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CAFRs Government Control and You

By ThomasPaineRevisited

The writer (TPR) is an ex Police Officer (Station Commander) from Alaska





This is for my FELLOW PIGMIES if they didn’t get the above. OH, please see CAFR1.COM after this and read the story about Pigmies.

Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan, “Here we ----throughout the centuries----go again.” If you didn’t get it, perhaps this will shine out the unrepentant unreflective clearer not truly ever seeing enough of themselves in the mirror.


Simply, THE UNITED STATES is nearly “A COMMUNIST NATION” in all BUT APPEARANCE if what Walter Burien says is true—COMMUNISM BEING DEFINED AS GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP. Well, I’m a Jeffersonian limited government type (small “r”) republican, but what has happened over the past thirty years?


ANSWER: A NEAR AND ONCOMING TOTAL GOVERNMENT EVERYTHING TYPE ORWELLIAN TAKEOVER! Question: if true, can a takeover like this occur and not eventually become amazingly hostile? ANSWER: NO! Can you disagree with “your government” publicly and continue to hold or obtain a job when they own the job market---and darn near everything else?


Here’s an analogy! Can a supposed family member (?) swindle/huckster/defraud you, invest your money and become amazingly wealthy, buy up the town, hide these facts by granting favors, continue to demand evermore from you, be worried that you might catch on to the sham and kybosh it, start building an internal security state—which is or is not a part of this drift, and yet continue to hold “any” good will?

I note this ill thirty-year half-shown double-book drift (composite government secretly buying up the USA) occurred mostly with so-called Conservative Republican presidents as well as Democrat Jimmy Carter and William Jefferson Clinton. Were they all double-talking villainous tricksters? I don’t know. However, it’s either massive ignorance ---leaders being out of the loop--- that boggles the mind, or it’s a pillaging type betrayal allowed to grow that has no equivalent (in its scope) in known world history—if what Burien says is true.

How can I say such things?

Well there was this derivatives trader named Walter Burien who thumbed through Federal, State, and Local Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (i.e., CAFR’s) for years adding up totals to get the big picture. Even the individual instances he shows are absurdly disturbing. I know economic professors who know what’s going on, but they don’t tell their students for it doesn’t profit them; yet, it’s the biggest economic movement in history and they sit on their thumbs. Sometime, go to his website


What are CAFRs? CAFRs are the only reports admitting government’s true wealth—to include compounding investment holdings, enterprises, etc. Burien found that “Thirty some years ago only 8-to-12 percent of financial activity and ownership of The United States of America resulted from the holdings and activity of the government.


Whereas today, due to sly purposefully hidden investment strategies (Began with the Government Financial Officers Association in Chicago) and thus shenanigans the total of government’s composite ownership and financial activity is “CONSERVATIVELY” forty-eight percent or more and growing.” Where are Rush Limbaugh and the other so called conservatives if this were true? HU? If correct, answer: THEIR PAID JOKES: propagandists. Correct?


Where are all the other so-called libertarians? Personally, my guess is that government control and ownership is now well over fifty-percent and moving on the rest. One figure I saw was 65 percent, but I’ll leave you to check Burien’s figures. (Again, see


Yet, in the schmooze casts we heard that the “real growth” was occurring in the private sector. That is a FLAT OUT Pinocchio’s nose going to Venus and beyond type LIE, that is, unless one considers/counts institutional investment funds of government as private affairs, which is a huge stretch, that is, since they are government investment funds that “you (John/Jane Doe) bled” to provide seed money for, which remain for the most part hidden from you. Growth also is a relative terms, for consolidation (sucking everything into a government vortex) isn’t necessarily growth---except for the vortex. ]


Was this considered privatization? I’m reminded of Disraeli’s saying, “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Well, is limited government totally damned? Is “OUR” government up and gone? Perhaps I was right on the nosey when I wrote in my long rhyme of a spinning Jefferson flat in his grave. Here is the great seeing eye (un-) becoming for my pupils.

Regarding Burien’s figures, and I believe him, the published reports he garnered now are no longer speaking in clear terms----surprise: they’re no longer speaking in gross totals that included “all” “assets,” which includes but are not limited to: investment capital and enterprises, which Burien compiled and leaked. Previously to Burien’s being blabby, such information was accessible only for government entity to government entity---bragging like. At first if the government entities bragged to one another, so why now all the hush hush? Answer: they are up to no good. Correct? HU?

