CAFR  conspiracy, debunked?  Reddit? Not at all, it is just government wealth facts! Keep up the excellent work Walter Burien

** POST NOTE 07/27/18: I am absolutely amazed! I checked today with a search of: Walter Burien and Google cleaned up their act and no longer is participating with the libelous, falsely contrived smear campaign as brought forward in my complaint that was ongoing from 2011 until today's date. I will take a guess and think that my POST NOTE action of 01/18/18 that directed the hit traffic to my complaint and also the CAFR1 Articles page (emphasis added) had a lot to do with their intervention to clean up their act. The action from my post note of 01/18/18, had the effect of generating thousands of hits to my articles page up until today, which was and had been suppressed in the search engine for over a decade. So the anonymous smear campaign they were doing since 2011 had "unintended consequences" for Google and Reddit of actually bringing CAFR1's work forward as of my action of 01/18/18. So the "why" they cleaned up their act is not so definitive in a true light, but the bottom lines is: They did.



POST NOTE 01/18/18: As my father use to tell me: "When someone throws lemons at you, make lemon-aid". Being that a coordinated slanderous, false attack was taking place between Google and Reddit, to: Misdirect, Obfuscate, and Bastardize (MOB) CAFR1 in the search engine results directing traffic to the Reddit garbage piece as the #1 hit, to counter the attack, CAFR1 on its "Articles Page" which was basically stripped from the Google search results over the last 15-years, put in the Meta Data at the top of the page "Walter Burien debunked" "CAFR conspiracy debunked". It only took a week or so, based on Google searching millions of web pages, and now the CAFR1 Articles page is the #1 hit over the Reddit slander piece. So Google and Reddit were throwing lemons and CAFR1 made lemonaid :)   Reversing the situation to now being many seeing the CAFR1 Articles Page who never did before. So now it is an unintended consequence on Google and Reddit's part. A big thank you from CAFR1 to Google and Reddit as a result of their false MOB attack :) 

Make sure to read the "PS" at the end of this page. What do you think, is that a "Pay-off" or "Money Laundering" on the part of Reddit and its 31 investors? (a quarter of a billion dollars)




COMPLAINT TO GOOGLE INC. SUBMITTED ON 11/02/17 through -   By Walter Burien -

As of 2011, an anonymous post went up on a site that was designed as an intentional slander; libelous; false; and derogatory post against myself. When I first saw it in 2011, the slander piece had the comment to the article shut off so I was not able to contradict or reply to the created to cause damage crap I was seeing.

Also as of 2011, it appeared that Google had joined the false attack per this piece by directing algorithm hits to this anonymous slander piece by giving the 1st "prediction" result when someone searched my name Walter Burien as "Walter Burien debunked" with the 1st hit being the 1-page slander piece. I note if my last name is misspelled: [ Buien; Burein; Burie ] the same results appear as the 1st "prediction" promoted by the Google search with the hit count being 1180.

Being that your complaint field is limited, for me to give "as much detail as possible" this complaint is continued at:


I note that the 1180 hits shown when the Google "prediction" of: "Walter Burien debunked" is shown, the only one that has my name and "debunked" in it is the anonymous slander piece being promoted by Google as the 1st hit. The other 1179 hits shown under "Walter Burien debunked" have nothing at all to do with myself being "debunked". 

Who is Walter Burien? My BIO can be viewed here -


This direction by Google to this slander piece has continued from 2011 to present 11/02/17, six-years. I note that my main effort since 1998 has been bringing forth for public awareness that local Government on all levels for the last 70-years has been promoting for public consumption selectively created budget reports while at the same time operating under the Annual Financial Report (statement of net worth report) accounting structure. Local  government added one word on to their AFR, the word Comprehensive to make it a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR. Governments were constantly promoting shortfalls on their "Budget Reports" while at the same time being "cash rich" as seen in their corresponding CAFR. Thus always talks to the public on Budgets and never a mention of the CAFR, which again is government's statement of net worth that showed the complete standing of that local government's true financial condition. A comprehensive example listing of 4500 local government CAFRs for the public to view I put up in 2015 and it can be viewed here -

To say the least, my disclosures to the general population about the existence of the CAFR as "the" complete accounting of a local government's financial condition and implications behind it did not make me to many friends in upper level government circles or in the large Corporate and Financial arenas which had a stake in the hundreds of billions of government collective institutional investment capital the general population was not aware of. For the last 70-years the "Silence is Golden" rule per the exclusion of the mention of the CAFR was extremely golden for the players involved. The silence was well enforced. Those that broke the silence became instant targets for damage, elimination, or worse.

I broke that silence starting in June of 1998 in a big way with radio shows (over 900 since 1998) and many articles published that have reached globally. Suppression of the information I was disseminating and reprisals against myself and those who published the information went into "high-gear" from those in government circles and their corporate buddies who were vested in the massive government investment wealth totaling collectively in the trillions of dollars invested internationally that were being utilized at their disposal.

Stringent direct and covert efforts from individuals actively involved with the 70-year blackout mention of the CAFR , with my national disclosures moving forward worldwide rapidly, Internet search results were being actively tampered with to suppress visibility of the information being brought forward per the significance of the CAFR. One example of suppression by Google was a video I released on the Internet in December of 2008 that went viral over the Christmas holiday weekend within the USA and worldwide in four-days, and then the all very visible top of the list data on the Google search engines on day five, snip. The documented proof and information on that event can be viewed here -

Being that what I was bringing forward nationally to the population about the CAFR accounting structure, and what I have always referred to as "The Biggest Game in Town", I kept my eye out for the "attack the messenger" pieces posted to the Internet or sent by others. From 1998 until 2017, 19-years, there were a total of three that I came across. Government representatives could not openly refute or attack my disclosures being that what I was bringing forward nationally was in all respects true. The equivalent truth in another arena that was commonly known would have been if I said: "the Catholics operating document was the Bible" but then all knew this.  If Government representatives had attacked openly, it would have been counter-productive to their interests being in doing so, it would be breaching their "Silence is Golden" rule and in fact would have had the significant end result of actually qualifying the issue in open sight of the CAFR.    So, the covert method was their only option and my do they not play fair. Without going into the extensive detail of the many direct covert attempts over that 19-years to destroy me in all regards, I will just say what I have said to many others over the years: "What they have done over and over again to my family, life, and business since 1998, most exposed to the same you would be scrapping off the floor with a butter knife ten times over."

