An individual from NC has been communicating with me saying he thinks he can easily get his local News Paper reporter to do a comprehensive feature story on the local government CAFR.

As a "know what you are dealing with" reply per the #1 best step to take, I sent him the following.

See No Evil-Speak No Evil




Know the Score per the News Media making "Simple Mention" of the CAFR
by Walter Burien - 11/16/13   


The News paper saying they receive the CAFR each year? (Local Government's Annual Financial Report)

They are not going to confirm.

To see who gets it, the mail rooms of the audit / financial department of each state will keep records of the hard copies sent out (it is an expense item being each printed report has a cost). Getting them to cooperate with you giving you access to their mailing list of who gets the CAFR is another issue.

The Arizona Republic News Paper (largest in AZ) back in 1995 a reporter at my prompt from the same asked face to face his editor if he had ever heard of the CAFR? He said no. I then had the reporter check the mail room of the AZ Treasurer's Office and confirm his editor had received by mail the CAFR each year for over 10-years. The reporter asked me why his editor would lie to him? I told him: This is the biggest game in town. His editor is briefed to make sure his reporters "don't go there". If you told him you just found out about the difference in the cash receipts, investment holdings, etc. and were going to write a feature article about it, he would say: No you're not, your writing a story about buterflys  in the Amazon, here's you're ticket. If the issue was pushed, that reporter would find himself not working for the paper and blackballed in the industry. (the syndicated side of it)

** Simple and open mention may sound simple but it is far from it. Kinda a like a flower-shop owner who is a front for the Columbia Cocaine cartel and the flower-shop is a distribution point for cocaine shipments in his state mentioning his cocaine deliveries in open public forum. Number one: He would find his flower shop shut down, number two: In most probability he would also probably disappear after a bullet to the back of the head or a wire neck-less applied.

For twelve-years I have told many (thousands and hundreds of thousands through many radio programs done) from across the country to get their local paper or TV News talking head to ask one simple question: "Will the viewers (or readers) please review their local government City, County, State, School District CAFRs and get back to me with comment". To date not one that I am aware of has done so. All sidestep or cut off from doing so. The favorite response they give is: I will look into it and then never a mention.

Get that point clearly registered in your head, don't waist you're own time or others, and stick to the sniper shot: Open and simple conspicuous mention for "people to look" and get back with comment.. (the syndicate has gone far out of their way for over 65-years to make sure people do not look due to the money and power involved)

In the last 15-years I have seen two articles from the "syndicated" press that mentioned the CAFR. Both drafted their articles in a way where the reader would not have a clue, and focused on debt / liability. No mention what-so-ever as to true "gross income" and massive investments held as shown within.

The "independent media" has had many feature cover articles on the CAFR and the independents with large visibility were then targeted to be silenced. All were. Here is one example of a big one: WND (World Net Daily) which had millions of readers. They released four feature articles back in 1999 - 2000. One good one by their editor Joe Farah. Millions saw them. Based on that exposure, then steps were taken at that time by the syndicate to pull the financial rug out from under WND, buy them up and in 2001/2 did. There headquarters were shut down in Oregon and moved to DC never to mention the CAFR again. Including never a mention again by Joe Farah..

The 4 articles can be viewed from the WND archives -

The "Spotlight" major cover features in 1999, taken out in 2000 with a 35-million dollar court judgement levied against them to be forced into bankruptcy and dissolved.

"Media Bypass" cover feature beginning of 2001, taken out through buyout by the syndicate and shut down the end of 2001.

"Idaho Observer" several feature articles, the editor and owner Don Harkins, dead two years latter of a quick killing disease (in most probability a covert hit)  and paper dissolved -

One ABC TV News anchor from Phoenix in July (I think the 5th or 7th) of 1995, I challenged her to make open and conspicuous mention of the CAFR on the 10PM evening News (was a segment on AZ Militias). I told her she could not mention it to her producer or he would cut it. So, on the 10PM evening news she made open mention. Started off with the comment: "The Militias of this country are working on exposing massive financial issues involving this report, the CAFR" and then gave a 10-second full camera shot of the AZ 1994 State CAFR cover. Well, at 7AM the next morning the 10PM news would air again. That segment was cut, and two days latter she was no longer an anchor never to be seen on the air again that I am aware of.

REALIZE WHAT THE HELL you are dealing with as to scope and size and again: GO FOR THE SIMPLE SNIPER SHOT!

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