How do you learn to watch your assets? Mr. Burien says to understand true ownership and thus control by government one must be able to garner not only tax contributions and basic infrastructure, but also figure total worth, which is done by finding:

1. The total cash receipts from ALL operations?

2. The total investments from ALL operations?

3. The total “net worth” of ALL operations?

4. And seeing what has the growth been over 5 years, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.? This is for perspective!

I REPEAT, the fourth point (i.e., #4) is important because since the revelations of the “hidden wealth game” the government players have attempted to Re-Hyde Park the facts again—my little soon to be screwed or Kersplated pigmies paying for plots and the New World Order EMPIRE. Correct?

Again, are we a near communist and/or totalitarian state, or heading in that direction? Are we drifting off into real infamy? Are the people sovereign? Seems evermore “NO” to speak of personal sovereignty resource wise, and perhaps this is why the parties seem to feel free to do electronic ballet falsification bullshit. Is the fight simply between what Burien calls “Selectively Managed Population Liaison Representative:” the Democratic and Republican parties? Answer: POSSIBLY! And, who’s running them? Banksters?


Well, it seems isn’t you my little Droogies, which bite onto the issues come election time involving abortion, immigration, gay marriage and everything and anything else that doesn’t hit upon the real stuff squarely----- money and power. Isn’t this today’s convenient catchy facade? Today, you only ratify “mega-plutocratic” selections and attend coronations--HU, but is that an election?

Well, in communist/ fascist/ communist/ totalitarian societies the means of production (businesses and much more) are owned not by people, but by the government: THE PARTY. Through this “exclusive ownership” government has the power to use, direct, and/or control resources: resources include citizens (actually slaves---even against themselves) as was true in the Soviet Union. Ever notice companies publicly traded on Wall Street are (or are becoming) primarily owned and controlled by institutional funds: GOVERNMENT. Amazingly, this even includes the Fortune 500 as well as the big three networks--etc.


Essentially, Walter Burien says the composite Government’s investments are nearly THE (supposedly free) MARKET. Again, what ever happened to privatization? Answer: it possibly NEVER WAS! Things were made private only on one hand to give them to the other. Was it all a WILL TO POWER shell game!


As to the Media, composite government owns over 51 percent of the Big three networks and perhaps the big press (and much more), which means that it may unduly influenced or control how things unfold by proxy votes---information wise. Thus, how much can “The Fourth-Estate” always-claiming objectivity and bellowing its function as check upon government power be true if government OWNS AND/OR controls those very same networks, which by the way are now emulating the National Inquirer?


Look at your newscasts! Isn’t The Fourth estate becoming A SICK JOKE! You don’t have to be a wunderkind to see this and trouble. Are they not a near captured spin-factory type helpmeet—right now? (Remember this when you get to my discussion regarding CAFR NONDISCLOSURE below.)

I repeat, if it didn’t stick, it’s not the Federal government alone in this private sector takeover, that is, even if they are but one of the important coordinating puppet-masters. Simply, the takeover of the private sector has been federal as well as a state and local level venture, for untold units of government are busily buying up the “Private Sector” in the United States from the backrooms as well as setting target upon Planet Girth. Who’s behind this? Is there a director? (The end of America; scene one, take one, take everything?)

Even worse, the same government managers compete with private investors who don’t have either their resources or inside information, that is, since government controls and distributes critical financial disclosures, has much power over currency values, and influences and/or shapes events for its benefit. In this way, composite Government makes a killing off of private investors through Puts (meaning: betting bad fortune to glom onto bags of boodle) and in the Derivative Markets, which means it feasts off of ignorance and calamity. Big Hmmmm.

Moreover, interconnected composite government is everywhere bleating the words “THE DEBT” while hiding the facts of its true wealth, which Burien says is conservatively 60 trillion in value as found by tallying CAFRs (i.e., years ago and growing), and taking you John/Jane Dow investors and citizens being taxed to death to the cleaners.


