To: The Smart Ones? HydrogenHydrogen Car
  by Walter Burien

Question: What car company is working on, or has a Gasoline and Hydrogen hybrid car that has an option where it can be sold "with" a separate compact solar hydrogen plant?

Qualifier notation: A state of the art economical hydrogen plant could be compact, say (4' x 3' x 2') for placement in a back yard or next to the garage, with four 420 watt solar panels (total space for solar panels 4' x 8') on the roof providing the electricity. In cold regions where freezing water
lines could be a problem the plant could be placed inside the home.  (China is mass producing small economical hydrogen plants at this time - click for an example) 1-liter per minute production with the above example. From that site using the search box put in "hydrogen plant" and many will pull up large and small.

Hydrogen vs. Propane  -
A water line connected to the plant that has a reverse osmosis system cleans the water for use in hydrogen production (hydrolysis of water).

The hydrogen produced by the small plant can then be stored in say a 100-gallon tank where the hydrogen could be used with a quick connect for on demand to top off your car at home when needed. The fill-up station becomes your home.

the same hydrogen from the storage tank can be linked and used after solar power cell expansion to increase production, and with minor conversion on existing home amenities, to heat the home; cook with; and run an electric generator to power the home.

If your home is on the grid, excess electrical production now running the meter backwards would be sold back to the power company's grid. (Good production, no electric bill, and maybe a check each month)

The above would be "the way to go" for individual wealth retention and energy self sufficiency to the user.

So to the smart ones, the question is who is working to make this combination design available in the market place?

Would be a great thing to happen as soon as possible and would be a very profitable venture for whatever company made it happen.

The technology exists today for combination to complete this type of system.

Final cost of this type of system if designed well would be very reasonable. Gasoline, propane, natural gas, and electrical power companies may not be too happy but the consumer sure would be with the energy cost savings.

The same regulations overseeing the use of propane would apply with a few modifications being that hydrogen has a greater flash-bang over propane.

Anything that operates on propane, gasoline, or natural gas can be modified at the home or off the production line to operate on hydrogen.

Home developers can offer this type of system as an option on new homes being built. That option offered at a reasonable cost would be very popular.

If this system is currently not in place, share the thought with one and all to help make it happen. If you live in a rural area, get together with a few neighbors and create a co-op system for the group to share.

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Hydrogen car + Hydrogen Plant + Energy self sufficiency = Wealth Retention