My Hat is Off to the Texas State Comptroller
by Walter Burien - 08/01/08 -

The following link at the Texas State Comptroller's Office (Financial Management) will give a clear showing of investments; fund balances for the "State" Government of Texas from within the different reports listed there.

This is just the Texas State accounting. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE the accounting from the thousands of other local governments in Texas

If this were done, it would dwarf the state showing.

Look at the standing balances as shown. See the multiple Treasury funds listed at the bottom of that page.

Now the people of Texas will have a better understanding of just how big their government has grown by investment as they were masterfully entertained over the decades. After looking the Texas people will then get a better idea of how much power, control, and influence is accomplished by the moving and investment of these funds.

They should think about the composite totals that would be standing if all local governments - the thousands of separate local government entities in Texas - were totaled for viewing with the state accounting. A rough estimate of all local Texas governments totals compiled with the state totals would be probably somewhere around eight to eleven trillion dollars.

Texas is not the exception per this showing, it is the standard of all other states.  It's just a big standard for a big state.

My hat is off to the Texas Comptroller for providing an open and actuate showing of "State" holdings in an easy reference format. 

The next step for the people of Texas to do would be to compile the showing in composite viewing of the several thousand other local governments in Texas. Cities, Counties, School Districts, Enterprise Operations, etc.. [You may want too copy the state showing just in case it gets pulled for whatever reason. Make a CD and share it.]

Now think about all states and the hundred thousand or so other local governments in the country. Government now owns it all by investment, the people own????

 Schwarznegger (R) and those other politicians crying "Budget Shortfall" when not showing their true accounting.. They call that a shell game played at your expense folks, and the humorous part is; you are paying them too do it.

Don't be played with political double-speak. Look, learn, and then act responsibly. Were you happy with government in 1965 over today? Everyone I asked without exception has answered yes.

Let's use 1965 as the standard and after accounting for population increase and inflation, let's bring government back to that level and standard. You would be amazed if you realized what that standard would be.

If we don't act to bring government back to a 1965 level, then we should be honest with ourselves and change our country's name accordingly from America to a government ownership name like Russia.

Russia learned the errors of their ways and is now following America's current blueprint for ultimate control and profit realized by and for government.

Stop participating in the big lie. The people at this time based on government's takeover of the wealth DO NOT own this country, government does by its investment wealth held and moved for conquest and absolute control of people, markets and subsequently the world as the final intent.  

The TRF can change the writing of our future history, folks. The people regain ownership of their country with government being a true steward that exclusively benefits the people as was intended at the founding of this country .

The Founding Fathers never intended the government to act as a conduit for covert profit of their own internal circle while they front delegation of selective services.

Yours truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: 928-445-3532



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