According to Burien, not a single government retirement fund lost money in 911, that is, while you average schmucks 401K’s went into the toilet. Hmmmm. OH, because Burien says government thinks citizens are both ignorant and suckers, government deems citizens in the USA as “Masterfully Entertained Productivity Units.” It has something to do with the interlocking interests of a three-headed vampire: the Government, the Media, and Academia. Is nobody’s looking out for you?

Here is an interesting fact Burien relates. Composite government (i.e., all units on average) reaps 2/3rds (I repeat—2/3rds) of its revenues from investment funds and enterprise operations. Only 1/3rd or less of the revenues it now obtains are through taxes. Wow HU? What happens when the government no longer needs citizen energy via tax revenue? In other words, what if government isn’t dependent and unrepresentative? Is this a horrific trend? I believe the answer is “YES!”

Additionally, the national debt was not so long ago 44 trillion, but you perhaps don’t realize that our brethren government cabal of drunk-sailor money managers are funding that very same debt (buying bonds in themselves: there operations)—with your money, mega padding themselves with benefits and biggus buckaroos, benefiting their friends. Making a profit off of the debt service by “paying themselves” with interest, hiding that unreported profit, and locking you into all but into an oncoming chattel existence: debt slavery (it’s an old game), that is, and laughing all the way to themselves. AMAZING!


Moreover, government investors are not only buying up the public marketplace (aka free market—HA) and padding themselves extravagantly, but through enterprise accounts the government is buying harbors for yachts and golf courses for the litigious Black Robes that protect the scheme. IMHO this gives the term “Criminal Justice” new meaning! Burien points to the fact that some judges get a five million dollar benefit package for sitting on the bench for merely a year. Given this, is nobody’s looking, out for you thralls. NOBODY! Such stuff also makes me want to see where the money is ending up from all the rising cancer rates exploding in the United States. Hey, if were all but cattle, what’s out and out murder for profit when representation and morality has left the building? HU?

Furthermore, all the foreign investment caps placed upon United States investment by units of government began to go south with investment in Mexico, then expanding government investment further chipped away at personal power/sovereignty with such things as NAFTA and GATT, and finally unlimited Asian investments by our grand Pooh-Bahs is threatening you evermore worthless chumps. Why chumps? Well, it seems “you isn’t” the best investment return even with your own (growing seed) money, which I repeat has been hidden from you.


The profits are YOURS and the PENSIONERS---you would think, but since “Government Pensioners” participate in a “voluntary system” (designed to withhold gross total type information), they only see a wee small cut—or the bottom line. Simply, the investment money is going to would be emperors building personal empires, which is hollowing out your Purple Mountain Majesty.


You could compete “for your own money” seeking government institutional investment funds that your taxes paid to swell, that is, except that you’d need to earn a buck or less and hour and have no benefits—whatsoever, that is, to be competitive with foreign slave laborers states, which are some selling their own John/Jane Doe’s to garner arms and a cut.


The employment statistics are basically extrapolated bullshit to show you whatever the statisticians went to show you. OH, if Walter Burien is substantially correct, you isn’t “them” (the “in” class) anymore and versa-visa--- wholly. Again, is OF, BY, and FOR FINI? Lincoln and Jefferson would be ready to go to the barricades risking themselves refreshing the tree of liberty as well as being all out type pissed in my estimation.

And you might see that I “noted” NONDISCLOSURE! According to Walter Burien, the Fourth-Estate, which especially involves the trend setting East Coast media editors and reporters involving the three major networks (i.e., CBS, NBC, and ABC / and don’t even get me started with FOX), who by the way happen to be Majority Stock type owned by government through composite type institutional funds----can you say “conflict of interest----, all received this ‘eye opening’ information found only in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for well over twenty-five years. (Actually, Burien says NOT A PEEP TO THE SHEEPLE in fifty years.)


The same is true for various brands of commissioners—no peeping, etc. And, the well off Educational Administrations “wanabee” overlording their pedantic lickspittle minions and the mightily sucking ever harder on the government tit also received CAFRs and said bupkis for umpteenth years.


Why the silence? If you didn’t get the big picture by now, you’ll have to watch one of Burien’s videos and look at the world. If that fails a lobotomy might fix your confusion. OH, regarding reporters and editors, Burien says they’re in a revolving door cozy bit of stealth sycophantism and second/secret-hand carrion picking off (YOU: the targeted dross carcass. HOW? NEXT!


