing monopolies on Earth.

The following is a list of fifty of our country's State governors.  My question to the CAFR1 National mailing list is:

 How many of these State governors listed are attorneys? I doubt one in a thousand from the general population knows the answer to that question at first thought... In dire reality, 999 out of a thousand should know the answer to this question because in all reality and in all light their lives; future; and wealth maintained depend on knowing the answer, and then upon knowing, an effort must be made in controlling the outcome to that answer by their vote cast in the future.

By all means please reply back with the correct answer after you look and verify.
  We will see how many get the correct answer.


State Governor Spouse Party Website
Alabama Bob Riley Patsy Riley Republican Find out more
Alaska Sean Parnell Sandra Parnell Republican Find out more
Arizona Janice K. Brewer Dr. John Brewer Republican Find out more
Arkansas Michael Dale Beebe Ginger Beebe Democrat Find out more
California Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr. Anne Gust Brown Democrat Find out more
Colorado John Hickenlooper Helen Thorpe Democrat Find out more
Connecticut M. Jodi Rell Lou Rell Republican Find out more
Delaware Jack A. Markell Carla Markell Democrat Find out more
Florida Richard Lynn "Rick" Scott Ann Scott Republican Find out more
Georgia John Nathan Deal Sandra Deal Republican Find out more
Hawaii Neil Abercrombie Dr. Nancie Caraway Democrat Find out more
Idaho Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter Lori Easley Otter Republican Find out more
Illinois Pat Quinn Single Democrat Find out more
Indiana Mitchell E. Daniels Cheri Daniels Republican Find out more
Iowa Terry Edward Branstad Chris Branstad Republican Find out more
Kansas Samuel Dale "Sam" Brownback Stacy Parkinson Republican Find out more
Kentucky Steven L. Beshear Jane Beshear Democrat Find out more
Louisiana Bobby Jindal Supriya Jindal Republican Find out more
Maine Paul R. LePage Ann LePage Republican Find out more
Maryland Martin Joseph O'Malley Catherine Curran "Katie" O'Malley Democrat Find out more
Massachusetts Deval Laurdine Patrick Diane Bemus Patrick Democrat Find out more
Michigan Richard D. "Rick" Snyder Sue Snyder Republican Find out more
Minnesota Mark Brandt Dayton Single Democrat Find out more
Mississippi Haley Reeves Barbour Marsha Barbour Republican Find out more
Missouri Jeremiah Wilson "Jay" Nixon Georganne Nixon Democrat Find out more
Montana Brian David Schweitzer Nancy Schweitzer Democrat Find out more
Nebraska David Eugene "Dave" Heineman Sally Ganem Republican Find out more
Nevada Brian Edward Sandoval Kathleen Sandoval Republican Find out more
New Hampshire John H. Lynch Dr. Susan Lynch Democrat Find out more
New Jersey Christopher James "Chris" Christie Mary Pat Christie Republican Find out more
New Mexico Susana Martinez Chuck Franco Republican Find out more
New York Andrew Mark Cuomo Single Democrat Find out more
North Carolina Beverly Perdue Bob Eaves Democrat Find out more
North Dakota John "Jack" Dalrymple Betsy Dalrymple Republican Find out more
Ohio John Richard Kasich Karen Waldbillig Kasich Republican Find out more
Oklahoma Mary Fallin Wade Christensen Republican Find out more
Oregon John Albert Kitzhaber Single Democrat Find out more
Pennsylvania Thomas W. Corbett Susan Manbeck Corbett Republican Find out more
Rhode Island Lincoln Davenport Chafee Stephanie Chafee Independent Find out more
South Carolina Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley Michael Haley Republican Find out more
South Dakota Dennis M. Daugaard Linda Daugaard Republican Find out more
Tennessee William Edward "Bill" Haslam Crissy Haslam Republican Find out more
Texas James Richard "Rick" Perry Anita Perry Republican Find out more
Utah Gary Richard Herbert Jeanette Herbert Republican Find out more
Vermont Peter Shumlin Deborah Shumlin Democrat Find out more
Virginia Robert "Bob" McDonnell Maureen McDonnell Republican Find out more
Washington Christine Gregoire Michael Gregoire Democrat Find out more
West Virginia Earl Ray Tomblin Joanne Jaeger Tomblin Democrat Find out more
Wisconsin Scott Kevin Walker Tonette Walker Republican Find out more
Wyoming Matthew Hansen "Matt" Mead Carol Mintze Mead Republican Find out more

Due to the money involved the population was, is, and will continue to be masterfully entertained and spoon fed selective soundbite conditioning where in effect the majority from the population remain clueless as to the basics of the massive money; control; and wealth transfer involved here. The "Boys" in the alternative on the inside know very well the scope and size of the massive collective income; investments held; and the the control those investments held and income  exert on the global economies and how they inherently determine the political structure derived therefrom.

The cooperative players greatly benefit, and those that object are systematically targeted for elimination. Thus for ease of operation and wealth transfer, great effort is applied by the controllers for never a mention made of the basics that would trigger a cognitive thought in the population's mind as to the "real" core basics driving the whole show.

I have provided the answer for final outcome to make the population the "First Line Beneficiary" with the application of the TRF where "all" clearly benefit, and all from government; financial; industrial; and service sectors prosper as they maintain their wealth and productivity through and by the elimination of all taxation.

The economies of the world currently are based on: Cash; Taxation; and Investment. What the TRF does is it bases the economies of the world on Cash and Investment 'only" for all time to come... and in true effect creates a prosperous and stable economy to boot.. 

Taxation is but a revenue source for government. The TRF replaces one revenue source (taxation) with two other revenue sources (investment and enterprise). The financial management teams are already in place to operate the TRF funds. The same teams that have been managing government's collective investment wealth now standing. The TRF is ready to happen all across the country from coast to coast. Can you feel the spirit of "true" corrective action moving ever so closer? On the brink of birth that will bring forward peace and prosperity for a thousand years to come?

For all of those religious zealots out there who profess: The "end of times are upon us." They seem to have conveniently forgotten one very important promise made. That being: "A thousand years of prosperity for one and all" (known as the millennium. In revelations the end of time is to come after the millennium has taken place. You see one and all, that promise has not yet happened. But no fear, I and others are working on it. It just might happen sooner than anyone expects..

It is about time to establish "Who Controls Whom". The gang of government and their private associations that have networked in secret to take it all over by investment and ever increasing secured income think they control the people and can benefit the people at their whims. I must say: Wrong! 

It is the people who allow any institutional governing body to effect and influence their lives. Masterful entertainment as masterful grand theft took place may have worked all fine and dandy in the past for the last several hundred years or so, but no longer shall it be allowed to mask the cooperative Clan effort to facilitate the theft with the population being second line class citizens at best as they are continuously drained and managed.

We The People should, must, and will only accept being "First-Line-Beneficiaries" of the wealth we "allow" our government(s) to amass. For those from within government wanting to maintain business as usual and the population under the yoke as 2nd class citizens we are glad to say that our fore-fathers gave us the final say in the matter with the 2nd amendment to regain our rights as 1st class citizens if need be.

Things are not,
nor shall they ever be as they should with the use of taxation as an ever increasing drain on the population and free market enterprise in this country,. It is time for a real change and a real change for the benefit of one and all.

Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. - CAFR1.com

P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) providing the revenue source to pay every City, County, State’s general purpose annual budgetary needs!

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