The three openly released "attack the messenger" pieces over those 19-years out of tens of thousands of positive US and Worldwide posts, articles, attempts for disclosure, comments, etc.,  are as follows:

1st: The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association of California created a falsely contrived  smear letter to "attack the messenger" without addressing the issues when members inquired about the CAFR. A copy of their letter sent to many members who made an inquiry or asked for CAFR links to be posted by them on their website and monthly news letters, (same as 2001) from 2015  and my reply to it can be viewed here -

2nd: An individual by the name of Gary North who started a site as a Y2K promotions buff in 1998 to develop an email list (managed to grab over 2-million email addresses), and then switched to a Multi-Level marketeer in 2001 (when Y2K did not work out), and then to a professed economist in 2003 once he established a large email list from the Y2K fear mongering, and then his multi-level marketing site. Using the WayBack Machine a snap shot of his site as a multi-level marketer can be viewed -   When viewing his back pages you will see his professed strategy to build an email list of: "Create controversy about something in the news, make up adverse comments to create views on your site, and by doing so this will increase your mailing list."  His article I spotted in 2005 of
"attack the messenger" was designed to do just that, make up adverse comments, create controversy, bring him attention, and increase his email list.

3rd: The anonymous slander piece falsely contrived to "attack the messenger" put up on in 2011 that Google since 2011 by  "prediction" predominately directs hit traffic to.  The piece was clearly against posting rules for removal but at my request refused to remove it. I researched the company and found out their head legal council worked for Google Inc. also and was closely associated with Google. After I received a refusal from reddit's normal webmaster, I directed a communication to reddit's head legal council that is copied below. The duplicate reply back again was an anonymous refusal to do so and I quote from that reddit reply:

"To remove this content, we require a court order from a United States court."

A copy of the communication I sent to reddit's legal council is as follows:


Subject: Ms. Tidwell: Assistance requested
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 16:15:07 -0700
From: Walter Burien <>
To: Melissa Tidwell <>

Melissa Tidwell
General Counsel
Reddit, Inc.
Legal Department
548 Market Street #16093
San Francisco, California 94104

Ms. Tidwell:

I request your assistance as General Council for Reddit Inc. in resolving the matter outlined below.

I note the same article, Google search engines are going out of their way to direct traffic to when my name is searched for [Walter Burien] and you work(ed) for Google also.

Please take action to facilitate my request for removal of the false; slanderous; and maligning article noted at this time and removal of any copies of the article that may exist on the site.

The article piece I requested for removal clearly violates ReddIt terms of use policy and should have been removed a very long time ago based on ReddIt's own FAQ and terms of service policy.

I will hold reddit and possibly Google Inc. fully accountable for damages if not removed now, an article that is in clear violation of "reddit's own policy" that has now been brought to your attention.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854


Submitted through ReddIt site mail to Admin at 5:31 PM ARIZONA TIME on 09/05/17- User name: CAFR1

For the last six years an intentional and contrived false slander article was posted on your site -
For all intents and purposes the slander against myself was done anonymously, and made statements that were false and defaming. The article starts and ends OK, but the intent in between was shown clearly to be a hack falsely contrived harassment slander attack against myself.

Additionally, whomever posted went out of their way to direct search engines to the article when someone does a Google on my name: Walter Burien

For a reality check per confirming what I said above, please view my BIO found at -

I ask at this time that   be removed from your site.

I do not appreciate being slandered, false comments being asserted, being maligned, and the same being "promoted" via your site. Again, please remove the intended to falsely trash my person article from your site.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

In the event there is no cooperation per this matter, I will assign an attorney to seek damages in my behalf.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

------------------- END OF COMMUNICATIONS TO reddit.COM -------------------------------

Continuation of 11/02/17 Complaint to Google Inc.:

As can be seen above, I have made several sincere efforts to have remove a piece that is in clear violation of their own posting guidelines. It appears they are in collusion with the anonymous poster  to cause and continue malicious and slanderous damage to me.  In as much I will be probably filing a law suit for damages against reddit Inc. and I will be looking forward to what comes out in the wash through court ordered discovery.

My guess is that the piece was written by a piece of crap attorney. Who they have and are working for will come come out in the wash.

Google Inc., please remove immediately this search "prediction" of: "Walter Burien debunked" from your search engine(s).

Screen shots of the Goole searches are attached as shown below:

Google Search: Walter Burien


Google search: Walter Burien debunked

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

 PS: In July of 2017, Reddit Inc. noticed as required by the SEC that they were raising by offering about $250,000,000 (250 million dollars).   As of 07/31/17 Reddit Inc. raised through 31 investors $182,353,755.00

SOURCE: (Item 13)

      If Google Inc. would like me to look and find out "who" those investors are to determine if there is a conflict of interest towards Google Inc. investment or from government institutional fund investment that would create a clear conflict of interests regarding my complaint here, please let me know and I will move forward to verify from whom this quarter of a billion dollars of investment capital rendered to Reddit Inc. came from, a company which in general appearance is a small data company facilitating chat and or article posts primarily by anonymous posters.