Well, Burien shows how reporters and editors “WITH NO FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER” are slated to receive cushy government treasurer type jobs---with boffo expense accounts. Cute HU? Apparently, the need for this legerdemain treatment (i.e., this pump priming revolving door style) is smaller in the education establishment, which directly receives government funds directly. Well, it seems they just ratchet up salaries and benefit packages for our Mini Overlord Nurse Ratchet’s.

According to Burien, the years of nondisclosure smells to high heaven (or should I say “Loki Hades”), and that such amounts to an illegal conspiracy as defined in innumerable legal type seemingly non-enforced statutes. I CALL IT WHAT IT IS: VAST TREASON---IF TRUE. IMHO!


Apparently, there are (or are evermore becoming) “two books” of LAW of the United States, and one has blank pages to be written upon. Hey, if some people are above the law, is anyone under it? ANSWER NO! THERE ARE ONLY THE THWACKED AND NOT THWACKED! To illuminate, Walter Burien states that if any private organization hid its investment profits from its investors (i.e., as you non-penitent government does from you public schnooks paying taxes) in such a way, they would (or should) be sitting in the big-house type lockup/penitentiary. Given this, we seem to have the Golden Rule; those who control the gold make up the rules, that is, for comfort and greater power-- for “themselves.”


POWER IS THE RULE! And given this, isn’t the conclusion inescapable that your own government and its servicing adjunct minions have devolved into an ORGANIZED CRIME type SYNDICATE---IF TRUE, which is not my estimation, but is laid out by government in its own statutes---read RICO. Well, do government statutes only apply to average citizens? This should ---especially---- make you worry as that very government erects a domestic national security structure that has the ability to continually chip away at the Bill of Rights here at home. Sure, you can call me a Chicken Little or one of the black helicopter crowd.

Nevertheless, who is looking out for John/Jane Doe type totally suckered blind suckers? Answer: seems nobody but a pissed off derivatives trader spending years “ATTEMPTING” to blow the whistle on massive bullpucky. He’s met with a news blackout.


Well, so much for that entire academic civics dribble we must read while steaming aboard the Pedantic. The Pedantic Iceborgs striking keel have even participated in this hostile takeover through the sin of omission—like the media. Actually, the media is much more involved, but that’s another story.

As to our political scene, isn’t what’s going on now just more deckchair rearrangement and “at best” hypocritical squawk before an undertow drags us down? Only the self-believing Woden and the rolling in it get off into the bloat, the rest go down with the shit. Well, if everyone marches after the carrot no matter how it’s dangled because they simply joined the raiding party, expedience, fear, a lack of moral fiber, or an absence of altruism or willpower?

Lastly, there is an out! There is a good news - bad news thing with all of the above according to Walter Burien. If we choose to retire income taxes, shrink government and the debt and our composite government (i.e., governments) actually begins to invest in “We the People” again, then the problem can turn into a massive benefit. Why scream about a fixed problem.


If fixed, WE THE PEOPLE can again provide personal energy to energize that economy thing, which now when wholly tabulated taps off 80% of citizen/human energy. This fact is sort of pitiful given, as stated above, that government only receives 1/3 of its revenue in taxes. Actually, most of all that you give not to the federal government just pays off the debt service, and that service's debt with its attached interest benefits a private banking monopoly, which is the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Instead of our government printing money, we pay interest to INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, WHO I'M SURE SIT BEHIND ALL OF THIS.

Nevertheless, Walter Burien says that either we have innumerable years of productivity, or we stay on the same path and become a slave plantation type madhouse for the next thousand years. Isn’t that the choice, or is this just a bunch of hyperbole? And, when those controlling the reigns have boodles beyond imagination, it’s no longer about avarice; it’s about control

Again, what happens when government controls the marketplace? Of course, our angels never will use its power to unrighteously thwack citizens—AS HAPPENED EVERYWHERE ELSE IN KNOWN HUMAN HISTORY. And, what happens when sheltered & non-elected Banksters and government investment managers “in government” overshadow the other three-branches---wholly, since they are dependent upon them and not YOU.




             NOTE FROM WJB: Well, THE END or THE BEGINNING you choose


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-----Original Message-----
From: Walter Burien []
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 6:20 PM
Subject: CAFR submittal to
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Submitted 10/23/06 to through

By Walter J. Bubien, Jr.





