Communication with Old Dog - Government Debt

by Walter Burien - 06/01/10

Old Dog:

I always pass on to those I consider friends points on how not to get egg on your face.

It went unsaid but you are appreciated.

Per government, the point not comprehended by the public (intentionally orchestrated so) is per that debt issue.

Picture if you were a multi-millionaire with an openly talked about 11 million dollar worth (property; cash; real-estate) but you had 13 million dollars in debt (the loans / mortgage on your house, property, business; and annual opperating budget made up that 13M debt) and you cried to all that you know that you were almost under and did not know if you would survive, and bankruptcy was right around the corner..

Well, if people looked at your worth statement (11M) and your standing debt (13M) they would say: Shit, he is 2M in the hole. Or in governments case for impression's sake why they are trying to take more money and provide less services.

Now for the "really piss you off comprehension"

I will use the same scenario as above but with one modification:

As step one you had a net worth free and clear of 13M. You called me up and said: "Walter, I want you to start a bank and I am going to give you for deposit 13M. I am then going to buy a big house (6M), start a business that will cost in setup (5M) and some other property that will cost 2M. I want you to lend the 13M to me for these things and charge me 7% interest and you can keep 2% for your effort in doing this for me.

So, in reality your 13M in debt is self funded and you are getting most of the interest charged.. The people that thought you were 2M in the hole were being played like a Stradivarius Violin thinking THE EXACT opposite of what was.

BOTTOM LINE: Government promotes debt at the front door as they fund the same debt with their own investment funds under arrangements / agreements through the back door.
Did you ever once think about who was funding that tens of trillions of dollars in debt? Think about it!

The whole sky is falling routine is designed to keep the people oblivious to what actually took place over the last 65 - 70 years as they were masterfully entertained.

Get it? Government took it all over by investment and at the same time locked in the productivity value of the next 5 to 7 generations through their expansion and shell game presented of dept and ongoing expense.

Probably 85% to 90% of government debt both domestically and "internationally" is self funded.

Now I bet this little bit of cognitive comprehension shown has brightened up your day. (sarcastically said)

PS: Those trillion dollar bailouts at tax payer expense (productivity value stolen) were applied to make sure government stayed in the black on their own investment funds.

The health care bill that just passed was designed to create major profits (trillions) for the pharmaceutical, health care, insurance companies that government in collective totals between federal and local already own by investment (taken over bit at a time over decades)

Now that the big (of no equal) light bulb just went off in your head what are you going to do with it?

Walter Burien - CAFR1

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PS: If you circulate the above article, I note that I used 85% to 90% self funded on debt. That percentage was intentionally off and used for one reason of: "Take the bait please".

I would love to see a bureaucrat or talking head come back in reply with:

No, no, no, no! He doesn't know what he is talking about! He is way off, it is only 60% to 75%!   :<)

They are in a big "Catch 22" situation here. They can not even mention the issue being that a cognitive thought qualifies the issue in the first place so in response the "Silence is Golden" routine or outright obfuscation directing away to the consequential is the only approach those that set up this type of technique can use.

The world you are masterfully sound-bite condition to understand is not as it seems...

Please spread a cognitive thought far and wide per the issue in the article by copy and forward to all that you know. All need to have this thought register in their mind and thinking..

It is time to break the back of the syndicate with simple but VERY important disclosure clearly presented without distraction.

Make their silence is golden routine close in on them until it is suffocating them. This tactic of self funding debt is the 1000 megaton nuke waiting to go off in their laps...

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!
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Good afternoon Walter:

Thank  you for sharing, I am firmly behind your great work, and want you to know how very grateful many of us are to you for  your courage and conviction in your efforts, amazingly, there  is one in co. commissioner's ofc. who has received info repeatedly on this issue but refuses to believe it, since he feels he is right on top of all of the income and there is no way, he says any can be hidden, am wondering what exact info I might share with him to convince him he is wrong, over the years I have shared a number of things with him, which they too, he rejected as untrue, until it turned out what I had shared was in fact right on track. I feel it is of real urgency to know how to convince others of the truth of such things as this.

May you know God's richest blessings and may He guide you in this endeavor, I prayed about it just  yesterday that He would bring to light and expose such things, in such a way, this entire nation of those who fail to see would know the truth, of this and many other things of which people are being so deceived still.
For it is the truth that shall set us free, God speed  

Rose in MT

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Example: Say a city has 200M with a state local government investment pool and the same pool is funding 200M of the same city debt. The same can apply with a bank; brokerage or insurance house.

Now if you asked the city if "they" are funding their own debt they can honestly say "No"

But, if the Local Pool; bank; brokerage or insurance house back door equation was added into the picture the answer would have to be "Yes"

Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532



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