Tim and Scott:

I have found analogies work well to get a point across. The big issue is that government has taken over "all" forms of racketeering and expanded the profit margin 20x fold. Gambling; the numbers; alcohol; and other vices such as tobacco. Trailers full of cash roll in the door each day for government more so than organized crime ever dreamed about from the same. 

Government has worked on the basis of greed and opportunity for the last ten-thousand years and has pushed the envelope at every opportunity to do so. Outside of the "promoted" rhetoric given the public to justify their involvement the final effect and end result of the before mentioned takeovers have been crystal clear; using the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed.

In the same light per banking and investment "modern" collective government a hundred years ago started the process to "capture" the profit from this arena through increased investment in the same whereby as of today collective government is the "primary" investor in that arena globally.

In doing so it was imperative that the public remain oblivious to the scope and size of the expansion and takeover in this arena. Under communism the government openly professed to "own it all". If the public here knew the same was taking place the push come to shove civil war revolution would have sparked forty-years ago. As a very effective tactic used to prevent that occurrence, the decades of masterful entertainment and controlled information management began: "feed the public bullshit and grow the end result of mushrooms kept in the dark" This was the key reason the CAFR (government's Annual Financial Report) was never mentioned over the last sixty-years, it showed "in its collective totals" the takeover in progress a little bit by little bit each and every year.

Well, the bottom line as of 1999 was that Government "did" take it all over by investment. The banks; brokerage; and insurance industry was the effective conduit that government required to do so. That industry participated eagerly over the last century also out of greed and opportunity. Government was where the money was. Government institutional investment capital was the coveted prize to assure massive profits for both sides of the coin. Expansion of those globally managed government institutional funds perpetuated "massive" wealth every year for those involved. Additionally the private sector corporate community cooperated and was eager to participate based on "who" was to get their capital from that collective government institutional investment wealth base. Who from the corporate world was going to kick the Goose that was laying the golden eggs of investment capitalization?

In the 80's - 90's Russia saw the errors of their ways in face of the USA model for government takeover and control and modified their principle of operation to do the same. Come the year 2000 even China realized the government "corporate" model operating in the United States was more effective in end result for government expansion; wealth generation; and absolute control. They as Russia did modified their presentation of policy to their population also to join the family of "One New World Corporate Order" of government ownership by investment for ultimate population control.

Hey, now that I have distracted you readers from the Simpsons; Family Guy; the championship sports game; if OJ will ever get out of jail;  if Tiger will have a relapse of his sex addiction; or if your phone bill is to high, did the clear exposure given above have an impact on your cognitive thinking?

Per the issue that I am replying to of concern: "State (government) Run Banks", in the scheme of things it is just a step of evolution in line with government control and profit. An important step for consolidation. You see as government took it all over by investment they needed the banks; brokerage; and insurance companies to facilitate the takeover for them. Now that they have done so, who needs the middle-man?

What we saw transpire in the world economy since 2000 were the death throngs of a capitalist world as all were thrown into a frenzy of who was going to steal the most the fastest while they still could. The writing was on the wall for consolidation of complete and absolute government control over all finance / investment operations down the road and done so globally. Just like a pack of dogs who saw the last opportunity for a last big meal, the chaos for manipulated massive wealth transfer went into effect. That old adage of: "If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it" came to play on and after 911 and then with the market bubble of 2008. Massive wealth transfer took place and those dogs eagerly grabbed the biggest chunks of meat they could get their teeth into.

The wealth transfer took place in two primary fashions: Market profits (in the tens of trillions of dollars) from the manipulations / event orchestrations and by trillion dollar giveaways to the institutional participants at taxpayer expense and liability.

The push for state run banks will come to a fever pitch in the near future and in fact the logic used by government to do so will be expounding on the need to sure-up on the tottering economy and increasing the profit of your local government. Again, "cut out the middle man". Problem caused and self created solution provided. Or: opportunity presented, greed satisfied.

The other aspect of the takeover has been "information management". Government has been having fun testing the aspects of what information we are spoon fed. This ranges from the absurd to: "it is imperative that we act now" and everything in between. The intent behind most of this is population control and management to effect the desired end result of the end game, complete control and management of the population for ultimate profit for and by collective government.

Keep in mind it is just opportunity and the ability to effect the end result using what are now normal corporate marketing tactic. Now our grand-fathers and great-grand-fathers may be locking and loading at this point but they were not conditioned as we were to accept our fate from an inevitable overpowering force. We have been conditioned by the plot line of every show we are saturated with like Cops; Judge Judy; stories on the nightly news to: Shut up, follow instructions; do what you are told. Our descendents were not subject to the very refined government - corporate masterful entertainment and conditioned responses that we are subject to today. Their independence; freedoms; and most important of all - ability to independently act were not as fettered as they are on all of us today. We are the new definition of a controlled and managed society.

State run banks? In my opinion: Not a good idea for us. Great idea for the profit of corporate government but not for US.

What is the one factor that has been missing from this picture of government vs. the population over the last ten-thousand years?

ANS: The public has never been the "first-line-beneficiary" of the wealth. They have always been an afterthought, appeased with whatever rhetoric or sideline special program that was necessary to perpetuate the government intent of control and takeover of it all due to the money involved. Again just simple and unrestrained (for all intents and purposes) greed and opportunity at play. Four-thousand years ago the Pharaohs did it and today our congress and senate is in the same mode of intent in a diversity of thousands of issues all decided along the lines in end result of furthering government control and wealth generation.

But who am I to say these things and expect the population to effect permanent change to modify our government to make the population the first-line-beneficiary of the wealth? I am but only just one man who is only 55 years old and very tired.

Now I know for sure that our grand-fathers and great-grand-fathers would have stopped; thought about; and acted upon with whatever force was necessary to make the people of the United States the first-line-beneficiary of the wealth. But then again they were not conditioned as we have been to: Shut up, follow instructions; do what you are told.

So how can this change / modification come to be? 

It is required to get the cooperation and intent applied of all three power groups of the world to make it happen. The Financial Cartels; the Population; and Government. What can motivate all three groups with an impassioned driving force to make this happen?

In answer to that question let's just stay to the basics that have worked all so well over the millenniums: Greed and opportunity.

I brought forward last year what makes the population the first-line-beneficiary of the wealth. I called it the TRF - - Initiative to implement the TRF -  

From all views and from all directions of perspective it is a win-win for all three power groups "and" creates a thriving economy for the next one-thousand years. (and no taxation to boot).

I have good news: The pot is a stirring! Government officials from different locations from across the country have been considering implementing the TRF. They do so in quite contemplation and behind closed doors at this time. They know the wrath of the corruption from easy money by taxation will come down on them with an iron foot if their thinking was known. Their successes in secret have been noteworthy. Their ranks are growing and their contact discussions with the financial cartels have been productive. The population may not be aware of this but then: Loose lips sink ships". You see that greed and opportunity principle has a long-term ability to be satisfied within the principle of operation of the TRF and it "is" a win-win for all "globally".

I now know it is not an issue of "if" but an issue of "when" the TRF will be given birth.

The ice-breaker that is bringing it forth is reliant on the following most important aspect of all:  For the last ten-thousand years government has viewed the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. This has never nor will ever be a good thing. Government under the operation of the TRF changes their intent to see the population as wealthy and as prosperous as they can be, and yes that is a good thing.

The better the population is doing the more "stable" truck loads of cash come rolling in to the government; financial cartels; and the population's coffers. Again a win-win for all involved and a prosperous economy. An economy run and driven by cash and investment only. Taxation is phased out of the picture in its entirety replaced by global investment income under the operation of TRF(s).

What I smile at is the fact that the destructive greed and opportunity played out over the last decade has now motivated the TRF to come forth with explosive birth. Tic-tic-tic, are you getting ready for the explosion to happen in your city, state, of county? Our conditioning to Shut up, follow instructions; do what you are told is getting a little old and very counterproductive to our true interests. (from genuine spirits contained within all three global groups of our interests)

Sent FYI from and truly yours,

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I've read Walter's article on this subject before, and thought it raised important issues that need to be seriously evaluated. I'm not interested in supporting a state bank that practices fractional reserve banking.


Let's discuss further. Perhaps we can arrange a phone call with Walter. This is important and timely, because the state bank issue is likely to be selected as a coalition topic by a group planning an August event (per the original email I forwarded below), but I'm not ready to support a state bank. Maybe if it did not practice fractional reserve banking, I might be able to support it.

The other concern is that it becomes a cash cow that supports unsustainable rates of growth in government spending.



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From: Tim Bernard
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 4:02 PM
To: Scott Shock


Sure anytime just give me a call. I recently explained my position to a R.

Legislator at the Bellevue Conservative group. Which I like to keep very simple;

1. Best deal for WA

a] keep max $ in state

1] By banking all state $ there

2] revenue would stay in WA

b] promoting small business in WA

2. better able to control transparency and where the $ is going

3. if there is a total collapse we would be in a better place to rebuild with a bank in place

Of course the $ masters will try and kill the bank outright but if we can get it in then they will try and control it. Here is Walter's take on the subject;

I would like to talk with him on this subject and get some suggestions.

Peace be with you,