Please include the following at


It is VERY important to bring forward to the public. 


Thanks, Walter J. Bubien, Jr.




REPORT: It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars not shown in government Budget reports are shown through Government CAFR reports and they are virtually never openly discussed by the syndicated NEWS media, both the Democratic and Republican Party members, the House, Senate, and organized public education.


With, and being that the CAFR is “the” accounting document for every local government, and with it being effectively “BLACKED OUT” for open mention over the last 60 years, and that this fact of intentional omission of coverage is the biggest financial conspiracy that has ever taken effect in the United States. 


First, what is a CAFR? A CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is government’s complete accounting of “Net Worth”. The CAFR was established as local government’s complete accounting record starting in 1946 through the efforts of a private group located out of Chicago, IL by the name of Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) and became mandatory by Federal requirement on all local governments in 1978 to complete if they did not all ready do so. 


What Government, both political parties, organized education, and the syndicated News media have presented to the public over that 60 year time period were Budget Reports. A Budget report is strictly planned expenditures for the year from a grouping of specific government service agencies. A budget may also note some statistical, statutory, and demographic data for reference. Most Government budget reports show where “tax” revenue will be used. The CAFR on the other hand is not a projection of one year’s expenditures from a select grouping of agencies, but a complete cumulative record of assets, investments, and gross income from all agencies and all sources benefiting that local government body.


A CAFR is similar to the Annual Financial Report (AFR) that publicly traded corporations are required to produce each year and give to every share-holder as a requirement of Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) law. In many cases, a CAFR may show two to three times more income over what is shown in the corresponding Budget Report.  


Relevant to taxpayer interests, the CAFR “is” the report for review over a limited showing as seen in the corresponding Budget report. The CAFR could be considered the Bible of asset accounting for any local government body. 


So, is the CAFR being “BLACKED OUT” from mention by the syndicated news media and both the Democratic and Republican Party members, and the House or the Senate, and even organized education? 


A Google search for CAFR produces over 750,000 hits but a Google “NEWS” search for CAFR as of 10/21/06 only produces seven (7) obscure hits of simple mention.


A corresponding  “NEWS” search in the archives of the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Wall Street Journal, which go back in their data banks, several decades showed in combination less than seven hits for CAFR. Here with this disparity the answer for “is there a Black-Out from the Syndicated NEWS” agencies? The answer would have to be a clear yes. 


Have the school districts from across the USA that educate their students on Budgets, who also produce a CAFR each year made simple and basic mention of the CAFR at any point for education of their students of this basic subject?  No, they have not. Here does a Blackout exist? Apparently, yes is the answer. 


Have elected officials or politicians in or running for office who talk continuously about Budgets openly made mention of the greater report of their local city, county, or State the CAFR, linked them at their web sites, or linked for mention in their news letters over the last 60 years?  Virtually not a peep if at all any mention. Here does a Blackout exist? Apparently, yes is the answer.  


Are local Government CAFRs sent to all members of the House, Senate, Editors of Local News Papers, News Networks, and Educational department heads? Yes, they have. The printing of the CAFR is a budgetary item requiring records to be kept as to each sending. The before mentioned representatives have been sent the primary local government CAFR reports relevant to their locale now for over 30 years. Here does a Blackout exist? Apparently, yes is the answer.  


Upon overall review of the question: Does a Blackout, and in fact a conspiracy exist towards bringing the CAFR into the light for public scrutiny. Based on the clear record over the last 30 years of abstention from the use or mention to the public, the answer here also appears to be a clear yes.  


From the over 84,000 CAFR reports produced by local Government each year in combination with Federal Government’s own investment holdings, shows a conservative value of sixty trillion dollars held by Local and Federal Government as of 1999. An example of the holdings shown from just one Government CAFR (NY STATE 2005 RETIREMENT FUND CAFR) shows 133 billion dollars of investments held (Microsoft 44 million shares thereof).  


Motive for conspiracy to Blackout the CAFR from the public’s realm of comprehension? 


The substantial money, Investments, and Power obtained there from of those on the inside track could be the most probable answer. 



CURRENT STATUS AS OF 10/21/06: True    



To Review some CAFRs go to: